The Philippines is now holding a hearing session to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the scandals wrapping up with the National Bilibid Prison. Several personalities were invited to participate to the ongoing hearings as initiated by the legislative branch of the government to acquire relevant information regarding the anomalies associated from the prison facility. For this reason, high-ranking officials who were assigned to manage the facility are invited along with several detainees who were involved with the scandalous practice inside the prison facility.

The National Bilibid Prison is the largest prison facility in the Philippines. It is located in Muntinlupa City, in the Philippines where offenders who committed grave misconducts are detained. The facility occupies a dozen hectares of land in order to accommodate tens of thousands of convicted offenders, which are now serving the longest term in their lives as part of the punishment implied by the courts. The facility also holds high-profile inmates, which are heavily guarded to prevent any unfortunate incident such as the risk of life or health. However, there were issues of neglect as previous officials failed to manage the prison facility.
Jaybee Sebastian on the right is currently detained at the New Bilibid Prison on the right
The National Bilibid Prison has been regarded as one of the most dangerous incarceration facilities in the world. The reason behind is that there are multiple criminal organizations operating inside the facility. There were heads of fraternities who are powerful enough to control the guards by bribing them in order to continue with their criminal activities.

One of the inmates is Jaybee Sebastian. He is regarded as one of the main stars of the inquest hearings as initiated by the Philippine lawmakers. Jaybee Sebastian made numerous appearances in this particular hearing in order to reveal his knowledge with regards to the ongoing investigation towards the corrupt practices happening inside the largest incarceration facility in the Philippines. All camera are now focused on him in order to take a fresh and live updates about his comments and participation during the inquest proceedings.

Each week, the Philippine National Police together with the Special Action Forces continues to confiscate numerous prohibited items inside the National Bilibid Prison. These include television, cellular phones, illegal narcotics, firearms, knives, icepick, bombs, electronic devices, and other types of heroine. The most surprising issue is about the discovery of studios, bathtubs, swimming pools, and numerous luxurious items inside the facility that were covered up by the previous officials who managed the prison facility.

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5 Facts about Jaybee Sebastian

1. Is a high-profile inmate inside the New Bilibid Prison: Jaybee Sebastian is regarded as an important convicted criminal, considering him as a high-profile inmate. He was nabbed for being one of the gang founders known as the Sebastian carnapping group, responsible for a series of stealing cars and physically harming the owners of the automobiles that they are abducting. They became a notorious carnapping group, prompting the authorities to search and then apprehended them inside the New Bilibid Prison until today.

2. Jaybee Sebastian is running a prison gang: Although the verdict of Jaybee's case was already made and his case has been closed, he is living like a king inside the prison facility. He is running a gang prison, in which he is treated like a lord inside his prison facility. Jaybee is detained in NBP Building 14, which is the area where authorities held high-profile inmates. As the king of a prison gang, he is one of the most respected inmates by other lower ranking prisoners inside the facility.

3. One of the leaders of illegal narcotics: As the leader of the gang, Jaybee is linked with the trafficking of illegal narcotics. Even if he is inside the prison facility, he is capable of selling, using, and even allegedly manufactured illegal narcotic substances. Jaybee along with his gang members are able to trade these illegal substances outside the prison facility, which indicates that there are lapses with the security efforts implemented by the authorities. With the use of illegal narcotics trafficking, Jaybee along with his gang members are able to learn millions of dollars in just a single month.

4. He is allegedly linked with Senator Leila Delima: Jaybee Sebastian is accused of having a mysterious connection with Leila Delima. He is now the person of interest as several inmates who were turned as witnesses that linked him having an illegal activity with the lady senator. However, Senator Leila Delima stated that Jaybee is a secret government asset, which is undergoing an undercover operation inside the prison facility in order to investigate illegal activities inside the National Bilibid Prison.

5. Escaped from being murdered. On September 28, 2016, Jaybee was injured when fellow prisoner tried to murder him while he was in NBP Building 14. His companion, Tony Co, who was also a high-profile inmate and a dealer of illegal narcotics was fatally wounded during the attack. The incident made him more famous as this situation is believed to be related to his scheduled participation with the ongoing inquiry in the House of Representatives associated with the anomalies inside the National Bilibid Prison.

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