Every country around the world considers New Year as one of the most important events in their lives. Annually, friends, relatives, and families organize a simple gathering in order to welcome New Year together. This is the time of the year wherein they welcome a new life with a bang. Each household organizes a party where patrons are welcome to visit and spend their quality time with their hosts.

Several countries organized their fireworks display. However, there is a country that naturally celebrates its own style in order to greet the year with a big bang. Manila has been recorded to have the most unique way of celebrating New Year on the eve of December 31 each year. But there are other cities across the Philippines that has similar campaign every New Year's eve.
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The essence of family bonding enhances stronger relationships with each other. Bonds become stronger when two or more people decide to maximize their time in order to have fun. Other countries celebrated New Year by gathering to a designated place to celebrate with families and friends. Bonding is one of the most unforgetable moments that you can spend it with your families and friends because quality time makes a permanent resolution that creates memories forever.

New Year is the time of the year where it all begins with a big bang. Fireworks are the main attraction during this time of the year. This is because there are numerous pyrotechnic shows and events that is always made for patrons who wants to celebrate New Year that is according to their visions as well as enhancing their way of engaging with a celebration to maximize their cultural celebration of each year. It is traditional and it can make family members to celebrate the day with a big bang.

What is New Year

New Year is a special holiday celebrated all over the world. As based from the Gregorian calendar, it falls on the first day of the year, creating numerous hopefuls that enable celebrators to become optimistic ahead. When the clock strikes midnight, people start to gather and watch numerous night sky display. Amidst uncertainties, political instabilities, and financial restraints, most people are positively driven because whatever failures that they have had encountered from the past can be replaced by a productive new year. One of the most distinct that feature about New Year is about the fireworks because it presents an entertaining the night with alluring colors of booming pyrotechnic displays in the night sky.

Preparing some firecrackers

This is how we celebrated New Year

If you think you made a spectacular New Year celebration, think again because you might be considering how Filipinos celebrate it with their unique tradition. Philippines celebrates fireworks by creating their own fireworks at home. This means that it is more fun to celebrate New Year when you are in this country because you will have the chance to celebrate it with your own hands. By witnessing the video, you will notice that private residents creates their own fireworks display. If you are in this place, you will think that you are in a warzone.

Aside from celebrating with fireworks or firecrackers, each community celebrates New Year with a feast. you can choose your favorite food that are prepared and served to satisfy your appetite. Supermarkets and wet markets are very thankful because the purchasing power of the community will be the highest during New Year. Most shops already runs out of stock because almost all residents buy food to prepare and serve their specialties at home to celebrate this special part of the year.

Aside from food, you can celebrate it with a toast. Welcoming New Year by making a toast with your buddies and loved ones becomes more exciting because you will endow your memories together. You can toast your favorite wines, spirits, and beers with your peers while watching fireworks or while eating some of your most favorite dish.

Celebrating with a cold blast is another exciting thing why New Year is very special. If you are located in the northern hemisphere, New Year sits at the cold season. This means that you are literally experiencing a colder environment that makes your celebration becomes more interesting because you are in an environment wherein the cold blankets all festivities and celebrations.

To light up the dark sky, it is more fun to celebrate New Year with a bon fire. This is a process when you are going to gather pieces of wood or any flammable materials and then lighting it up with a fire. It does not only lighten your darker environment during the night but it can also provide warmth as fire produces heat, which provides a temporary comfort to a bitterly cold environment.

Happy New Year. Hoping for a prosperous and productive year

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