Do you always suffer from internet connection problems? This usually happens when we are caught unaware that our desktop, tablet, or mobile device is unable to send or retrieve data from local connections. It creates a chaotic situation especially when we are currently rushing on something that can delay personal activities. This is always a problem whenever you suffer from a sudden interruption from your service provider without being warned.

If the situation caught you unaware there are simple troubleshooting tips that you should consider so that you will be able to find a way to restore your connection. However, if you have no time to settle this particular issue, you will be able to prolong the agony of waiting for the service to be applied. In this case, you should start learning how to do simple tricks by yourself so that you will have another way of allowing your internet connection to be restored without seeking for a mechanic, which will cause you time, effort, and perhaps, money to spend on the fees to the mechanic or the internet troubleshooter.
Properly connecting cable wires will prevent internet interruption
Internet connection is the key for us to access other networks around the world. However, if we are disconnected, it will be like we are isolated to the world because the existing connection is disrupting our tasks or activities. In this discussion, there are simple ways for you to test and troubleshoot your internet connection by yourself.

Why troubleshooting important?Troubleshooting aims to reduce technical problems that affect your computer. Any person can troubleshoot their own personal computer. They can just simply read the manuals of their installed software or hardware installation guide in order to fix any problems that might affect their network connectivity. Troubleshooting is a simple task that can be accomplished by anyone that ensures that their computer and a network connection is working properly.

Troubleshooting costs nothing because you are able to perform a simple task that would help to restore your connection without the assistance of a technician. You just follow the steps properly so that you will easily achieve satisfying results to your hard-earned labor. Start saying goodbye for costly and expensive troubleshooting services by computer technicians when you start doing the troubleshoot for yourself.

Easy ways to troubleshoot your internet connection

1. Check the status of internet connection icon: First, check the internet connection icon in the monitor of your screen when you are using a desktop. If you place the cursor to the icon, it will show it if it will either connected or not. A disconnected network will be indicated when there is a triangular shaped object that highlights an exclamation mark shaded with a yellow color in the icon. This is similar when you will see a red colored letter X text to the icon, which is a sign that your internet access is disconnected.

Internet connection icon on the right side of the screen

2. Unplug and plug all electric connection: The first thing to do is to unplug and plug all main electric port in order to ensure that the power in your computer will be restored or installed properly. This is similar for the telephone cables that are connected to your desktop or wifi routers. The cables that are attached with your computers should by plugged and unplugged in order to ensure that the connection will be easily restored. Cable connectors should be properly plugged in so that it will allow better access to connect your device with the internet.

connected cables on the wifi router

3. Check wifi settings: If you are using wifi connections, you should check the internet settings of your desktop, tablet, and mobile gadgets if the wifi is activated. This will ensure that your device can pick up wifi signals that are set in public access. Sometimes, the network that you are currently connected is now installed with a security code, blocking all attempts to exploit the source of the connection to anonymous users. You should also be at least 50 meters from the router, which is the maximum distance for your device to receive internet access.

4. Inquire your current internet balance: Internet service providers sometimes disconnects your internet connection even without prior notice. You will realize it only after the operator have confirmed that you still have to settle your remaining balance before your connection will be restored. Paying bills on time will not cause any disruptions on your behalf because you are always assured that you can be consistently supplied with internet connection when you are a good payer to your service provider.

5. Call the customer service representative: Sometimes, your connection might have something to do on the condition of the wirings at your home. After doing all the first four troubleshooting tasks and no progress, it is time to report your situation to your service provider. In this way, they can conduct remote line testing to your account. If the remote line testing indicates that your line is really experiencing problems, a technician will then be requested to check your connection personally. They can replace rotten lines or obsolete items that are causing disruption with your internet access.

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