Amidst the community quarantine, one major concern about the behavior of Filipinos is their discipline. A woman who made a commotion along Barangay 156 in Caloocan City is another new sensation after she made several violations against the authorities. The lade made several minutes of confrontation that have led to her arrest by the authorities after attempting to bypass the police community checkpoint in the barangay. She made a scene that broke out the internet hours later she insisted her entry into a barangay that is placed under an extreme community quarantine (EECQ). 

The woman is identified as Mickaela Manzon Tahum, who is believed to be a resident in a nearby area within Caloocan City caught engaging an altercation with the authorities. One of the frontliners managed to use his mobile device and start recording the scene to capture every moment about the scene of the incident. In the video, Michaela is seen as becoming persistent to enter the barangay that is now under an extremely enhanced community quarantine. The video lasted at least more than eight minutes long and then uploaded on various social media websites. 
Mickaela main reason for entering the premises under EECQ is to give some important contents that were inside her back. However, there are obvious reasons she is not allowed entry into the area due to the following reasons basing on her appearance and her behavior towards the authorities. Here are the following reasons why she became the new social media sensation.

1. Disobedience: Mickaela is aware the whole National Capital Region is now placed under an Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ but still manages to display her unique style of discipline to the public. National Capital Region holds one of the highest clusters of COVID 19 cases scattered across the city. Most barangays of every city in NCR have an active number of cases that prompt the authorities to place some under EECQ. Any persons caught disobeying ECQ protocols will be subjected into several offenses against the Philippine law.

2. Not wearing a face mask: Mickaela is obviously not wearing a face mask. It is obvious that she is confident enough to display the vulnerabilities of her respiratory from COVID 19 transmission by allowing her body to freely inhale any pollutants and germs directly into her lungs. Under an enhanced community quarantine protocol, any person caught not wearing a face mask will face arrest and face corresponding violation offenses while NCR is managing to prevent the spread of infection. This is a clear example of how a person should not display their body's vulnerabilities to any potentially harmful germs. 

3. Disrespecting persons under authority: The Philippine National Police is one of the most vulnerable members of frontliners in our community. The police personnel and the members of the Philippine Military Army expose themselves outdoors from the vulnerabilities of acquiring the infection by means of controlling the crowd or any people going outside for any possibilities of violations. Any person caught showing aggressive behaviors towards the police personnel and the members of the army will face corresponding violations or sanctions under the law. 

4. Public Scandal: As seen from the video, Mickaela's behavior is a clear indication of a person who wants to drive attention from any individuals nearby. Public scandal is an incident showing a person who is making a scene to the public due to active violations that caught the attention of any individual present within the area. Her blabbering and disobedience to the public drive curiosity to the public due to her unique behavior. Her insensitive attitude towards the implementation of the EECQ, especially in an area with active cases makes people wonder how she manages to get out without any pass or even wearing a mask. 

5. Not carrying a quarantine pass: Mickaela fails to present any quarantine pass when facing the police personnel at the checkpoints. A quarantine pass is one of the requirements for any individual who wants to make an essential activity outdoors in an area under ECQ or EECQ. However, Mickaela does not carry anything to convince the police personnel to let her through a barangay where it is currently placed under EECQ due to multiple active numbers of COVID 19 patients in-home quarantine situation. 

What is your message to Mickaela?

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