Amongst the controversial ending of the 64th edition of Miss Universe 2015, the newly crowned Miss Universe 2015 is still maximizing itself as one of the most favored online sensation in various media. Social media websites continuous to post numerous articles, photos, and videos that are widely shared by pageant fans. Every hour, there are numerous publications that are still talking about the pageant even if it is already more than one week ago. The coronation of Miss Universe 2015 was concluded last December 20, 2015, at Axis, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Pia Wurtzbach is now traveling around the world, which is one of her advocacies as the representative of Miss Universe Organization. She has already been invited to numerous gala events, pageant coronations, and humanitarian efforts to provide temporary relief for the victims of calamities. As a Miss Universe, Pia is also promoting health awareness campaign for HIV/AIDS to prevent the spread of infection.
Four faces of Pia when she was crowned as Miss Universe 2015
Among the 80 candidates who went to Las Vegas, candidates and judges were all aware that one should only be crowned as the winner of the annual beauty pageant competition. Judges are always looking up for that particular lady who can stand out from the sea of contestants who are all vying for the most coveted crown. During the coronation night, it has been observed that there is one distinct lady that has been captivating the attention of the spectator as well as with the judges. She flawlessly nailed each competitive show that mesmerized the audiences. Despite from the wrong announcement of the winner, the lucky girl emerged in the name of Pia Wurtzbach, which is the new Miss Universe 2015.

Who is Pia Wurtzbach?: Pia is now considered as the most beautiful woman in the Universe. This is because she is now the reigning Miss Universe 2015. Before being known as a beauty queen, she was locally known as "Pia Romero", which was her screen name as a celebrity in the Philippines. She participated in various television segments, movies, and commercials to local television in her own country. After winning Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach became an instant celebrity abroad. During her reign, she is an instrumental for advocating HIV awareness to the society as part of Miss Universe Organization's global campaign to eradicate the spread of the disease.

One interesting fact about her was that she mostly live alone while being busy participating in various showbiz taping, shootings, and photo sessions to model for a certain magazine, online media publications, and commercials. After her parents divorced when she was in her early teens, she started to help her family to sustain their basic needs by working as a part-time celebrity while attending her studies at the same time. She decided to join as a candidate to a local pageant until she became Miss Universe 2015.

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Inspirational video of Pia Wurtzbach win

Interesting facts why Pia Wurtzbach won as Miss Universe 2015

1. Nailed the preliminary show: During the first screening of the beauty pageant, the judges are searching for a candidate that exudes a complete package. Miss Philippines Universe 2015 nailed all preliminary screenings that made her one of the most formidable candidates in the competition. During the swimsuit, Pia didn't mind if her bouncing front was distorting her performance. What she did was she managed to impressed the judges by waving her waist like a flowing fluid while passing through the stage. Her initial red gown was carried very well, using her striking look and beautiful aura that created a positive impact on the audience and with the judge.

The gown, the walk, and the confidence were at the right combination during the preliminary competition, gaining one of the highest scores of the competition. Even if her biggest competitors were USA, Colombia, France, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, nobody can stop her shine through that moment. She excelled in every inch of the competition that made her way through the top 16 semifinalists in the pageant.

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 with Paulina Vega as Miss Universe 2014 at the center

2. Improved her walk in the swimsuit portion during the coronation night: It was obvious that her walk that final night escalated in full blast than the preliminary show. She knew that giving her best is the only way to further penetrate to the next round. She maximized her Pasarela skills while controlling her confidence that makes her look like a professional model in front of the spectators. It is obvious that she did something magical that made her front not as bouncy than the preliminary show, making her walk more visible to the audience. Her walk made her more powerful and showed to the public that she is in control of the swimsuit round.

Look at her body posture while she walks
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3. She nailed the gown competition during the finals night: Pia was wearing a royal blue gown that contoured her perfect body shape during the competition. The gown appeared to be elegant and expensive when facing the audience. But facing back from the audience, the gown's back design reveals a striped contrast from the frontal elegance that is combined with a skin-tone color that blends with her skin tone in front of the stage. Even if Pia slightly slipped in front of the stage, it didn't bother her confidence and mood that further fueled her aura to continue amazing the judges and the audience by her positive and outstanding performance.

Posture, aura, and smizing are the perfect combination to nail the gown competition
4. Answered confidently: Pia's question was regarding a local controversy in her country by whether or not to allow US naval forces to reestablish their base in the Philippines. Basing on her answer, she reiterated that the US and the Philippines have had a long-term bilateral relationship. The Philippines was a former colony of the United States and shared common cultures and values that is why she sees that there is nothing wrong when the US will be resettling their naval bases in her country. Therefore, she nailed it and entered the top 5.

Pia answered perfectly with Steve Harvey
5. Has the most meaningful answer during the final 3 question: Pia's most memorable answer that made her win was when she mentioned that "she wants to show the world that she is confidently beautiful with a heart". It is a phrase that is now gaining popularity among pageant enthusiasts. Aside from that famous phrase, she wants to be an advocate of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) prevention and awareness, especially in her country where HIV cases are increasing if she wins Miss Miss Universe 2015. These are the two main points that made her answer to further stand out during the final question portion. And now, she will definitely advocate the above-mentioned causes.

Pia is aware that HIV is still incurable, which is why she wants to emphasize the importance of prevention. Since she is from a country with the fastest growing HIV rates, she wants to take part in the prevention of HIV infection to any unprotected contact between two individuals. This is what makes her a standout because she knows the advocacy of the pageant as a way to prevent the spread of infection.

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6. She smizes: Pia is one of the few contestants who know how to play with her facial expression well while facing spectators. This is regarded as one of her most lethal weapons. When she smize her judges, they feel that they had just been shot that they immediately indicate a high score for Pia. Smize means to smile with your eyes, which is popularized by Tyra Banks, a former professional fashion model. This is attributed to Pia's past modeling experiences wherein she has been taught how to show an appropriate facial gesture when facing the camera. You can observe that during the gown competition, she smizes to the audiences, side by side, and to the front, facing the audiences.

This is Pia's most powerful weapon, smizing

7. Unique beauty: The Philippines sent a delegate that utilized a charming and a classy beauty. This time, they gave a license to a woman who possesses a regal beauty. Pia's facial features can resemble a classical beauty that is born in the contemporary world. Her beauty unnoticeably made two different time frames in just one setting, allowing the public to appreciate the significance of regal beauty, which is one of the most unique in pageantry that always sends fierce girls.

8. Wide range of fan base: Pia gained millions of fans around the world. So do not underestimate the power of fans because once that you gained their trust and affection, they can defend you no matter what. They can always cheer you, they can defend you, and they can protect you from any threat that might come in your way. However, having millions of even billions of fans does not guarantee a person to win a certain competition. Miss Philippines was extensively trained, contoured, briefed, and made into a beautiful and competitive swan that swiped out the competition to clinch back the third crown for her nation.

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9. She is a fighter: Her experience finally paid off when she finally won as Miss Universe. Prior to winning Miss Universe, she joined local pageantry for at least three times. This means that third time is a charm. When third time grants you a wish that you deserves, you will finally achieve it. With the power of dedication, planned action, and humbleness, nothing can stop you from achieving your dream. The famous quote that says "patience is a virtue" that will always take you wherever you will go and will achieve in real life.

10. It is her time: Some say that it is not the performance and the possession that matters in order for a person to achieve their ambition, but it is all about their time. For this reason, 2015 is the perfect time for Pia Wurtzbach. This year is the most appropriate year for her to transform her life for living her best dream. They say that time is precious, but for Pia, time is gold because she already reached something that will change the universe forever.

Pia Wurtzbach will turn over her crown to her successor on January 30, 2017, which is the 65th edition of Miss Universe being hosted in the Philippines.

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Congratulations, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

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