Basing from the quote "opposite attracts", you will find the reason why you should be hating yourself when in fact, you will notice that you are unnoticeably becoming a super duper fan. If you realize that you start following scenes and updates from ALDUB entertainment series, you are basically a fan. Once a fan, you can resist being passionate any trending issues and facts that will officially make you a part on one of the most anticipated celebrities.

There is nothing wrong when you hate yourself because it is a natural expression of a person's interest towards a certain issue, experience, or affection. When you become a die hard lover for any ALDUB celebrities, you will start realizing that you are eventually an avid fan, follower, supporter, and defender. You become emotional whenever you will see some of your favorite personalities that lead the ALDUB series. At the end of the day, you will soon realize that you just made one of the craziest things as a way out of your personality. However, even if you created an erratic behavior, you will soon accept that there is nothing wrong when you hate doing what you love that you can't control it.
Aldub super couple Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza
What is ALDUB? In the Philippines, ALDUB is referred to a super couple or a love team that is a fictional pair being televised in a local television show entitled as "Kalyeserye" or termed as street series. The term is based from the name of Alden Richards (AL), which portrays a fiction version of himself, combined with the acronym of Divina Ursula Bokbokova smash (DUB). So AL + DUB = ALDUB. The fictional couple is regularly televised every lunch time in Eat Bulaga, which is a part of the local noontime variety show aired by GMA entertainment network. The show is also aired around the world via GMA Pinoy TV cable channels.

The fictional super couple regularly trends on Twitter, especially during weekends. They became popular around the world due to the power of fans who regularly tweet all corners of ALDUB activities on the social media website. The supercouple is also attracting numerous international celebrities around the world, creating curiosity about the phenomenal fictional couple in the Philippines.

Reasons why we should love and advocate ALDUB

1. They bring joy and happiness: When they say that "love is in the air", love can be also developed from the television. Everytime "kalyeserye" is aired during noon time as part of the Eat Bulaga's variety show, the power couple always brings joy to the public. As you can see, whenever a fan watches the couple or even either of the couple, they start to show their affection. By bringing joy to the public, people start to show their support and trust to the couple, which is comparable when you love your friends and your special someone.

2. The charismatic power of Alden Richards: One of the most powerful armor of ALDUB is the charisma of Alden Richards. The "boy next door" personality never fails to impress the crowd with his charming facial features, hunky physique, and optimistic persona. When he shows his dimples whenever he smiles, talks, laughs, or doing anything cute, he creates a magnitude of affection to the crowd that makes them go wild and crazy. Being crazy is normal for as long as you do not develop any signs of mental health disturbance.

3. The low-profile connection of Maine Mendoza: The other half from the love interest of Alden, Main acts as the "Yaya" Dub of the street series during the noon time show. She is the governess of "Lola/Donya" Mistress Nidora's household, responsible for organizing chores, activities, and as a guide for Mistress Nidora whenever she goes outdoors to shop or visit someone else. Her profile compliments the popularity of Alden that creates a harmonious relationship with each other and developing a romantic attachment.

4. Consistently trending in social media: The street series never fail to be on top of trending issues to various social media websites. Each week, there are hundreds of thousands of tweets forwarded that reaches to at least millions. Twitter's Asia-Pacific administrator even indicated that tweets attributed from the show that are considered as an organic tweet because all tweets are authentic from the initiatives of fans from around the world. Up to this day, tweets continuously break new records.

5. Dub smash of Maine Mendoza: Apart from portraying as a governess at Mistress Nidora's mansion, Maine Mendoza is also known as one of the trending dub smash queens. Maine uploaded numerous dub smash videos her, smashing several audio track by other local and international singers, celebrities, and entertainment shows. Maine was first noticed on screen due to her skillful dub smashing skills that can be watched in various streaming media online and in various television shows.

6. Positive cultural impact: The storyline of Alden and Yaya Dub creates a positive impact to the society. Basing from the sociology and anthropology, the relationship of the power couple portrays a traditional tale of two individuals engaging in a romantic relationship. By using charm, affection, and fame, their fictional story establishes an optimistic campaign on how to start a stable romantic relationship without causing any conflict of interest.

7. Providing stronger family values: Family is the basic unit of the society. We live in a society where family plays an important role for shaping the behavior and intellectual performance of each individual. As based from the scenes of kalyeserye, real life family of Alden and Maine are very supportive with their roles and responsibilities. This issue transcends about the significance of involving your family for every action, plans, and image that you always do in order to gain their support and affection.

8. Breaking historic records: Aside from trending on social media, ALDUB nation maintains their position at the top of the entertainment chain. One example is when they broke the record for having the most number of spectators successfully contained all the seats of Philippine Arena, which is the largest indoor arena in the country. The number of spectators oversaturated the capacity of the arena that made the noon-time show responsible for organizing the event decided to seek for a larger venue to accommodate a larger number of audience.

9. Doing the "pabebe" wave: Pabebe wave is a hand gesture when you shape it similar to letter "C" but the thumb will be clipped parallel with the index finger and not away with it. Pabebe is the official gesture of ALDUB nation, which is a distinct feature that you can find to all the supporters and fans that love and represent this entertainment segment. This is similar with political personalities having their unique hand gestures that makes a distinction with their identities as a person or the political party that they are representing.

10. Promoting the spirit of unity: When you are a fan of this power couple, you always unit for whatever promotions that they endorse to the public. This is a good thing when a certain personality generates a very wide fan base because they support whatever causes and advocacies that they promote to the public. It creates discipline, never-ending support, and full-trust to the power couple, supporting characters, and to the organizers of the entertainment series.

*There is nothing wrong if you hate yourself for loving something that makes you feel better.

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