In Dubai, the Kingdom of United Arab Emirates just minutes before New Year started, A Dubai-based Filipino journalist was caught unaware by a huge fire in a hotel where he was staying. As a set of cameras had already been prepared and just ready to be rolling to capture a spectacular view of Burj Khalifa, a fire broke out instantly. The journalist was instantly caught off-guarded by the situation and began to think the impossible way to get out from the building that is now slowly being engulfed in flames.

United Arab Emirates continue to grow as an economic hub in the Middle East. The country is very rich in mineral as an important natural resource to fuel its economic and political growth. The country's economic boom generated numerous infrastructures to be established across the city, paving the way for iconic figures to create a world wide attention. Since there are existing very tall structures, this is a way for the country to maximize its celebration by creating fireworks display during special holiday season for the residents and workers to have a time to enjoy special occasions each year.
Dennis Borja Mallari was trapped and rescued in 48th floor of burning Address Downtown hotel in Dubai
Dennis Borja Mallari works in a local media network based in Dubai, known as Arabic Daily Al Bayan. His assignment was to take good pictures and videos of Burj Khalifa fireworks display on New Year's eve. As soon as he arrived on the 48th floor, he then proceeded to the balcony to prepare his media paraphernalia in order to take good pictures for the media network publication the next day.

Dennis was suggested by the company as part of his job to proceed to Address Downtown hotel in Dubai. It is a 63 storey skyscraper that sits parallel to Burj Khalifa, the tallest existing structure in the world. Burj Khalifa is annually being held to host fireworks display Dubai, carving another interesting tourism boost of the city to the world each year. The experience for Dennis was nerve wrecking because he risked his life and barely made it alive.

However, there are several issues that every structure must have to comprehend. This is all about the fire safety hazards that can always impact the safety of every worker or individual who are currently at the place where a certain incident happens. There are individuals who can immediately escape from the hazard zone; however, there are also some who are not lucky enough to perish because they are trapped in an area where there is an ongoing hazard that is now going to threaten their lives during that day.

See Dennis Borja Mallari being rescued

However, he noticed that there was a smoke, billowing near the corner that signifies that something went wrong on to the building. Dennis panicked as he searched for a safer area for him to escape. He then decided to cling on to the exterior portion of the balcony in order to cling for his life as the smoke is now approaching his location.

He began praying. However, he was not convinced that that night will be his time. He contacted his friends by posting his current situation through the social media network. Dennis continuous to post his situation minute by minute.

After few minutes, rescue personnel were able to locate him and moved him to safely. He then took a photo of himself while being administered with oxygen inhalation in order to stabilize his respiratory system because he inhaled some of the harmful chemicals emitted by the smoke.

After being saved, he was thankful for the belt, cable wire, civil defense, friends, and to the Lord.

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