Right at the start of the New Year just this 2016, a fire broke out in two areas around the world. Manila, Philippines and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was believed to be responsible for causing the fire. There are at least more than hundred households combined from the two cities that were affected by the fire that is considered as an unfortunate enough to welcome New Year. Affected residents were immediately evacuated to prevent further harm and injury following the event.

Fire is a common scenario whenever New Year comes either at the end of the year and the beginning of another year. People usually celebrate it by means of organizing a fireworks display. Some countries around the world organize their custom-made fireworks by themselves. They set any bought fireworks and then lighting up at their own risk by going at a closer range towards the explosive device. Injuries and fatalities are considered as a rare cause, which could destroy your hopes and a positive outlook for the year 2016 whenever you fall victim to fire hazards as well as a stray bullet from indiscriminate firing that happens during New Year.
Fire outbreaks welcomed 2016 that is the year of Fire Monkey
Fire in the Philippines: The Philippines was greeted by a fire brought about from careless firecracker handling by private citizens in the area as they welcome 2016. Manila, the capital town is hit by a fire in neighboring residential areas of Mandaluyong City. More than 3,000 were left homeless after the flames exhilarated their homes. Stray bullets and firecrackers were the main causes of injuries wherein two were killed during New Year. Improper handling of firecrackers may lead to a fire hazard that could wipe out millions worth of properties.

Rare fire in Dubai: Torch Tower in Dubai was also engulfed by flames during the start of the 2016 New Year annual celebration. The 63 storey structure stole the spotlight while fireworks are currently on display in Burj Khalifa, the current tallest building in the world. Hundreds were evacuated from the hazard zone towards safety. There were also several dozens who were reportedly injured during the event. On-lookers started taking pictures as well as videos of the burning skyscraper instead of viewing the fireworks display in the city. The skyscraper is a highly visible structure in Dubai, which can be seen on a 360-degree angle. The flame was thought to be caused by faulty electrical wiring.

Hazards of Fire: Fire is a flammable material that can engulf anything on its path. This is the outcome of a chain reaction that is generated by a highly explosive device that can cause a significant damage to any structure materials. Natural fire is caused by natural causes such as lightning that ignite fires in the forest or homes while man-made fires are brought about by carelessness such as leaving a candle to burn combustible materials. The amount of energy is relatively high enough to cause significant damage to any properties and injuries for any organism who will be in contact with the flames. Lack of awareness about safety standards as well as poor management of household items is to blame for the hazardous incidents of fire in several neighborhoods all over the world.
"Kwitis" or baby rocket was believed to be responsible for the fire hazard

How to prevent fire hazards?

1. Immediately contain it with water, sand, or any fire stopper: If the fire is still considered to be containable, you should use a pail of water so that it will immediately control the fire. When water is not available, you can use sand or any soil that will help contain the fire. If the fire only occupied smaller areas at your room, you can just step using your shoes or clothing so that it will help to prevent the flames from advancing to other parts of your room or house.
Faulty electrical wiring can cause fire

2. Use fire extinguisher: It is important that every household should have fire extinguishers because it will help to contain any fire hazard that would enable their house to immediately contain any flames. Fire extinguishers can be found to all public structures because it is frequented by the public whenever they are going to process something useful to improve their lifestyle or to accomplish daily activities.

3. Go to a safer place: If you notice that the fire is already large enough that cannot be contained with water or any material, this means that the fire is more hazardous that would signify that you should immediately evacuate. Moving away as far as possible will lessen any risk of injuries or even fatalities from the hazard zone where the fire is currently consuming any material that it passes through.

4. Call for an immediate emergency: When fire erupts, it is important to call for help so that fire hazards will be immediately contained by practicing professionals. In each community, there are always fire department installed in order to contain any reported cases of fires that has been rendered by private citizens. Firemen are highly trained professionals who underwent training and experienced numerous fire response measures that make them more competent in controlling hazards.

5. Immediately contact any affiliated insurance company: If you are enrolled to an insurance company that is capable for recovering any lost properties, this is the time to initiate contact. Insurance benefits provide and important sustainability so that you can recover any lost items that has been already lost when fire broke out in your home. Even if not all lost items will be insured, at least there are still selected items that are going to be retrieved.

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