One of the largest international beauty pageants is now being anticipated by pageant enthusiasts and critics in this month. Miss International is also heating up along with other international beauty pageants around the world. Ladies who gained the license to represent their respective countries are now all set to participate in the annual beauty pageant competition. Ladies have already presented their national costume presentation during the earlier days of the competition, highlighting the cultural tradition and style of each country around the world in one place.

Miss International pageant is also one of the most anticipated international beauty pageants being held annually. Miss International is a Tokyo-based beauty pageant that has been established by the International Cultural Association. The pageant is regarded as one of the Big Four international beauty pageants, which are some of the oldest and the most coveted competitions of beauty in the world. This year, Miss International 2016 is expected to further promote international ties between the participants through participating with the annual beauty pageant as the ladies are going to show the essence of their cultures, traditions, and identities as a participant from the pageant.
Miss International 2016 top 15 predictions
Miss International beauty pageant was established in 1960. It is one of the oldest beauty pageants along with Miss World and Miss Universe that will be held later this year. The motto of the pageant is to promote love, peace, and beauty. The winner will be the ambassadress of Miss International, promoting love, peace, beauty, to the world until the next coronation of a new winner for next year. The beauty pageant is also in cooperation with Miss Paris Group based in Paris, France.

The pageant was initially held at Long Beach, California State in the United States of America until 1967. Akemi Shimomura is the current president of Miss International Organization, responsible for organizing events, sponsorships, and causes for the pageant. The pageant was mostly held in Japan from 1971 to 2003. The pageant was then hosted by China in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Miss International 2016 is the 56th edition of the pageant, which will be held in the Capital City of Tokyo Japan.

The reigning Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez will be proud to crown her successor for the 56th edition of the pageant. Edymar Martinez's win is the 7th for Venezuela, which is the country that has the most number of winners than any other country that annually joins this pageant. Miss International 2016 is set to be held on October 27, 2016, at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo City, Japan. There are 70 candidates who registered to participate the event as contestants and are now accommodated to their respective hotels in Tokyo. As the pageant starts, there are several ladies who are now being eyed by pageant fanatics and critics that have the highest probable chances of penetrating the semifinals round and as well win the competition during the coronation night.

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Miss International 2016 top 15 predictions in random order

Catherine Anazco Orozco
This lady is confident and has a strong stage presence in this competition. She is Catherine Anazco Orozco, who is a silent standout in this pageant competition. She may be underrated by other pageant critics, but she can do well during the preliminaries and events that would help her get noticed by the judges. Her fierce factor is her core strength, which could carry her chances through the semifinalist round. Who knows, she might be the first woman to win the title during the coronation night.

Manoela Alves
The beauty of Manoela Alves obviously sparkles in this competition. Her facial beauty is one of the most anticipated in this competition. She can always play with the camera everyt ime that the lens starts to focus on her face. The way she projects herself could make her even more daring and catches the eyes of the photographers. Fashion and pageant critics are also amazed on how her confidence is stimulating her beauty as well as poise in every angle. This means that her chances to penetrate in the semifinals are regarded as strong.

3. CUBA:
Dania Quesada
Dania Quesada is now hoping that she could be the first woman from Cuba to bring home the crown. She may be underrated, but Dania will use her concealed charm and confidence to wow every judge in each event that the ladies will undergo. Even though she is carrying a weak sash, which is one of the challenges that she must consider, but she can still manage to bring a good fight, using her wit, confidence, and extraordinary appeal to the judges.

Emilia Seppanen
Emilia Seppanen is not your ordinary contestant. She can carry herself effortless whenever she will strike a pose to every event that she attends during the pageant. Emilia is always in control of herself, which is a classic example of a lady who knows how to play the game in every competition. Her poise, beauty, and personality are the three best things that she could use in order to penetrate the semifinalist spot during the pageant. Her proportioned and toned body can surprise the judges whenever they will try to analyze and observe her during a formal event.

Guinevere Davenport
The State of Hawaii started sending their own delegate that is separate from another delegate that is representing the whole United States. Guinevere Davenport can make a difference in this pageant using her blonde power. She symbolizes a classic American girl with a blonde hair and a pair of sparkling eyes. Her facial feature is unique and angelic, that can easily magnetize the eyes of the judges who will be starting to select deserving candidates to win the crown. She can prove that she is not just a state because she can be Miss International 2016.

Felicia Hwang
The delegate from the equatorial Southeast Asia is a formidable candidate to compete for Miss International 2016. Felicia Hwang was trained by the new pageant training camp in Indonesia established by Whulandary Herman, which was the representative of Miss Universe 2013 and was a semifinalist. Felicia is a well-trained contestant, which could prove that she deserves a placement during the final's night of the competition. Felicia is classy and expensive looking contestant from Indonesia.

Junna Yamagata
Junna Yamagata is enjoying a homecourt advantage that could push her through the finals night of Miss International 2016. She is bubbly, which is a strong edge for a host delegate who wants to showcase her country to her fellow delegate. Junna is very much comfortable that she developed a strong sense of confidence, which is a core strength to drive her chances to the next level. As a host delegate, this oriental beauty from Japan can surely penetrate the semifinalist round of the competition.

8. MACAU: 
Sulin Ip
Sulin Ip is another extraordinary candidate vying for Miss International crown. She is a classy delegate, but there is a confidence that could further make her stand out. Every angle tells the photographers that she can make a difference to Miss International by driving her passion to promote love, peace, and unity. Her elegance in every angle with her strong stage presence could lift her chances to reach until the top 5 during the last night of the pageant.

Olivia Nicholas
Olivia Nicholas is not your ordinary candidate vying for Miss International crown. She has been competing in different national pageant crowns in Malaysia. Her experience can help her to penetrate the top 15 semifinals round. She learned how to present her well due to her extraordinary stage presence. If she remains consistent with her confidence and strong aura, she will definitely give a good fight for this year's edition of Miss International.

10. MEXICO: 
Geralding Ponce Mendez
She is probably the strongest candidate in this year's competition. She has a perfect face, which could let her easily penetrate the top spot. She might not have been always included by pageant fans and critics, but she can definitely give a strong fight because she is not just a perfect package, she is also carrying a strong sash. She is representing a total package in this competition that will give sponsors a run for their money. Geraldine Ponce Mendez could surely claim another crown for her country in this year if she knows how to play it well.

Melissa Scherpen
Melissa Scherpen is representing a classic European beauty that Miss International wants. With her icy blond hair and charming look could easily attract attention to the judges. Her innocent vibe makes fans and critics to be more curious about her. If Melissa could go further by exploding her personality, she will definitely have the stronger chance on penetrating the semifinalist spot for Miss International 2016.

Kylie Versoza
Never underestimate nor underrate this candidate. She is trained, well-prepared and has one mission to accomplish in Japan. This is to win Miss International 2016. Kylie Versoza is hungry for her country's 6th crown, and she is willing to fight for it especially during the final's night. Working as a model is a big help for her to get easily noticed by other ladies as well as pageant fanatics. Kylie is a total package, which could drive nervousness to other candidates while the pageant is going on. Watch out for this candidate.

Pattiya Pongthai
Pattiya was often underestimated by other pageant fans. But never disregard this lady as she can surprise the pageant by showing her top personality during the pageant. Thailand is a tall delegate, which Miss International wants in this pageant. She always stands out whenever she takes pictures along with other delegates. This means that there are big chances that Pattiya Pongthai could enter the semis and potentially win the competition, which will also be the first for her country.

Kaitryana Leinbach
With the growing competition in the world of beauty pageants, the United States is no longer hand-picking their delegates. They should first win a national competition before gaining a license to represent their country. Kaitryana Leinbach just did that screening and test. She is now ready to bring out her personality, charm, and stage presence to show to the world that she should never be underestimated by the judges and other pageant fanatics. Kaitryana is also trained and knows how to play her game by using her natural beauty and stage presence to potentially bring home the crown.

Jessica Duarte
Another top caliber delegate is now attempting to create a historic back-to-back win for her country. Jessica is also on a mission to bring home her country's 8th Miss International crown. She is also a complete package and one of the ladies that should never be ignored. She is trained by one of the best beauty camps in the world, aiming to retain her country's supremacy in the world of beauty pageantry. Will Jessica Duarte maintain her country's winning streak for Miss International 2016?

BUBBLING UP: These are the dark horse ladies that could silently penetrate the top 15 spot
  • PUERTO RICO: Gabriela Berrios is a candidate with full of experience. She previously participated in Miss Universe 2014 and Miss Supranational in 2012. It will not be a surprise if her name or country will be called during the announcement of top semifinalists. 
  • ARGENTINA: Yoana Don also participated in other international pageants, ended up as 3rd runner-up in Miss Hispanoamericana in 2015. She can also have higher chances on replacing above-mentioned candidates vying for Miss International 2016. 
  • NEW ZEALAND: Jessica Tyson won several international crowns such as Miss Teen South Pacific and Miss World Supermodel. She is expected to deliver an extraordinary performance during the coronation night of Miss International 2016. 
  • SWEDEN: This lady also participated in Miss Earth in 2015. She can use her past experience to penetrate the semifinalist spot in this pageant. 
  • VIETNAM: Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh is also regarded as a darkhorse in the pageant. She could use her strong confidence and stage presence to enter the semifinalist round. 

That's it. So who are your favorites?

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