More and more people today are always susceptible to infection because they are exposed to an environment that has been causing their health to decline. This is most especially for individuals who have been exposed to an unhealthy environment wherein they are Vulnerable to infection. Even if we are aware keeping yourself safe from an undesirable exposure that might cause our body to react, we really might not know when we will catch an infectious disease that could disrupt our everyday routine. Even when we just walk outside, we are exposed to a polluted environment that can be at risk of developing allergic reactions.

In a world that is rapidly growing into mega-urban areas, there are numerous hazards that are now risking our health on an everyday basis. As we walk along the streets, we encounter different individuals, in which some of them are unknowingly very ill, which could transfer the infectious agents from their body to our body. Examples are sneezing or coughing, which releases airborne droplets that could reach other individual's system when they inhale it. After you are exposed to these health hazards, your body prepares itself for a new phase of invasion caused by the hazardous microorganisms transmitted by a sick person.
Vitamin C helps our body to get rid of infection
What is Vitamin C? This is a type of a nutrient that is needed to boost the immunity of the body when taken regularly. It is a cofactor enzyme that allows collagen synthesis formation and develop to improve tissue perfusion in the body. This acts as an antioxidant to the body, which is essential for protecting the body against infections.

There are common diseases that we usually acquire in every single year. These are colds, which is the most common and problematic because it transforms our nose like a faucet due to the continuous drain of mucus that is irritating our upper respiratory tract. Another is when our skin becomes irritable in both high or low temperatures, getting at-risk for allergens and wounds. Lack of vitamin C could risk our health and well-being to be exposed to dangerous diseases, which could hamper our plans for the day such as going to work or accomplishing our tasks at home. When we get sick, we always prefer to stay in bed because our body is weak enough to accomplish tasks that should have been scheduled for a certain period.

People who are not careful with their health are also prone to developing cardiovascular diseases because the tissue perfusion of their blood vessels will slow the transportation of nutrients. Poor cellular perfusion by the muscle wall of the blood vessel could allow the formation of platelets and fatty deposits that could risk our cardiac system to develop a long-term illness. This is the reason why Vitamin C has been always recommended by our physician and health advocates so that the number of mortality and morbidity in our society will decrease.

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6 Healthy Beneficial Facts of Vitamin C to your body

1. Improves our skin: Taking Vitamin C on a regular basis helps our skin to look more glowy and sparkling. This is because the effects of ascorbic ions on the cells could improve the elasticity, perfusion, and synthesis, allowing the cellular structure to improve its function. When this happens, our skin looks younger, making ourselves appear younger than our age. The dryness of our skin becomes diminished because Vitamin C helps to improve the moisture of our integumentary system that strengthens the function of skin cells.

2. Decreases fatty deposits: Did you know that Vitamin C can also benefit your circulatory system? This is true because it allows the tissues and cells of our blood vessels to improve its cellular structure. All ridges and rippling formation along the walls of the blood vessel will be diminished because having a healthy tissue enables our circulation to transport nutrients at a faster pace. If there will be a faster circulation, fatty deposits can be prevented. Thus, it helps our body to prevent accumulation of fats that can cause obesity.

3. Prevents Insomnia: The common problem for night person is when they are unable to sleep at the right time or to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Taking vitamin C on a daily basis helps you to sleep well every day and prevent yourself  suffering from insomnia. The effect of ascorbate ions to the brain cells promotes neuron transmission of impulses, which prevents insomnia. Our brain is composed of smooth muscle, which needs vitamin C ions to help restore its function, allowing protein synthesis that can enhance our brain to work effectively.

4. Vitamin C makes our muscle stronger to become physically fit: We always want to look great, especially when going outdoors. Vitamin C helps to tone down our body that makes our muscle appear visibly. having a strong set of muscles could further improve our strength to accomplish tasks on a faster pace. When we are fit, we can maximize our time because our body can have the ability to perform an extreme physical activity. This makes us look attractive to other individuals because we are setting up a role model to everybody.

5. Creates a shield from communicable diseases: We are always exposed to a polluted environment. When we take Vitamin C on a regular basis, the risk of developing colds will be a thing of the past. Cough and colds are respiratory diseases that are caused by allergens and pathogenic microorganisms, which are always responsible for causing our body to cough and sneeze. Taking Vitamin C a day enhances our respiratory system to become more resistant against allergens or any microbial infection to our lungs.

6. Defense against non-communicable diseases: Having a consistent exercise together with Vitamin C intake on a regular basis increases our resistance against developing non-communicable diseases. These are heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and allergies that can usually develop to a life-threatening disease. Vitamin C helps our body to further prevents stress that impacts our physiological integrity on a regular basis.

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