Miss International 2016 made a global phenomenon after it crowned its new queen on October 27, 2016, at 6 in the evening. There were 69 participants who graced the event and tried to pursue the crown to bring honor to their country. However, Kylie bested all the candidates who went to Tokyo Japan to vie for Miss International 2016 crown. The Philippines is very proud of Kylie's latest achievement because she made another inspirational story from being a girl that was full of dreams until she became Miss International 2016. This proves that the Philippines is the shining gem in Asia for dominating the world of beauty pageantry abroad.

During the crowning moment, the United States was concluded as the fourth runner-up. Then came Nicaragua who finished third runner-up and bagging the best in national costume award during that event. Indonesia came closer at second runner-up and winning the best designer award, basing from her gown's creative fashion. Australia's golden speech landed as the first runner-up during the crowning ceremony. When Australia stepped back to join other runner-up awardees, the crowd, judges, and the organizers of the pageant began to show their discipline as they patiently wait for the announcement of the winner by the hosts of the pageant.
Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza
When the hosts verbalized that the new Miss International 2016 is the Philippines, the crowd went crazy as they cheered for Kylie Versoza. When the camera focused on her, Kylie Versoza reacted in humility by saying she cannot believe that she is an international beauty pageant titleholder. Her tears of joy made her eyelashes partially detached while she kept crying while crowned by outgoing winner Edymar Martinez from Venezuela.

Kylie Versoza is the sixth Filipina woman to bring honor to the Philippines as Miss International 2016. The last Filipina winner was Bea Santiago in 2013 who brought home the 5th crown for the Philippines. In 2005, Lara Quigaman bagged the 4th crown for the Philippines. In 1979, Melanie Marquez was the country's 3rd winner. In 1970, Aurora Pijuan was the second titleholder, who is the mother of sports newscaster TJ Manotoc. And the first woman to win Miss International in 1964 was Gemma Cruz Araneta who also a former Secretary of Tourism of the Republic of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001. The Philippines are hoping that their consistent triumph in the world of beauty pageantry will extent until the next decade.

The latest win of Kylie Versoza permanently carved the name of the Philippines to enter its golden years of beauty pageantry. Prior to winning the pageant, Kylie joined the national pageant twice before gaining the license to represent the Philippines for winning Binibining Pilipinas-International 2016 (Miss Philippines-International 2016). She first joined Binibining Pilipinas together with Pia Wurtzbach who won Miss Universe 2015 and Janicel Lubina who was the last year's representative of the Philippines for Miss International 2015 where she landed as one of the finalists of the competition.

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5 Beautiful facts why Kylie Versoza won Miss International 2016

1. Winning speech: Kylie Versoza said that there are at least three things in her mind. These are education, culture, and international understanding. If you will combine these three elements, it will help to make Miss International beauty pageant advocacy to be a relevant cause to the global community. If she will become Miss International 2016, Kylie will devote herself with the Miss International Organization to promote cultural understanding. This is because as an ambassadress helps to promote sensitivity to other cultures that seeks to expand horizons, appreciate cultural diversity, and tolerate difference to achieve international understanding. And she is already prepared enough to take this rare responsibility.

2. Disciplined contestant: As a pageant contestant from a country that is now continuing its winning streak to various international competition, Kylie played her cards with humility. She avoided publicity by not getting involved in any scandalous scenarios or issues to prevent her from being stormed by social media bullies and paparazzi scoopers. Although she was sent by the Binibining Pilipinas Charitics Inc to represent the country, she did not boast her country's past achievements to win the crown. This attitude translated when she kept on verbalizing that she cannot believe that she is not Miss International 2016 during the crowning moment. What a very humble woman.

3. Magnetic Facial Charm: Miss International 2016 used her main weapon, which is her magnetic element of charm. She is regarded as the most photogenic Filipina contestant competing for an international beauty pageant. Prior to joining pageants, she is already working as a commercial model, being featured in several magazines, joining local fashion shows, and endorsing local brands in the Philippines due to her charismatic facial appeal. During Miss International 2016, her charm captivated the hearts of the Japanese, making her one of their top choices because she exudes a sweet and charming aura.

4. Well-trained a beauty pageant camp: Right after winning the license to represent the Philippines for Miss International, Kylie already went for a mandatory training. The Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. provided mandatory requirements for all winners of the national pageant to undergo rigorous training to shape their confidence, skills, and fighting spirit to always stand out and dominate international beauty pageantry. Kylie Versoza trained by the Aces and Queens beauty pageant training camp in the Philippines, which is now gaining an international attention to foreign beauty contestants to improve their skill in the world of pageantry.

5. Very strong Sash factor: Kylie Versoza is representing a country that has grown into a pageant superpower. Each year, the country is winning more than a dozen international crowns from various foreign pageants around the world. Every time that there is a Philippine delegate, pageant organizers and critics expect that Filipinas places well at the conclusion of each pageant. This is with the exemption of beauty pageants that were politicized by its organizers and corrupt leaders that manipulate the scores of the contestants.

6. Stage presence: This is the moment when a candidate will showcase the product from the months of training and hard work. Kylie exposed her top caliber as a contestant by spreading an invisible force of charm and magnetic power of stage presence to the audience. She wowed the judges with the combination of her beauty, catwalk skills, and her communication skills that are the perfect recipe for becoming the sixth woman to win as Miss International 2016.

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