On October 20, 2016, a protest broke out in front of the US embassy in Manila. Several activist groups went to the embassy and performed a cultural dramatization of indigenous communities in front of the embassy's gate. It was a normal protest during that time when they were reported by concerned citizens to respond to the scene. When the police went to the scene of the protest, which was in front of the embassy, an unexpected scenario erupted wherein the two sides started hurting each other during that day.

The protest escalated into a heated confrontation between the activists and the police authorities in the area including Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho. Protesters mobbed the police authorities and then throw red paint towards the police personnel. Other activists used wooden sticks as a weapon against the police force, creating a chaos in front of the US embassy. There were at least 40 police officers who were involved in the confrontation that is composed of more than a hundred protesters in the scene. Protesters started mobbing several police vehicles in the scene, prompting the police personnel to remove the mobile by immediately driving the vehicle away from the scene of the protest.
Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho
The protest went into a climax when Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho rammed some of the protesters, leaving several dozens injured from the police mobile. His name became popular online when several protesters took a photo of him during the confrontation between the protesters and the police authorities. Photos of Franklin Kho surfaced online, allowing him to be one of the most talked police officers during the protest.

Injured protesters were injured when the police mobile accelerated, running some of the protesters during the confrontation. The incident further sparked an anger towards the protesters, indicating that the police made a serious misconduct for causing several injuries among the protesters. Activist leaders cries foul against the treatment of the police force due to the use of force while trying to dissipate the group of protesters who was on the scene. There are at least 20 police officers who were also injured during the heated confrontation with the protesters such as sustaining a broken bone, massive bruises around their bodies, lacerations, abrasions, and other forms of wounds that immobilized the victims.

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa immediately made a press conference after the incident. Chief Ronald Dela Rosa told the media that the Philippine National Police will conduct a thorough investigation on the incident, citing that there are protocols that were violated, which is an unusual for responding police personnel when confronting with the protesters. Mass media networks also turned the camera towards Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho because several photographs of him surfaced online. Franklin Kho gave his side through the media that he was just doing his job as a police officer and he would like to extend his apologies for those who have been hurt during the confrontation.

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6 Interesting facts about Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho

1. He served as a police officer for more than a decade: Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho served the public for at least more or less two decades. During his length of service, he is considered a decorated police officer. There were several evaluation reports that he was one of the top performing police personnel, gaining the reputation of being one of the trusted employees serving under the Philippine National Police. This is by far, the most controversial incident that personally confronted his personal and professional career as a police officer.

2. Franklin Kho is assumably relieved: The National Capital Region Police Officer reportedly relieved several police officers who were involved in a confrontation with the protesters. This is due to the lapses with the protocols during the scene. This includes Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho who was the driver that rammed several protesters. Franklin could face administrative and criminal charges due to a grave misconduct for injuring several protesters as he drove the van that injured more than 10 protesters in front of the US embassy.

3. Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho is an internet sensation: Since the protest sparked an outrage to mass media, Franklin became an instant online sensation. Several photos of Franklin Kho were uploaded online and then netizen started to be shared to social media websites, generating more and more attention to the public. Groups from various social media websites consistently shared his photos online, further increasing his popularity to other online users. As an internet sensation, Franklin will not be surprised if the whole neighborhood where he lives knows about him after the protest.

4. He is now under the authority of NCRPO Regional Police Holding Administrative Unit (RPHAU): As a protocol for police personnel who were involved with a grave misconduct, they will be temporarily relieved while the investigation is ongoing. Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho will have to wait for the investigation to conclude its findings, which he will probably charged with several administrative and criminal charges. His professional record could be in jeopardy, especially when the investigation concludes that he is indeed guilty in violating the protocols after the violent protest in front of the US embassy.

5. Victim of false allegations: Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho can have a big chance of winning the case against the incident in front of the US embassy. The protest was aggravated by unprovoked physical harm towards the police personnel responding the scene. Other police officers sustained a broken bone during the scuffle with the activists because there was a use of force made by the protesters as they aggressively fought the responding police. Unprovoked violence initiated by the protesters can be used as mitigating circumstances to acquit Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho.

6. The most hated police officer at this time: Since the photo of Police Officer 3 Franklin Kho is now circulating to social media, netizens started to post harsh comments against him. There are comments that are commenting on his behavior during the scuffle with the protesters, citing his unprofessional conduct during the incident. His candid photos were given numerous meanings that are inappropriate, generating emotional reactions from online users. Although there are individuals who defended Franklin online, there are more negative comments that generated criticisms toward this police officer.

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