Bashers against Rodrigo Duterte created a word "Dutertard", which is referred to supporters who are personifying a person with an imbecile level of intelligence quotient. This is similar to those patients suffering from mental retardation because they were born with an undeveloped brain. As a person with abnormalities with their cognitive function, they cannot perform an effective logical expression due to the lack of cognitive and psychological functioning in their brain. As a result, they are always finding hard to learn new things because they are mentally incapacitated that are compared to the supporters of President Duterte.

Actress and political icon Kris Aquino reiterated that using the word Dutertard should be stopped immediately. This is because Kris is empathetic towards Duterte's feelings when his supporters were named by those who are against him. He urges his critics to refrain from repeating that word because it is obviously inappropriate for anyone who is called to that term. Although that word is not registered int he dictionary, the intention of the person who use that word is to degrade the dignity of other individuals or groups such as the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Rodrigo Duterte on the left and Kris Aquino on the right
Kris Aquino is resenting all individuals or groups who are calling anyone who are regarded as tards. She is sensitive whenever there are name shaming because the empathy is connected to her special son and she is deeply hurt whenever she hears, read, or having a friend who experience that kind of situation. Her statements were expressed during a press conference of a certain brand in public.

The celebrity actress, who is also the youngest of the four sisters of former president Benigno Aquino III empathizes to President Rodrigo Duterte. She witnessed through her own experience of having her brother being heavily criticized commented about him. This was especially after her brother's presidency where numerous below the belt accusations and harassment were lamented towards the predecessor of President Rodrigo Duterte.

As a concerned citizen as well as a political figure, she stated that if her brother is respectful enough to give President Duterte a chance to succeed, why don't she do the same thing. Kris Aquino wants President Rodrigo Duterte to succeed in his platforms and plans for the Philippines. But she also indicated that not all people are not your allies, there is always someone who will side against you. But the most important is that you are going to support the leader who will take care for the country for six years, which is long enough to transform the economic situation of the country into a better society for the Filipinos as well as accommodate visiting guests in the country.

President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters also created a term for the members of the yellow political party and its supporters. They termed them as the yellowtards, which is an opposite for the term against the supporters of Rodrigo Duterte. The label has been intended to break the image of the supporters of the yellow political party, which is the Liberal Party.

Former President Benigno Aquino III is one of the leaders of the Liberal Party, which is by far, one of the largest political parties in the Philippines. One of their members challenged Duterte during the Philippine presidential elections. Mar Roxas was the second placer when the result of the May election was released, just a day after the election casted their ballots and submitted to the comelec to tally and reveal the results to the public.

Duterte's Political Party is PDP-Laban, which is an acronym for The Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan. It is a ruling political party in the Republic of the Philippines. The party's arch-rival is the Liberal Party of the Philippines. Most public officials belongs to the PDP-Laban Party that you can find it in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino supported the Liberal party because of her relationship with her brother, Benigno Aquino who was the head of the political party. When Mar Roxas run for Philippine presidential candidacy, she made commercials in support for his campaign during the national elections last May.

Most members of the entertainment industry of the Philippines showed their support for the Liberal Party candidates for the national elections. Several commercials were created and has been broadcast by television networks to further intensify their campaign during the elections.

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