After a hard drinking session from yesterday's party, you always wake up feeling very tired, dizzy, and a pain from your head. This is because you are now suffering from hangover, which is when your body starts to become dehydrated due to a decrease in your body's total fluid level. This means that you need to refuel and replenish your body because hangover is causing your brain to feel ambivalent while suffering from an aching pain.

The aftermath of partying makes us suffer from a severe headache. This is obviously brought about by the effects of consuming alcoholic beverages from last night's drinking session. When we suffer from a hangover, our concentration is poorly maximized because we are thinking more about the physiological effects of consuming this beverage rather than formulating thoughts. Suffering from a hangover can last for several days depending on the amount of the beverage you consumed during the day or night.
hangover always causes discomfort to our body

Hangover is an expected feeling that all of us needs to compliment after drinking alcoholic beverages during yesterday's party. Although this is considered undesirable, there is nothing you can do to stop suffering from the throbbing pain in your head. So before you drink, you should accept the fact that you will surely suffer from an unavoidable headache tomorrow because you are going to pound your body with high amounts of alcoholic beverages. This is a typical scenario for people who went partying because they always end up waking up late the next day.

What is a hangover?

This is referred as a form of an unpleasant psychological and physiological effects after consuming beverages that contain ethanol. When you are currently suffering from hangover, the effect can last  at least one day or an average of 24 hours. Signs and symptoms include drowsiness, headache, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, and problems in concentration. The metabolism of the body is greatly affected when a person is suffering from hangover because there is a chemical response wherein the blood products are currently replenishing itself after it absorbs alcohol. Hangover becomes more painful if you drunk too much alcohol that further degrade your metabolism that lasts for more than one day.

It is also indicated that your body loses more water, making your metabolic response on providing a sign that some of your organs are suffering from tenderness or pain. The main affected part is the brain because it is where your thought process has problems on concentration. Whenever we cannot concentrate, activities for a certain day or period might be at risk for being delayed because the body is unable to compensate with suffering made by the effects of hangover.

10 effective tips to recover from hangover

1. Rehydrate yourself by drink plenty of fluids: When you are suffering from hangover, the percentage of water content in your body is significantly low. You should drink at least more than 10 glasses of water. You should be careful when drinking water because there are unpurified, undistilled or unboiled water that contains pathogens that impact your body. As a tip, you should at least drink one glass of water every hour to have a consistent and progressive recovery.

2. Always fill your stomach: Apart from suffering from dehydration, our body's energy level is also significantly lower, making ourselves feeling poorly. You should still follow daily standard meal routine such as eating at least three times a day and snacking in between meals. Eating regularly will continue to nourish your cells and tissues so that it will promote tissue perfusion that is desirable to function normally.

3. Sleep more hours: Since we slept few hours, our body needs more hours to recover and recuperate. This means that you should sleep more to catch up from and eventually eliminate symptoms of hangover. Sleeping is a way that our body will regenerate. Protein synthesis in our body works best during sleep because it enhances a regenerative process, which will repair damaged part of the cells and tissues all over the body.

4. Avoid bright environment: Stay away from bright areas such as going outdoors because it further causes discomfort to your body. When your body is suffering from hangover, it causes the vision to become more sensitive to outside environment. It is best to unfold your curtains to prevent light from entering into your room, lobby, or in the kitchen. You may open the window while the curtains remain to be unfolded.

5. Exercise: Light exercise is an effective remedy to recover yourself from a hangover. This is the help your blood circulation to replenish all tissues, cells, and organs to improve their function or perfusion. Examples include walking long distances, jogging, ttreadmillexercises, or lifting weights that are below 20 lbs. Do not overexercise yourself because it may lead to overfatigue, resulting to a more undesirable effects to your body.

6. Drink beverage of your choice: Apart from repleneshing your body, flavored beverage such as coffee, chocolate, tea, or fruit juices allow your body to have a faster recovery from hangover. Non-alcoholic beverage helps to introduce carbohydrates and proteins that are essential to recover from a shorter period of time. You can drink any beverage of your choice. But do not also forget to drink several glasses of water to further regenerate your body's physiological perfusion.

7. Eat cheese: When suffering from hangover, cheese is an effective absorber of ethanol and other alcoholic components from your stomach, preventing your head to suffer from pain. Eat cheese immediately when partying is just over so that hangover symptoms will not accelerate upon waking up in the morning or the next day. Any types of cheese can be consumed for as long as they are safe to eat to prevent health consequences.

8. Take food supplements: Our body needs more nutrients to further optimize blood circulation, improves physiological functioning, and to improve our nervous system's functions. Food supplements countains essential vitamins, nutrients, and phytochemicals that can boost our immune system and promotes protein synthesis. This helps to regenerate your body, recovery from hangover, and to improve metabolic mechanism.

9. Eat more tomatoes or drink tomato juice: One major vegerable is an efficient neutralizer to help recover yourself from hangover. Tomato contains lycopene and phytochemicals that disensitizes acids, which help to decrease signs and symptoms of headache and dizziness. Aside from improving your body from hangover, you will also increase your body's defense mechanism against the formation of neoplasms or cancer cells.

10. Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory over the counter medications: Pain relievers are recommended in order for you to further decrease signs and symptoms of hangover. When you are going to take it through oral ingestion, the pharmacokinetics of this substance allow prostaglandin and histamine to be suppressed, decreasing pain sensation that is harming your body. Examples include aspirin, mefenamic acid, and naproxen sodium are some of the best over the counter medications that you can use.

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