Move over Venezuela, the country that you should be considering a threat when it comes to pageantry is the Philippines. In 2015 alone, this country bagged six crowns, making it the most successful than any other countries in the world. The Philippines generated a worldwide trend due to its dominating pageantry performances. Thanks to the country's delegates, who are always well-trained on how to become a standout with their respective international competitions.

After garnering several crowns in 2015, the Philippines is set to collect another batch of crowns this 2016. Pageant contestants to various international pageants are now undergoing training in order to improve their stage presence, catwalk skills, and enhance their communication forte that essentially promote an efficient interpersonal communication with other individuals. This time, the Philippines is considered a strong sash to every international beauty pageant competitions around the world.
The Philippines collected six crowns in 2015
As you can see, the Philippines won not only once, twice, or thrice, but six crowns. For 2016, pageant fanatics will be watching this country and observe if it will be sustaining its winning streaks to major international pageant competitions. As 2016 starts, the national pageantry organization of the Philippines known as "Binibining Pilipinas", which is termed in English as Miss Philippines, is now accepting new applicants to reckon international media and pageantry.

News and media websites around the world are still not getting over the Philippines because, at the end of 2015, the country closed the year by winning Miss Tourism Queen International. This means that it dominated the year with half a dozen of titles. This is a rare occurrence to a country to be placing to major international pageant competitions. Venezuela will definitely start worrying because they are now considering the Philippines to be their new nemesis in terms of pageantry.

The Philippines as a threat in pageantry

Wondering why the Philippines is now considered by many countries to be a threat in pageantry? This is because there are numerous pageantry schools that offer training services for any individual who wants to perform well to any upcoming local and international pageant competitions.

Every enrollee will be given pasarela lessons, speech improvement, personality training, improving make-up skills, properly answer pageantry questions, physical fitness improvement, English lessons, proper dress styling, and fashion designing.

Foreign countries start to send their delegates in the Philippines to train, which some successfully won with their respective pageants.

Major titleholders

On October 8, 2015, Philippines bet Ann Loraine Colis crowned as Miss Globe 2015 that was held at Toronto, Canada. Runner-ups were Albania, Macedonia, China, and France.

Trixie Maristela won Miss International Queen that was concluded in Pattaya, Thailand. Miss Brazil was her first runner-up while Miss Thailand as the second runner-up.

Cindy Pacia Maduma won Miss Scuba International 2015 title that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first runner-up was Miss Venezuela while Second runner-up was Miss USA.

Angela Ong was voted by the judges as Miss Earth 2015, a major back to back win for the Philippines, which was crowned by Jamie Herrell who was Miss Earth 2014. The pageant was held in Vienna, Austria. Miss Earth Air was awarded to Australia, Miss Earth Water belonged to USA, and Miss Earth Fire was rewarded to Brazil.

The mother of all pageants, Miss Universe 2015 crowned Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who added another crown for the country for a total of three. The pageant was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 20, 2015. Colombia was announced as the first runner-up while Miss USA got the second runner-up spot.

Before the year ended, Leren Mae Bautista won as Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International that was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on December 31, 2015. Miss Tourism Metropolitan International goes to Miss Uganda. Miss Tourism Global International was awarded to Miss Lithuania. Miss Cosmopolitan International goes to Miss Iceland. And Dream Girl of the Year went to Miss India.


Christi Lynn McGarry placed as first runner-up during the coronation night of Miss Intercontinental pageant in  Magdeburg, Germany on December 18, 2015. Valentina Rasulova from Russa was crowned as Miss Intercontinental 2015.

Parul Shah was lucky to be awarded as 3rd runner-up during the conclusion of Miss Grand International held in Bangkok Thailand. Dominican Republic's Anea Garcia is the reigning Miss Grand International who was crowned on October 25, 2015.

Hilarie Parungao reached the top 10 spot during the Miss World 2015 pageant competition held in Sanya, China that was won by Spain under the name of Mereia Lalaguna on December 19, 2015.

Janicel Lubina also reached top 10 spot during Miss International 2010 competition that was held in Tokyo, Japan on November 5, 2015. Miss Venezuela's Edymar Martinez was voted as the winner.

Rogelie Catacutan placed as one of the top 20 quarterfinalists during the coronation night of Miss Supranational 2015. Stephania Stegman from Paraguay was concluded as the winner.

*2016 will be another year of challenge for the Philippines because future candidates will be trying to make another back to back-to-back victories.

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