Actor John Wayne Sace is now recovering after sustaining a gunshot wound on his waist when he was shot by unidentified gunmen. He is now currently admitted at Rizal Medical Center and was now in stable condition according to his sister Queen Sace. John Wayne had undergone a surgical procedure for the removal of the bullet, caused by the incident brought about by the shooting of the assailant during that evening. John is expected to be discharged a few days from the day of admission in the hospital.

Before the incident, John Wayne was with his friend, Erik Sabino who were waiting for somebody along Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue in Pasig City, Metro Manila at approximately 11:10 in the evening on October 10, 2016. While waiting with another friend, riding in tandem riders passed by and then went directly straight to them. The riders brought up their guns and pointed directly towards John Wayne Sace and Erik Sabino and started firing the gun at them while being caught unguarded. After the assailants did their job, they quickly fled the scene, leaving the two wounded. John Wayne was lucky enough to sustain a bullet wound in his waist area.
Celebrity actor John Wayne Sace
Erik Sabiano was not lucky because most of the bullets were pointed and fired directly at him during the incident. He was also brought to Rizal Medical Hospital along with John Wayne. However, Erik did not make it and was pronounced dead on arrival after the health care personnel weren't able to revive him.

Both John Wayne and Erik Sabino is reportedly on the watch list of the Philippine National Police for possessing and dispatching illegal narcotics. With this reason, both John and Erik is part of the Philippine National Police's anti-narcotics operations towards celebrities and corporate workers who were believed to be using illegal substances such as prohibited narcotics. Although some suspected individuals are often arrested, John Wayne's case is one of the worst kind of apprehension that a person could experience if they are on the watch list by the authorities.

Police Senior Superintendent Orlando Yebra, Jr from the Pasig City Police stated that John Wayne and Erik should have been waiting for a friend because they are going somewhere else. But their itinerary during that time failed to materialize due to the incident caused by the unidentified riding in tandem riders. Although John Wayne just sustained some injuries that are not serious to cost him his life, his friend was unlucky. Erik was the one who received more bullets, causing multiple gunshot wounds all over his body.

The entertainment industry is obviously the next target for sweeping dealers and users of illegal substances all over the country. Police are targeting celebrities who were no longer active in the entertainment industry. Some former actors and actresses are now struggling to sustain their basic needs because they are no longer offered big breaks from the entertainment industry. This is the reason for them to resort to an alternative way to still generate income for themselves.

One of the most available ways to have an alternative income is through possessing and dealing with illegal narcotics. Some celebrities are turning into dealers to generate an easy money scheme. Little they have known that they are risking their life and their safety for being involved in an illegal activity. Their fame can be translated into shame because they will be automatically exposed to various media, generating shame and disappointments for their former supporters and fans.

John Wayne is a former teenage star in the local entertainment industry. He was once a part of ABS-CBN's pool of new talent group under the management of Star Magic. John became a part of Anime, which is a dance group where a fellow teen star, Rayver Cruz was also a part of it. However, John Wayne silently disappeared and was seldom seen in both variety shows and television series.

John Wayne Sace made a comeback in 2015, but this time, he appeared on TV5 network. He admitted that he was using illegal substances, distorting his productive lifestyle. However, he was then tipped off by other dealers who were already caught by the police.

Although he is now safe from harm, he is still on the watch list by the Philippine National Police. Even if he is traumatized by the incident, he should be always careful when going out in the night time due to unexpected circumstances that could risk his safety.

Earlier, several celebrities were already apprehended by the police as part of Duterte administration's war on illegal narcotics. Mark Anthony Fernandez, Sabrina M, and Katrina Bordador were currently detained and now awaiting trial.

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