Before anything else, we would like to greet you a prosperous and a joyful New Year!! As the year ends and another year starts ahead, there's nothing wrong if you believe in Feng Shui. This is another form of luck habits in order to maximize your environment that becomes full of hope and success. Even though luck is something that is non-tangible, there is something significant that could change your life in the future. Feng Shui is just another way of determining if you will have the right amount of luck as well as to know precautionary measures to become more careful in the future.

There is nothing wrong when you try something that will benefit your mind and knowledge. This is for you to try and explore new things so that you will experience the chance of knowing something that would either benefit or degrade you. Experience is the best teacher wherein you will have to try the things that will cause significant benefits to your lifestyle. However, if it turns out to be undesirable, maybe you should move on and try new things. If you try some adventorous things in your life, it can help benefit your personal and even in your professional career whenever you will try to explore things that you have never done it before.
2016 is the Year of the Monkey
Surprise your new year with full of joy. This means that you are going to maximize all resources so that luck opportunities becomes fruitful. If you opt to follow some directives implied by Feng Shui experts, nothing will harm you for as long as you are not clumsy enough to involve yourself from accidents. Learning more about Feng Shui provides an interesting insight about your fate and destiny that takes place over a period of time. There is no harm on trying new things and practices that can potentially bring you luck and protection for doing these practices.

What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the philosophical system being used by Far Eastern civilizations. These include Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thais, Filipinos, Malay, Singaporeans, Burmese, Laotians, Mongolians, Cambodians, Indonesians, Indians, and Taiwanese. Today, Feng Shui is now adapted by western societies as well as in Africa and Latin American countries. The word Feng Shui literally means "wind-water" that means harmony and balance with the environment. As a tradition, it describes the importance of metaphoric architecture that contains invisible forces, affecting the practice, destiny, and security of individuals. Feng Shui is commonly used when new construction begins in a certain neighborhood, public places, or private companies who wants to start their business on a great bang.

Feng Shui For 2016/2017: According to Chinese calendar and tradition, 2016 is the year of Fire Monkey. This means that 2016 will be witnessing an energetic year as based on the personality and character of monkeys in real life. When combined with fire, 2016 will be a bullish year for everyone who will be establishing new opportunities, activities, businesses, and new experiences to become more fruitful. Energy is the most important issue that affects your life the whole year. It influences your personal fortune, ambition, personality, and luck.

Feng Shui tips for 2016/2017

1. Exercise: For health related Feng-Shui, exercise is one of the most important things to improve your health. If you start doing exercise, it burns calories, thereby complimenting the fire monkey's essence to generate positive results to your body. By regularly burning calories each day, you will experience positive results that make you feel more comfortable as well as to ensure that you will be on shape, which can potentially attract other individuals. However, more is bad for you. Do not over exercise as it can degrade your body significantly, which can lead to overfatigue.

2. Housekeeping: Beware because 2016 will be the year of messy situations. Experiencing a messy environment will cause a disorganized year for you. The reason behind is that you will be very busy with your business, studies, job, partying, and having an affair with others that you start to keep your household into an organized manner. You should be always aware that time management is important so that you can have at least an ample time to organize your personal belongings and chores at home before and after concentrating with your activities.

3. Luck enters for every tidy place: In the year of the fire monkey, this particular animal is always amazed by having an organized furniture or any household item. If there are items that are consistently placed in their proper place on an organized manner, they will reward you with luck. This means that as you consistently clean your house, fix your things regularly, and place something alluring such as decorations across your home will be enabling more luck that penetrates your house and activating more opportunities in your life.

4. Fame: The year of the monkey is the time for you to get a little bit of notice from your peers and strangers. Recognition is one of the most important consideration in this issue because when there are a few will be starting to compliment your identity, efforts, and skills. Monkey loves fame and whenever they are being recognized, they start to become inspired, continuing their efforts to further impress more individuals, groups, and organizations. This should be your quality as a person, relative, loving person, and as an employee to become more successful and famous.

5. Energize every corner of your room and surroundings: Let us start from your yard, your gate should be always noticeable, which welcomes luck whenever they enter your home. The door should look appealing to attract more luck and better opportunities. The living room should have one point of reference wherein you will be installing a distinct furniture, decoration, or any appliances that attract luck. The kitchen should look neat all the time because it contrasts the appealing view of your surroundings and living room that creates balance and harmony. Your bedroom should also look attractive by using funky decorations to appear energized.

6. Be extravagant: Monkey always loves extravagance. This means that you should show something new and attractive with your style and fashion statement. 2016 should be a time for you to change your old fashion style to have a new look, in the form of clothing, hairdo, footwears, and make-up styles. Skills should also be extravagant by means of being out of the box such as adding more styles, value, shape, and arts to every piece of work that you do in order to impress other individuals.

7. Effective budgeting: Always remember that fire monkey always loves positivity. You should start 2016 without a remaining balance or debts. This could mean that 2016 will be your prosperous year ahead. Starting a year without any financial balances such as loans will kick-off a year with an opportunity to generate more income and financial opportunities. Just start loving whatever job that you remain to have, maintain your business, and be always consistent with your productive attitude will reward you into a desirable outcome in the future.

8. Earth colors: Fire monkey for 2016 is the year when it utilizes the Earth colors. This means that any color that is associated with the natural colors of five matters of our planet are the most desirable and compatible with your luck this year. They are fire, wood, Earth, water, and metal. Shiny, greenish, flowy, and raging fire colors are the most important thing that you should prioritize whenever you are going to wear something or use it. Examples include Brown, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and metal.

9. Welcoming New Year with new plants: It is not necessary if you will start the year with full of flowers. While it is the start of 2016, at least, buy some flowers and plants and then install it inside your home. Monkey is a nature loving animal that is why adding both internal and external gardening features at home creates a more balanced and disciplined environment to allow more opportunities to change your life forever.

10. Always control yourself: It is important to let yourself not to be paralleled with strong emotions. Monkey is a highly active animal, which is always excited, out of control, and loud. These are the three deadly attributing characteristics that you should avoid to prevent yourself in trouble with other individuals or groups. Discipline, control, and balance are the three keys consistent with your dreams so that luck will always continue to flow towards your path.

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