Every Christmas, there are numerous fire-related incidents reported by several news agencies in both local and international communities. The most common cause is usually false electrical connections responsible for igniting flames. Instead of celebrating Christmas season with joy, households who were affected by a fire are now going to suffer the consequence of losing their properties that were lost from the fire. When a fire is ignited and then left unattended, it can cause a public scandal to your community, leading to the attention of public officials or authorities to respond to the scene and will make you legally accountable for any damages caused by the fire.

Fire hazards are one of the most unpredictable incidents that might happen inside homes. This is also a risk for every community because a fire hazard could generate wildfires that affect other homes in nearby communities. For homes that were already pulverized by fire, it costs not just hundreds of thousands, but millions of worth of total damages. It is better to be safe than to regret all unavoidable circumstances that may lead to permanent straining of relationships, impacting personal relationships inside the home or within the neighborhood.
Christmas lights are beautiful, only if you install it safely
We love Christmas. Everything is complete when Christmas season comes along. We can see different kinds of decorations that are being displayed to every house, establishments, and other landscapes around us. However, when displaying electrical powered decorations, it provides numerous risks to safety that could spark concerns about our health and life.

What are Christmas lights? These are decorations that are installed with lights that are controlled by computerized chips so that it can produce attractive light display. These are set of lights that are connected by wires, covered with an improvised rubber or plastic compound in order to protect the wire as well as to secure the bulbs. Christmas lights are spectacular decorations that enhance the spirit of Christmas season when it will be installed either indoor and outdoors. However, these are electronic decorations that are usually blamed for fire hazards across the community. Authorities always warn the public regarding any potential harm that can be caused by faulty electrical wirings of Christmas lights.

History: Since electricity was invented, there are numerous appliances that are also developed. The main purpose is to upgrade new facilities by reducing the number of human resources in order to accomplish tasks. These include refrigerators, microwave, television, radio, oven, iron, water heater, blender, mixer, and carpenter tools. Computers were then being developed, which are devices that are mainly dependent on electricity. Decorations were also developed by engineers that can now be powered by electricity. In this case, the thought of providing the merriest Christmas holiday is fulfilled through the application of Christmas lights.

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Households started to use electronic appliances at the same time because it provides human convenience when accomplishing household tasks. This is also applicable in offices where employees continuously plug electronic devices. They use cord extensions so that there will be more available electric outlets for the appliances to be plugged to obtain electric power source in order to operate.

One appliance per electric port is recommended to prevent fire hazard

Consequences when Christmas lights ignite fire

1. Damages to property: When fire will be ignited to a certain household, it can easily wipe out any structure along its path. Fire is a destructive force of energy that consumes anything that it touches. It produces a chain reaction that will cause an object to be burned out and then disappear forever. The destructive force of fire can significantly damage the parts of the whole of the affected item upon reaching it. Millions worth of properties will be lost when a fire will break out just because of faulty electrical wirings ignited by Christmas lights.

2. Injuries: People who are living in a certain household can be significantly harmed by the destructive force of fire. When the ignition can translate into a massive fire, it produces heat energy that can burn your skin or your whole body. Fire destroys the foundation of structures such as walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and floors that could be the main cause of fall for dwellers in a certain structure such as homes and buildings.

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3. Deaths: Christmas lights are often being left plugged in for the whole evening until morning. When there are sudden fluctuating electrical currents will hit the electric lights, it will then cause massive fire outage that will now easily destroy the house or any structure. It traps people inside it and will cause instant suffocation that will lead to respiratory collapse. People who are trapped are then being killed by falling debris or falls to their deaths when the walls suddenly collapsed.

wire safety can prevent accidents at home

How to prevent fires caused by Christmas lights

1. Refrain octopus connections: Fire hazards are always associated with octopus connections. This is a situation wherein electric outlets are plugged with extension. When appliances are plugged together in a multiple cord extension in order to generate energy, it will cause heat to intensify faster. This is easier for the heat to translate to a fire that can cause a hazardous consequence to your property. You should plug at least one to two appliances or electronic lights to prevent unexpected ignition of flames that cause fire hazards.

2. Check for the official sticker permit: In every country around the world, each government is implementing safety standard for every commodity that is being sold to the public. All commodities that are granted to be sold in public are given with stickers that symbolize their compliance with the safety standards. Do not buy products without a safety stamp because these are counterfeit products that could harm your safety as well as can possibly risk your life in unexpected circumstances.

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3. Inspect the item before buying: Christmas lights are attractive. But you should always check the product inch by inch. Inspecting the wire lines will seek to find any damages that could be a source of ignition in the future. Broken bulbs indicate that there is a risk for the item to cause a fire ignition, which could risk your health and safety at home or any location where people frequently gather all the time.

4. Test the item before buying: Retail outlets always recommend that all products should be tested first before purchasing it. This is to ensure that the product is working so that the consumers will not be regretting when they forgot to test it and head to their respective homes. There are displayed electronic lights that might have been damaged while being delivered to their respective retail outlets.

5. Do not leave the Christmas lights on for more than three hours: Most Christmas holiday patrons are often obsessed with the beauty of Christmas holiday season. However, they always forget that electronic decorations can also cause significant risks to safety when exposed for a longer period of time. Electronic lights generate heat, which can reach more than 50 degrees Celsius that is already considered as hazardous enough to melt the covering of the wires, causing fire ignition.

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