The first major international beauty pageant for the month of October has now crowned its new successor. Miss Intercontinental 2016 beauty pageant have finally ended with a big bang because it generated both local and international attention in Sri Lanka this October 16, 2016. The newly crowned queen is also the pageant's ambassadress of the pageant for the next whole year until the next delegate will be crowned next year. The pageant has been concluded in Colombo Sri Lanka after a series of events and judging of a different competition.

After several events and activities, a woman in this beautiful country won Miss Intercontinental 2016. She is the first woman from her country to win the most coveted crown as Miss Intercontinental 2016. Her country will be truly proud of her achievement as well as making a name for her country after winning a major pageant. As expected, she will be facing the media for a series of press conferences from Colombo and her home country when she will be back to her home country from the competition. Heilymar was crowned by Valentina Rasulova from Russia, which was Miss Intercontinental 2015.
From left: Venezuela, Sri Lankda, Miss Intercontinental 2016 Heilymar Rosario, Ghana, and Italy
Heilymar bested over 50 delegates during the coronation night of Miss Intercontinental 2016 beauty pageant. Coming close to a second place finish is Miss Sri Lanka Tracy Zilva. The third place is Ghana Silvia Commodore. The fourth and fifth places are Italy and Venezuela. The winner is lucky to wear an elegant and luxurious crown worth $350,000.

Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant is one of the oldest international beauty pageants in the world. This beauty pageant competition was established on 1970, which is regarded as the fourth oldest. Other major international beauty pageants that were established are Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International. These three pageants started earlier in the 1950's and 1960's decade, which is just one decade before Miss Intercontinental was established in 1970 and then set foot in Aruba before venturing to other countries around the continents.

Miss Intercontinental is a German-based beauty pageant. The last edition of the pageant was held in Cologne, Germany. But this year's edition of the pageant was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Previous editions of the pageant were held to other parts of the world. The pageant was initially held in Aruba where it was hosted for at least 9 times before venturing other countries around 6 different continents. From a total of 50 delegates who are attending on a yearly basis, the pageant is expected to gain a higher number of delegates as the popularity of the pageant starts to soar.

Watch the movie presentation of winners

Prior to the coronation night, the ladies took the opportunity to explore the tropical environment of the island. The candidates were able to explore the beaches, parks, and other wildlife sanctuaries across the island nation. All the candidates and organizers will have memorable moments while they are in Sri Lanka to experience the vast environmental and cultural diversity that the country has to offer to the delegates.

Aside from exploring the wonders of Sri Lanka, the delegates had the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Sri Lanka. Candidates were able to try Sri Lankan delicacies that are distinctive to the island nation. The customs and traditions were also observed by the delegates, which they've learned about the garments as well as textiles that the natives use as part of their daily lifestyle in the island.

The new winner will be the new icon of the most coveted beauty pageant, having the chance to show her substance and starts to assume her responsibility as the new queen of Miss Intercontinental. However, if the winner fails to fulfill her duties and responsibilities, the 1st runner-up will soon take her position, which will continue the responsibilities that should have been vested to the former winner of the pageant.

Official Result of Miss Intercontinental

First Runner-up: SRI LANKA
Second/Third Runner-up: GHANA
Third Runner-up: ITALY
Fourth Runner-up: VENEZUELA

Continental Queens

Miss Intercontinental Africa: GHANA
Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania: SRI LANKA
Miss Intercontinental Europe: ITALY
Miss Intercontinental North America: PUERTO RICO
Miss Intercontinental South America: VENEZUELA

Top 15 Semifinalists

  • Puerto Rico
  • Costa Rica
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Ghana
  • Seychelles
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • China
  • Italy
  • Czech Rpublic
  • Scotland
  • Poland Ukraine

Special Awards

  • Best Body: COSTA RICA
  • Best in National Costume: THAILAND
  • Miss Popularity: MYANMAR
  • Miss Photogenic: PHOTOGENIC
  • Miss Congeniality: BANGLADESH
  • Body Beautiful: VENEZUELA
  • Miss Hospitality: SEYCHELLES
Congratulations to the winners, what do you think about the new queen?

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