When we think of New Year, there are usual traditions that we encounter across the community. These are traditions that can be based way back from the ancient times where people from the past believe in various mythical charms. Today, things have already changed but there are still some who support this particular tradition because they believe that it could probably provide any positive impact on their lives.

Lucky charms are always effective if there are luck that can enable a person to become well fulfilled with their dreams on a daily basis. Charms are believed to bring luck to every person who has been seeking for a positive ambiance and energy to move forward with their dreams and aspirations. This consideration will keep their productivity to become more sufficient with their needs. In addition, having a secured environment will keep every aspirations to be intact. 
Lucky charms this incoming New Year
Lucky charms are usually identified as materials, in which they are tangible objects for individuals to hold, display, or wear it. The belief that it contains invisible luck that could guide you and support you with your activities and advocacies in life. It boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect, which could bring a positive aspect and outlook to a person's life. In this manner, even if there is an uncertainty that happens with this particular practice, somehow, people are still optimistic on facing New Year. 

What is a lucky charm?

Lucky charm or good luck charm is termed as an object, person, activity, or belief that provides luck to a person. This provides a blessing towards an individual who is aiming to achieve a positive note to their dreams, activities, and plans. Lucky charm is believed to possess a mythical power especially for indigent members of the population. However, there are forbidden items that are still being possessed by individuals that cause them to be caught by the authorities that violate laws and regulations of a certain locality.

History of lucky charm

For thousands of years, the practices of using lucky charms are based from the ancient times. Our ancestors from the past use blessed items that are believed to be protected by spirits so that it can protect anyone who is holding the item from harmful elements of the environment. Basically, this practice was mostly related to a religious virtue and culture that was made by our ancestors, which was carried for thousands of years until today. It became a tradition that made lucky charms to become commercialized in the present society. People nowadays pay for blessed items so that they will have a positive outlook in their lives, believing that the object that they are holding provides protection and luck.

Useful lucky 7 charms you should have this incoming New Year 

1. Round-shaped fruits: 
Fresh fruits brings luck

People usually purchase this variety of fruits because they provide luck for any individual or family who will be displaying it inside their homes. Round fresh fruits do not only provide luck. They are also fresh substances that help the body to generate healthier cells because it is composed of nutrients and essential phytochemicals that nourish cells, tissues, and organs all over the body. These include oranges, apples, grapes, pears, lemons, cherries, and other round-shaped fresh fruits. 

2. Coins: 
Any coin variants provides protection

Speaking of finances, coins represents the ability on balancing our economic needs. They represent a value of a certain object or service that reflects financial management skills of a person even in a small amount. Small coins can also be used as a lucky charm during New Year. Facing new year with numerous coins displayed in your home would signify that you will have a prosperous year ahead of you. Start saving some of your coins so that when New Year approaches, you will be blessed with prosperous years ahead. 

3. Wearing beaded bracelets: 
Brown-colored beads provides guidance

Beads are small rounded materials that are composed of wooden materials. Wooden bead bracelets are believed to be blessed by monks and Christian priests that provide luck for anyone who will be using that particular material. While it is a popular wearable item, there are numerous merchants who are commercializing it for the purpose of economic gains as well as helping enthusiasts who want to acquire their own lucky charms. 

4. Buying any monkey figure: Even though the official Chinese New Year will start on the first Lunar period next year, everyone is happy to welcome the year of the monkey. This means that any figure of a monkey brings luck to any person or group. This can be in a form of a doll, bag, pillow, poster, costume, figurine, or even a live monkey. Having a monkey at home will bring you new luck for the whole new year. 

5. Lucky color is brown: Since this is related with the year of the monkey, brown is the closest color that is associated with the lucky charm that can be providing better New Year ahead. Wearing clothing, accessories, gadgets, furniture, or any properties that are colored in brown will give you a prosperous New Year. Aside from wearing brown, Earth colors are as well considered as a lucky charm this year. This includes green, light brown, blue, and black that promotes guidance, protection, and prosperity. 

6. Eat any brown-colored foods: 

Chocolate and honey improves health
Chocolates are one of the most precious foods that we can indulge when we are about to welcome New Year. It is suggested that eating even a small piece of this food is already enough to attract luck this incoming year. Honey is also recommended to be consumed even in small amounts so that you will be filling your body with a sticky luck that can enhance happiness, positive vibes with other individuals, and never-ending prosperity. 

7. Consumer round-shaped food supplements: 

Vitamin supplements promotes health
Taking round-shaped vitamin-C, or any food supplements that have similar shape is believed to fulfill your dream and aspirations while welcoming New Year. This consumable material may not only improves your health by nourishing your body with nutrients. because it also contains lucky charm that further promotes longevity to your health. 

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