A video footage is now trending around the world due to its controversial theme. As based from the video, a man is seen to be responsible for burning the improvised effigy that obviously representsMiss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. This is clear that Colombians are not yet getting over with the wrong announcement of winner committed by Steve Harvey during the coronation night of Miss Universe 2015 that was held in Axis, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

Colombians believe that by torching an effigy will drive away bad luck, which was considered as a traumatic thing in their lives. Ariadna Gutierrez's humiliation by Miss Universe 2015 host Steve Harvey deeply caused a psychological impact to the Colombian fans, lamenting that they were treated unfairly. This was because after placing the crown to the head of Ariadna, she was suddenly stripped down after a few minutes. The mistake was unacceptable because it caused an international uproar. Colombians also does not want to create a rift between the Philippines because they are aware that Pia Wurtzbach gave all her best in order to clinch their country's third title for the international beauty pageant.
Improvised effigy of Pia Wurtzbach is burned
An effigy is a material that is made to represent a certain individual. Effigy burning is normal in Colombia because it is one of their traditional practice for driving away bad luck. In the picture and the video, Colombians mostly created an effigy of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach while wearing the iconic blue gown. And then moments after waiting for the darkness in the night, most pageant fanatics started to set the effigy of Pia on fire.

Steve Harvey was not also safe as Colombians created an effigy for him. Obviously this was due to his terrible mistake for calling out the wrong winner of the pageant. Colombians were absolutely disappointed for a simple mistake that was made by Steve Harvey for the reason that it created an international uproar by the Colombian pageants. It is very hurtful to them that their representative was humiliated in front of millions of crowd, creating an emotional outburst. Other Latin candidates supported Ariadna in order to provide an empathy and emotional support for her.

Steve Harvey made a significant controversy due to his unintentional announcement of a wrong candidate during the conclusion of the pageant. Critics became skeptical because the host may have been following a script that would enable to create a worldwide publicity as the 64th edition of Miss Universe is already managed by a new organization, which is IMG

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The photo of a man with an improvised effigy dressed as Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015
Photo of Noider Almanza Barazza from his FB page

It is not clear if the person is just doing it on purpose because as based from his environment, it seems that he is torching the figure while welcoming New Year as part of a tradition every year.

The man is later identified as Noider Almanza Barazza who was responsible for torching the figure that represents Pia Wurtzbach. He hails from Baranquilla, Colombia.

The footage is now going viral over the internet and it is now creating another noise in the Philippines. Fans are now considering the incident as shameful not only against the reigning Miss Universe but also to the whole Philippine nation.

Noider prepares the figure on the street before torching from Noider's FB page

Colombians were clearly disappointed by the fate of Ariadna Gutierrez. Many Ariadna's countrymen still believe that the announcement was rigged and should be investigated. Even other Latin American countries prefer Ariadna over Pia due to the terrible mistake committed by the host of the pageant night.

However, Ariadna Gutierrez made a recent statement that she is already moving on from the controversial incident. She is satisfied to make it as a first runner-up, which is a very difficult thing to do for every candidate that competes internationally.

Pia Wurtzbach also made a public statement that all fans should not embark their emotions and should unite altogether to promote peace.

*Disclaimer: This article does not intend to defame or to insult the main subject of the discussion.

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