Coming back home makes your housemates notice something about your skin. Obviously, holiday vacation in tropical areas can really make your skin looking darker. However, some parts of your skin develop tan lines, which indicates that you are now suffering from an uneven skin tone. Skin whitening is one of the in-demand products in the market for the reason that it can enhance the appearance of a person's unique charm to others.

Skin whitening is a popular consumer product that is widely in demand around the world. The main purpose of using skin whitening is to enlighten the complexion of the skin, which consumer believes that can enhance their aura and physical appearance. Other purpose of this product is to lighten dark spots in their skin that can be spotted on the face and around the body of the consumer. There are numerous varieties of skin whitening products, making it one of the most desirable consumer items available in retail shops.
A person examining her skin tone
It is evident that skin whitening is one of the most sought products in the market because it has long-term effects for anyone using this particular product. Most individuals apply this product in their face because they always say that the face is the door to your soul. Your face represents your whole personality because you are going to expose your aura as well as enhancing your physical appearance by allowing your face to become more attractive in the long run.

However, there are numerous risks that can be brought about by the product imitation of skin whitening products. This includes proliferation of counterfeit items that takes advantage for those who are unweary about the effects of fake products. This is the reason why authorities are always giving warning signs for the consumers to reconsider buying skin whitening products in order to prevent any health complications that might affect their life and longevity. Quality of the product should be assured first before trying it in order to prevent undesirable results that might harm your body after using the product even in a short period of time.

Basic fact about skin whitening

Basically, skin whitening procedure is also known as skin bleaching, which is referred as the process of utilizing chemical substances that attempt to transform the appearance of your skin from darker to lighter. Bleaching the skin targets the melanin concentration across the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. This procedure is now considered as the new cultural trend around the world, especially in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America. Skin bleaching is not always safe to use for the reason that there are skin bleaching products that contain harmful chemicals that can destroy your health.

Whitening products can make your skin tone fairer

History of skin skin whitening

Before the modern era, which dates back 5000 to 7000 years ago, Persia (now Iran) discovered that applying hydroquinone is an efficient skin pigment regeneration to prevent sunburns. Hydroquinone was extracted from mushrooms, in which it is an active ingredient secreted by this fungus. During the same period, Egyptians blended hydroquinone with Aloe Vera as a form of facial whitening substance applied for women and men exposed to extreme heat.

When former Austronesians reached the western hemisphere and began to live for several thousands of years until they are now referred as Native American Indians, they began using fruit extracts such as lime, berries, and other plant extracts to exfoliate their skin that produces glowing skin. In ancient Asian civilizations such as in Japan, China, Korea, and Mongolia, skin bleaching skin bleaching has been introduced using basic household items such as salt, sugar, and plant extract. These combinations of whitening chemicals are applied usually on the face that is used for elite members of the society. 

5 Beneficial facts of skin whitening

1. Improves image: In ancient society, skin bleaching represents wealth for the reason that as an elite member of the society, you should always look good in order to maintain positive impression to the public audience. Today, skin bleaching products are now being regulated by the society through an implementation of product safety standards. The presence of introduced product-related laws and policies applies with local and international trends aims to protect the society from harmful effects of skin bleaching such as allergic reaction or diseases. Laws are evident in the society for the reason that there are previous cases of injuries such as burns caused by fake skin bleaching products.

2. Makes you appear classy: Today, skin bleaching products are costly and impractical, which is why only for those who can afford are the ones that can avail skin lightening products. If you want to have a lighter complexion, you should have the financial capacity to purchase bleaching products. It means that skin bleaching still represents a social class of individuals because skin bleaching is considered as a luxurious item. Similar from previous societies, skin bleaching is still considered to represent a person's social class because they can maintain their youthful skin integrity using their financial resources.

3. Attracts attention: Skin bleaching represents fame and affection to others such as becoming more attractive when seen by others. It is because women and other metrosexual individuals believe that using whitening products allows them to allure others to become infatuated with them. It is a practice when a certain individual utilizes skin bleaching products for them to look good during socialization such as parties, events, and going to recreational places. Affection is one of the most utilized factors when it comes to skin bleaching activities because it allows a user to have the chance to look good.

4. Improves the skin's health: Skin bleaching is considered to be as efficient skin maintenance for the reason that there are numerous health benefits that can be acquired aside from lightening the skin. This process hydrates the skin to prevent it from being dry because whitening items contains moisturizers. This is the reason why more and more individuals in the developing world to enroll themselves with skin bleaching activities. People believe that the health benefits from this particular process will improve the integrity of their skin, which can nourish it by using whitening products that are packed with nutrients.

5. Creates positive vibe: Once you notice that your friends are starting to be mesmerized by your skin's improving appearance, you can easily create positive ambiance. Having a comfortable environment can improve your relationship with your friends, families, and relatives because they are fascinated with the way you look. You can use your charm so improve your friend's trust with you while showing them that your skin is obviously changing into a desirable way. When there is a positive vibe, you can render long-term relationship with the people you know and eliminates negative ambiance

Things to consider when applying skin whitening items

  • Adequate sleep regenerates your skin, which allow epithelial cells to look refreshed and radiant.
  • Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of  water every day can hydrate your skin to appear smoother. 
  • Rubbing it with salt and sugar eliminates dead cells that will reveal new cells, making it appear whiter and smoother. 
  • Taking a bath regularly removes all dirt and unwanted particles that will prevent your skin to be irritated.
  • Vitamin supplements provide essential nutrients that can help to improve your skin's integrity.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight is a practice that prevents melanin formation.
  • Wearing thick clothing causes heat accumulation that makes your skin sweat, releasing unwanted particles from the pores, allowing the skin to regenerate and look whiter. 
  • Washing your skin with baking soda can erase dark spots and can improve your skin tone. 
  • Avoid drinking too many alcoholic beverages because it degenerates cell growth.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes because it can damage all cells in your body

Methods and Procedures of skin whitening

1. Topical application: There are chemically formulated creams, gels, and other semi-liquid substances that are specifically used for stimulating pigment disappearance. Bleaching products are enclosed in a solid container in order to be sealed from environmental contamination. These creams are applied to any part of the body that is desired by a certain individual to lighten its shade. This includes the face, underarms, knee, elbows, arms, and legs. This topical application directly stimulates skin cells in order to change its own melanin integrity of a person. 

2. Oral method: There are skin bleaching products that are now manufactured as a form of an oral supplement. It is because this method aims to promote systemic circulation that equally lightens the skin of an individual. Most oral skin lightening products are recommended to take the oral pill for at least twice a day. It is considered to be more effective than topical skin bleaching because the formulated chemical products are more effective when absorbed orally. This particular method is slight to be more expensive than topical skin bleaching for the reason that it is used for a longer period of time.

3. Intravenous injections: Today, pure skin lightening solutions are now available to be infused directly in a person's bloodstream through a venous puncture. This is the most effective skin bleaching product online because a user can observe the effectiveness of the product for at least 2 days after the infusion of the intravenous solution skin bleaching formula. This method is also considered as the most expensive due to the extent of its efficiency to a certain user. Intravenous injection method or procedure is only facilitated by a licensed medical professional such as doctors and nurses because it is an invasive procedure aiming to have a lighter skin complexion.

4. Laser treatment: With the use of latest technology, custom made laser is another innovative procedure that utilizes a low concentrated beam that is only formulated to target melanin pigment and also with the proliferation of dark spots. As they target melanin, the energy released from the laser allows each melanin to become benign and later on diminished. Laser treatment is just some of the latest method being introduced in the market to cater individuals especially in the developing world to be involved in skin bleaching process. Lasers can be applied to a certain body part or to the whole body using a massive laser treatment machine that is usually served in a spa.

Skin whitening precautions

1. Chemical burn: Not all skin bleaching topical applicators are always effective because some fraudulent companies that integrate harmful chemicals as a risky solution to drive more sales. As a consequence, harmful chemicals can irritate the skin causing skin burn, particularly on the applied area. If the condition worsens, it can develop into second or third-degree burns that can cause severe allergic reaction. Chemical burns can be a painful consequence for the reason that the skin is surrounded by peripheral nerve endings responsible for the enhancing the sensation of the integumentary system.

2. Allergic reaction: oral skin bleaching supplements are not advisable to be taken by all women living in the third world country for the reason that they can suffer from an unexpected allergic reaction. There are chemicals that are contained in each pill that can cause irritations across the body, which can later on progress into a severe disease. Fake pills circulating on the market can elude consumers to take the product and develop similar health threats in the future. 

3. Infection: Some products that are being sold in the market might be expired, in which it is already contaminated with yeasts. For intravenous infections, some spa is reusing needles, which may contain deadly virus and bacteria such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and pseudomonas that can risk the user's health. Creams that are manufactured by cosmetic companies might have enclosed a dead insect or small animals in a certain container, which harbors bacterial proliferation while the product is enclosed. 

4. Malpractice: Spa operators can be operating illegally in order to generate profits. In this case, patients that are undergoing skin bleaching treatment were usually not satisfied with the results. Instead of expecting to have a lightened skin, their skin develops injuries such as burns, infection, and injuries. Some of these incidents may cause severe disease progression, it can lead to mortality related cases. There is a legal dispute going on for the reason that the patient has been a victim of ethical malpractice.

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