During the end of the year, Christmas and New Year holidays are considered as one of the most celebrated feast. Each corner around the world are always celebrating this particualr time of the year in order to commemorate joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity that happened in their lives. People gather along with their friends, relatives, families, and strangers in order to share one common interest and enjoy the holiday season until the last minute of the year.

Folks from all over the planet are always celebrating Christmas or New Year in a bang. This means that using firecrackers or organizing a fireworks display is a usual scenario. Private households or the whole community enjoys fireworks display or popping firecrackers as a way to greet Christmas or New Year. However, numerous health care agencies are concerned about the use of fireworks and firecrackers. The reason behind is that it causes significant number of injuries that affects mostly children and young adults who are always enthusiastic about fireworks and firecrackers. Since these products are highly flammable, it is usually being blamed for fire outbreaks in the community.
A variety of firecrackers and fireworks

What is a firecracker? Firecracker is considered as a small explosive material that are usually popular during Christmas and New Year seasons. The purpose of using firecrackers are to create a noise during this time of the year, which greets incoming New Year. The noise comes from an ignited that utilizes in a loud bang. People are fascinated by the use of firecrackers because it produces a visually enhancing mechanism that creates a unique art when it explodes in a certain secluded place. Firecrackers are usually manufactured during the second half of the year in preparation for the traditional Christmas and New Year celebration for Christians until Chinese New Year celebration that falls on the first month of the Gregorian calendar.

All firecrackers are materials that are made up of black powder as a propellant. They are wrapped in papers, cardboards, and paper materials that are inserted with fuse that acts as the main point where it will be ignited. Firecrackers are tightly sealed so that it will produce a loud sound that can create an alluring and entertaining explosive show during festivities. However, holding a live exploding device is hazardous to health and safety of any individual.

What is a fireworks? This is an elevated version of firecrackers wherein there is a low explosive class of pyrotechnic materials that are organized in order to create entertainment and aesthetic services. Fireworks display is the most utilized form of this particualr device wherein it creates an artistic boom of lights when it explodes into the atmosphere. The black powder are designed with different colors so that it creates a more spectacular show when it will be ignited into the atmosphere.

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A small variety of firecrackers

Fireworks display are often celebrated in different occassions, not just during Christmas and New Year. In each country, almost all holiday celebrations are being commemorated through a fireworks display. This includes during independence day, birthday of the founding member of a certain political figure, or when a certain large establishment is now open to the public.

Fireworks display

Hazards of firecrackers and fireworks

Fireworks are blamed for the number of incidents of injuries especially among minors. This includes suffering from burns because ignition from fireworks are 2x hotter than regular fire that makes the skin to be easily burned. Aside from burnes, the impact produced by the explosion disintegrates body parts that causes amputations. Children that are usually playing with these devices loses their limbs, arms, and fingers. Aside from losing body parts, some individuals suffer from a severe respiratory damage because they inhale harmful fumes that harms their lungs. Blindness is also a significant injury because there are individuals who are lighting the firecrackers while their face is very close to the device or the material.

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Easy ways to be safe from firecrackers or fireworks

1. Never hold a live igniting firecracker: Do not hold any firecrackers that are already igniting. Injuries usually occurs when a  person still makes a hold of a certain firecrackers either intentionally or unintentionally. This is often a mistake when a person ignites a firecrackers. They still want to make a hold of it. If you would like to risk your health or life, you may hold it but you will significantly regret it after doing it.
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2. Distance yourself at least one meter when igniting the firecracker: Sometimes, firecrackers suddenly explodes even if you just ignite it with a safe distance. Allowing a space between you and the firecracker is always safe so that the impact of the shockwave produced by the explosion will fade as it travels away from the ignition zone.

3. Use a long stick with a live fire to ignite the firecracker: Using a long stick will further create a longer distance and space between you and the firecracker so that you will be safer from any harm. You can use a wooden stick with a live fire on its edge, which also keeps any body parts away from the firecracker that is one of the major causes of injuries to other individuals.

4. Keep your face away from the firecracker or fireworks: If you still want to preserve your beautiful face, you should keep it away from any fireworks or firecrackers while igniting it. Once that you have already ignited a flame to the fuse of the device, you should stop staring the device. Explosives are always surprising anyone who will use them because fire is something that always cause unexpected ignition and then may lead to explosion.

5. Stay away immediately after lighting the device: It is important that you should always think of your safety when igniting a fireworks or a firecracker. Distance is the best solution so that you will prevent any unexpected harm that can cause a significant injury to your self. Run away immidiately because there are firecrackers that follows you when they start to produce cracking explosions, which could harm you.

6. Use remote controlled igniting devices: If you would let me choose, it is better to pay for a slightly expensive igniting device than to permanently lose your fingers, arms, or an eye. This is the safest way to light your favorite firecracker or fireworks. This is a device that uses a long wire or a long fuse by an igniting device that is operated by a portable electronic material that is placed beside a highly explosive material.

7. Check the fuse before lighting the device: Accidents happen when someone is over excited enough to light up their device without checking the fuse first. Checking if the fuse is long enough to promote safety should be always considered rather than choosing excitement over safety. Firecrackers with no or shorter fuse should not be used because they pose more health and safety threats when they are ignited.

8. Always buy from a reputable retailer: Before purchasing a firecracker or fireworks, make sure that they have permits to operate as a retailer or wholesaler. Legally retailing merchandisers should have sanitary permits, fire hazard permits, police permits, or any local government permits and certifications, which assures that all products are always inspected and safe to use by the public.

9. Do not buy any items from anonymous sellers: Persistent sellers who are directly contacting you that are unsolicited should not always be entertained. Most direct sellers are not legitimate that are only taking advantage of the holiday season in order to gain profits even if they are aware that the safety is at risk for the users. you should still always check the background of these sellers before you purchase so that your life or health will not be spared in the future.

10. Always do hand washing and change your clothings: Holding a firecracker or fireworks will allow the black powder or even gun powder used in firecrackers to be stuck in your hands. You should rinse your hand with soap at least twice before thoroughly washing it with water. If necessary, take a bath after holding a firecracker or fireworks and then use new clothing. In this way, you will not be at risk for ingesting the hazardous powder or transmitting the powder to other individuals.

*Always remember, safety is better than regret.

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