Kris Aquino made a previous statement with regards to the bashers of the Duterte administration. She wants to stop the hate and bashing of online netizens as well as other individuals who may not be satisfied with the present administration. Kris would like to tell haters to rather resort their hatred to a productive means, rather than issuing below-the-belt comments that are termed as hateful and insulting. This is because she knows how it feels to be shamed in public by random haters who just intend to shame anyone easily through the public.

After a few days, the celebrity actress also made another statement with regards to other celebrities in the entertainment industry. Kris stated that if they still want to live or to perish if they continue being involved using or trafficking prohibited substances such as illegal narcotics. It is important for the celebrities to reconsider that there is still a light at the end of the dark road. If a person will not change their risky lifestyle, they could be at risk for being apprehended by the authorities that will destroy their lives forever. But the worst thing is that celebrities could be executed by unidentified assailants.
Kris Aquino at the center 
Kris Aquino is very concerned about the fate of the celebrities who were currently using prohibited substances. She sympathizes other celebrities who were apprehended by the authorities, which is a sad news for former stars who used to be an inspiration to the public. This is the reason why she is now giving a warning for those who are still addicted to illegal substances to stop or else they will be publicly humiliated.

As a concerned celebrity, Kris Aquino would like the entertainment industry to be a role model to the society. This is because they are public figures which the public are always watching and seeing in front of the camera as well as on the stage. For this aspect, being a celebrity is a thing that every person should have to consider when ensuring their private issues not to be involved with inappropriate behaviors. Using prohibited substances is considered a crime in the country, which apprehends anyone who will be caught violating this provision because it is under the Dangerous Narcotics Act under RA 9165.

Testing yourself is an important step to ensure that the authorities will not have any reason to apprehend you. Negative test result indicates that you are not using prohibited narcotics, which is one of the main evidence that you can use to prevent yourself from under the watch list. This is especially when authorities may have mistaken you the wrong person that they have been looking to apprehend. In addition, having a clean living is a measure that will prevent you from being apprehended in the future such as being brought into the jail for several days, weeks, or even months.

Kris Aquino's prior statement indicates that she is in full support for the government's campaign to crack down on users and pushers of illegal narcotics. This is because using these prohibited substances are responsible for causing a person to become aggressive. When a person becomes aggressive, they start to become violent, which is one of the most undesirable things that a person will do against other individuals, risking their life as well as their safety.

She understands that a person is going to use illegal substance because it is one of the most efficient ways to get out from the reality. If people are suffering from problems, they usually resort to substance abuse because it has an aggressive stimulating effect to the brain. When people becomes sober, their brain becomes under the influence of a substance, allowing their mind to think of other things.

Aquino also indicated that Robert Downey has had a turbulent past. He was also addicted to prohibited substances that made him almost lost everything. However, he accepted his own action and voluntarily went to rehabilitation facilities to gradually improve their psychological well-being as well as their lifestyle. Now that he is free from substance abuse, he went back to Hollywood and given big movie roles such as a cast as the Iron Man.

For those who doesn't want to change, Kris is urging stubborn celebrities involved in substance abuse to seek for an intervention away from this country. This is because they are just endangering their lives due to their involvement in illegal practices. If you are already placed as one of the watch lists, your life is truly in danger. And those who wants to risk their life, they should continue it until they are either apprehended or executed.

Recent weeks shows that there were celebrities who were already arrested by the members of the Philippine National Police. Former matinee idol Mark Anthony Fernandez, former DJ Karen Bordador, and former actresses Krista Miller and Sabrina M were just some of the celebrities who are now inside the incarceration facilities. After being arrested, some of these celebrities honestly admitted that they are involved using prohibited substances, and are now regretting their actions.

The Philippine National Police is still intensifying its campaign to ensure that other unarrested suspects will be brought to the incarceration facilities. This is because there are still hundreds of thousands of individuals who are still aggressively distributing prohibited substances across the country.

The question is not only towards other actors but also to the public. So do you also still want to live?

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