Every day, we often observe celebrities who are commenting with the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's campaign on illegal narcotics drive. There are some actresses and actors who are commenting their support for President Duterte, believing that it is one of the rarest and a significant drive to promote peace in our society. However, there are celebrities who are lamenting against the president's drive against the persecution of suspected users and pushers of illegal narcotics in our country, which caused an uproar towards the netizens who supports the president.

As for the latest, one of the most anticipated celebrities in the Philippines also broke her silence and then commented on Rodrigo Duterte's campaign to stop illegal narcotics in our society. This is in the person of Angel Locsin. She commented that she is in favor of our President Duterte's anti-illegal narcotics campaign because it is one of the strongest platforms of the Philippine leader in order to make the Philippines a better society. She believes that there is something significant that can happen, which is about the prosperity for the next days to come after the drive against prohibited substance trafficking.
Angel Locsin on the right supports President Rodrigo Duterte's War on illegal Narcotics
Angel Locsin believes that once you will offer your support for a certain individual, you will not be shrugged off from the criticisms that other people talks about. This is because you already vested your trust to that particular person whom you believe that change is coming under their leadership. No matter how others manipulate you to change your belief, your faith is still there and willing to support your leader.

With regards to the mandatory narcotics testing as applied by the Duterte administration, Angel Locsin is also in favor of this practice because it will determine the fairness of finding the violators of the law. The Philippine National Police is now undergoing its phase II operations with the drive against illegal narcotics drive that is now aiming to find and apprehend the members of the entertainment industry. Angel says that the mandatory testing should not be only applied to the members of the entertainment industry but also for the entire public.

Miss Locsin is not going to have second thoughts if she will be required to undergo mandatory testing. She indicated that "why not" because there's nothing wrong if you voluntarily subject yourself to it. However, she implies that the drug testing should be applied to the general public and not only for the majority of the entertainment industry. This is because it would be unfair if there is a selective justice that is only focused on talents in the entertainment world because there are always someone out there who are concealing their real activities just to take advantage against the law.

Watch her statements below

With regards to the black propaganda towards Rodrigo Duterte, Angel stated that for as long as you support a person, you will not be distorted by other's who wants to manipulate your thoughts. Your trust is important to that person no matter what other people say negative things about it. This was about the previous campaign aired by a certain television network with regards to the issues concerning the platforms of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Angel Locsin made an advice that everyone should be treated fairly because we are born equal, and we should be treated the same sentiments no matter who you are. High-ranking public officials, elite societies, and other society members should be also mandated to do random drug testing. This is because it is not only the members of the entertainment industries who are involved using and pushing illegal narcotics.

She is concerned that if there is indeed a selective justice, there will be new victims of unjustified illegal activities towards the members of the entertainment industry. This is because there are numerous reported criminal cases that were unsolved due to mistaken identity by the law enforcement agencies and personnel. For this regard, the campaign should be made in a justified and in an equal fashion to prevent issues of ethical misconduct.

Earlier, there are numerous celebrities who made attention to social media after commenting against President Rodrigo Duterte. As expected, celebrities who made negative comments were being ridiculed by social media supporters of Duterte. Celebrities are bashed and made numerous memes by the supporters of President Duterte, which caused a concern towards the behavior of social media users online.

However, there are also several celebrities who were caught and apprehended by the police due to their involvement of illegal narcotics. These were Mark Anthony Fernandez, Sabrina M, and Karen Bordador.

Other celebrities were not lucky because some of them were shot such as the case of Maritoni's sister Aurora Moynihan. Forner teen actor John Wayne Sace was also injured when he sustained a gunshot wound to his waist area when his friend was gunned down by an unidentified riding-in-tandem riders.

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