Smartphones or any mobile phones are one of the most precious items for every human in this planet. This is probably the most important accessory that humans depend for the rest of their lives. Since it was created in the beginning of the 21st centuries, numerous individuals are now running to several communications service provider stores. This is to buy items that enable the public to purchase gadgets that would help improve their lifestyle on a daily basis.

If you are experiencing a wet phone, all you can do is to immediately remove all moisture that can contaminate the electrical parts and chipset of your computer. This is to prevent damages that might harm your phone after you have not successfully dried it up. Your phone is very precious, this is the reason why you should be able to have another reason to ensure that the safety of your gadget is always secured in any way that will prevent any harm in the near future. Remember that regret is always an expected source of drama if you have unsuccessfully of immediately rescued your gadget before.
If your phone is soaked in water, you still can restore it
The only problem when handling gadgets is when a person is careless enough that makes their smartphones becoming wet. This happens when a person accidentally slipped their phone towards a glass filled with water. Accidents can also happen when a person is also texting at the same time while using the toilet, slipping their smartphone to fall into the bowl. Iphones, Ipod, Ipadss, tablets, and other gadgets might also fall in the same fate when a person is careless enough to accidentally soak it in the water or any wet surface.

It is important not to be careless when holding your phone because you could unintentionally broke your phone when you mishandle it. Our hands are governed by our voluntary reflexes because our brain stimulates impulses to control the movements of our muscles. When the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system starts to break down, the voluntary muscle movement affecting your hands starts to lose its coordinated movements. This response will risk your phone from falling to the floor. As a consequence, your phone becomes broken.

Effects of wetting your phone: If water or any liquid penetrates inside the phone, it creates a short circuit effect that could allow the electrical impulse to travel to all directions. This could affect the flow of the energy of each hardware installed inside the chipset, disrupting the whole circuit of the phone. Water is a liquid, which is suitable for any moving current to move from one particle to another particle. Fluid accompanies any moving current because its molecules are attached to each other, making it easier for any current to pass through. A smartphone is composed of a multi-electronic chipset connected with each other, creating an electronic circuit that is powered independently by a detachable battery.

Why people accidentally makes their phone or gadgets wet?

The first issue is due to carelessness. People accidentally slip their phones from their hands and then lands to a wet surface, causing it to get wet. While using their gadgets, they are not usually aware that they are about to bump someone or something that creates an impact that will let their phone slip from their hand and then will go through a wet surface. This is usually observed when people are not that careful enough to take good care of their phone in order to protect it from being slipped from their hands.

When texting, calling, or surfing the internet, our minds are fully focused on the screen of our gadget, making us at risk for any accidents that might cause trouble to our health and safety. Our senses cannot perform multitasking activities, making it hard for us to be aware about the potential hazards that can risk our senses to concentrate simultaneously on other activities. As a result, we seldom commit mistakes by mishandling our gadgets that usually goes through an undesirable surface such as wet areas to cause our phones to be wet.

Easy ways on hot to restore your phone or mobile gadget

1. DO NOT turn on your phone: Water has already been penetrating your entire phone's system that is why if you switch your phone on, short circuit will automatically generate. This is the reason why your phone automatically shut down when it was submerged on the water or splashed with water becuase it initially created a short circuit that shuts down the entire phone. Turning your phone on might cause another short circuit incident that can further destroy all installed software and hardware functions in your gadget.

2. Disassemble your gadget or mobile phone: After retrieving your phone from the water or any liquid, it is best to detach everything. Remove the battery, sim card, memory card, SDK card, folded money bills, small photos, and everything. This will allow faster time to dry up your phone including its accessories in a shorter period of time. Being unable to detach all accessories will take longer time for your wet phone to dry up.

3. Blow dry your gadget: It is important to use a blow dryier so that all wet areas inside your gadget will be dried up. If you don't have any blow dryer available, you can use hand blow dryer that is commonly found in public toilets or handwashing areas. Electric fans are also effective to easily dry up any surface, which helps your gadget to recover easily. If you don't have any electronic blow dryer, you may simply use a fan or any card board material that can dry your wet gadget or smartphone.

4. During the day, place your phone into the sunlight: It is important to place your wet gadget or smartphone under the sun for several minutes. The power of the sun produces natural radiation that generates heat to easily dries up your wet smartphone or electronic gadgets when exposed to several minutes. However, it is important to know that avoid overexposing your phone because it could cause damage to some fragile parts of the phone such as allowing the rubbers attached with the thin electronic cables that might cause short circuits.

5. Place your phone into a jar of rice: Granules of rice are efficient moisture absorbers that will make your phone to fully recover. Rice is a natural absorbent material that allows moisture to be fully absorbed when placing any object in it. If there is no available rice at home, you can just temporarily use desiccants, which are absorbable items that can suck up remaining wet surface that are hiding inside from your gadgets.

*If your phone does not switch on, the best way is to seek a professional help from your nearest technical support staff to help your phone recover.

*This article is based from the contributor's real life experience. thanks

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