Life is really harder for most students around the world due to the ongoing health crisis that looms in our communities. In the Philippines, many students are having a hard time thinking about how to connect with their teachers. The main reason is the lack of internet access due to problems in distance, terrain, and the availability of facilities. Students with financial problems are often left behind from the accessibility to online learning as the only way to reach their dreams.

The case of Mark Anthony Lopez is a product of many failures online learning is now facing during the pandemic. The Lopez family is now mourning the death of Mark, which is unfortunate and saddening. It is a situation where a household is not only thinking about how to continue their academic dream despite the financial and communication struggles as an effect of the pandemic.

Mark Anthony Lopez was a student at a University in Bohol. His lifeless body was seen in his own room. The family made attempts to revive him but to no avail. They are now mourning his death of a person that should have been one of their future hopes to improve their socio-economic welfare. 

Before the incident, Mark was seen as very frustrated after arriving home from school. On his way to his room, Mark appears crying and suddenly smashed his mobile phone out of frustration. The phone was then shattered into pieces on the floor due to the immense force. Mark then enters his room and smashed his door out of despair. He kept crying for the next couple of minutes in his room that made the people inside their home to investigate the issue behind his unusual frustration. 

Upon learning about the situation, it was found out that Mark was late on submitting a requirement in partial fulfillment in one of his subjects. His teacher refused to accept his requirement because it is already past due. The rejection from his teacher prompted Mark to become so frustrated that he can no longer control his emotional stress to go home and cry. 

Authorities are now investigating the incident and will decide if there will be charges filed towards the teacher responsible for refusing the late requirement of Mark Lopez.

Mark is one of the saddening examples of how students are now facing multiple arrays of despair from the financial burden and modules with challenging requirements. 

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