The United States is now observing the Philippine government's political affairs after the current president has been ranting towards the west. These are the coalition forces that are composed of the United States, United Nations, and the European Union. The Federal government of the United States is now concerned about the president's series of tyrants every time that he speaks in front of the media. President Rodrigo Duterte has been making headlines for becoming a critic against the western forces after he has been the subject of controversy regarding his mission on the war against illegal narcotics.

A few days back, President Duterte visited China for an official state visit to the second largest economy in the world. The Philippine leader aims to warm the relationship between the two countries, which was an unexpected move to improve the diplomatic relationship with China. The President made a four-day visit to China. Duterte's visit to China was welcomed in a red carpet fashion, which is an impressive hospitality being offered to the Philippine leader. China is now happy that the Philippines has been making a move to improve their relationship with each other after numerous years of tirades brought about by the dispute in the South China Sea.
Presidents Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and Xi Jinping of China on the left, US flag on the upper right and Chinese flag on lower right
President Rodrigo Duterte made headlines around the world when he gave numerous rants against the western powers. Duterte's remarks against the west have been attributed from the criticisms brought about by his campaign on disciplining rule breakers in the Philippines. This is because his administration has been involved in a series of brutality issues when apprehending criminal offenders across the country.

Criticisms from the western coalition made him decided to side with the communist countries such as China and Russia. President Duterte is very happy to know that China supports his campaign for concentrating on the illegal possession, use, distribution, and trafficking of illegal narcotics across the country. A firm punishment has always been an important factor in ensuring the country's safety issues while the Duterte administration aims to silence all illegal narcotics users until the end of his term in 2022. He hopes that the next administration will continue his legacy for limiting trafficking of illegal narcotics across the country.

The United States is now anxious about the next move of the Philippine president because they are now seriously concerned about his actions for warming his country's ties with China. Duterte even wants to visit Russia to meet one of the most powerful leader in the world, which is Vladimir Putin. The Philippine President wants to ensure that the Philippines will improve its diplomatic relationship with the 2nd-world countries, which are composed of communist and socialist nations around the country. The move is now making foreign countries wonder how the Philippines is shifting its influence to countries that are considered nemesis for western countries around the world.

China's contribution to the Philippines

1. Economic contribution: China is one of the top importers and exporters to the Philippines every year. The country continuously produces items that are shipped to the Philippines. This is the same for the Philippines for exporting products to China. Even if China bans several products from the Philippines due to political differences, there are still a huge volume of products being shipped to China because there is a consistent in-demand product from the Philippines.

2. Political contribution: Today, the political foundation of China is slowly being adopted by the Philippines, especially with its campaign against trafficking. This includes firm laws applied to repeat offenders to prevent any future incidents that can happen in the future. Chinese laws are so effective that traffickers are unable to spread their reign of terror to the country. The Philippines is now planning to adopt more laws inspired by the Chinese government to ensure that the level of discipline in the Philippines increases in the future.

3. Culture: There are more than 1 million Chinese that are now living in the Philippines. Cultural integration with the Filipinos plays an important role in shaping up the cultural profile in the Philippines. This includes traditions, cuisine, customs, and the language of the Chinese that is now slowly being practiced and appreciated in the Philippines. Chinese holidays are also celebrated in the Philippines such as the annual Lunar Chinese New Year. Speaking of fortune telling activities, most Filipinos are enthusiastic how Chinese provides fortune telling predictions to scoop charms and luck.

4. Tourism: China holds the title to have the largest population in the world. After Duterte's visit, Chine pledged that it will remove the Philippines as one of the blacklisted countries for China and allow its locals to visit the Philippines. This means that the tourism will definitely boom in the Philippines, allowing them to visit the country's numerous pristine beaches and other promising tourist destinations that boost the local economy.

Contributions of the United States to the Philippines

1. Humanitarian efforts: The Philippines suffers from numerous natural calamities and hazards each year that leaves multiple fatalities, injuries, and damages to infrastructures. The United States sends humanitarian efforts and delivering goods to the Philippines that provides a temporary relief for the affected residents. Sending money to help rebuild damaged infrastructures are also provided by the United States to help bridges refurbished that restores accessibility to transportation in the affected areas.

2. Improving defense force: The United States is committed in helping the Philippines improve its defense system. Joint military exercises are an annual practice with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to consistently improve the military capabilities of the country. The Philippines receives tens of millions of dollars from the United States to help the country purchase military equipment that will strengthen local and international safety threats from negative elements of the society.

3. Economic contribution: The United States is also committed on helping the Philippines grow and improve its macro and microeconomic stability. The United States is one of the main export and import partners of the Philippines because there is billions worth of products and services that are currently ongoing between the two countries. Numerous companies in the United States are outsourcing their services to the Philippines because it is one of the best destinations in the world that offers Business Process Outsourcing practices.

4. Western culture: The United States is the symbol of western culture in the world. The arts and style of liberty influenced the Philippines, allowing Filipinos to adapt and appreciate the essence of democracy. Pop culture is one of the most important contributions of the United States because the entertainment industry of the country makes an influential impact to the Philippines. This is in terms of movie production, television series, and sports that show the beauty of being entertained and influenced with the modern culture.

What will you choose? China or the United States?

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