October is the busiest month for most pageant contestants as it sparked the season of beauty pageantry battle. Ladies from all over the world are now competing to various international beauty pageants that are held in every part of the planet. Contestants from all corners of the world are now traveling to arrive the venue of their respective international pageants that are hoping to bring home the bacon, which is the crown from the beauty pageant where they are going to participate. Pageant fanatics are also busy analyzing potential candidates that can penetrate the semifinals round in each international pageants.

Miss Grand International is one of the main pageants that is highly anticipated by pageant fanatics from all over the world. The candidates are currently boarding their flight to reach the venue before the pageant officially starts and will set to invade the United States of America during the course of the beauty pageant. Miss Grand International 2016 is now heating up as candidates start to fill up their registration form after arriving from their respective place of origin to formally render their participation with the event.
Miss Grand International top 20 Predictions list
Miss Grand International is a yearly international beauty pageant for females that are now being held around the world. The theme of the pageant is to stop the war and violence, promoting peace and prosperity across the world. Miss Grand International was organized and established in 2013 by Nawat Itsaragrisil in Bangkok, Thailand.

The pageant is one of the youngest in the world, which just started in 2013. Although it was just recently established, the pageant significantly made an international attention, gaining popularity from pageant fanatics and critics from all over the world. Basing from its title, another main theme of the pageant is to provide one of the grandest events in the world of beauty pageantry. Spectator will be able to witness one of the most extravagant international beauty pageants that could show the real essence of beauty in the world of pageantry.

This 2016, the 4th edition of Miss Grand International is set to take place in the United States of America. The last edition of the pageant was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Anea Garcia was crowned as the winner in 2015; however, she was dethroned after several months because she was unable to fulfill her duties and responsibilities. The first runner-up Claire Elizabeth Pearl Parker from Australia assumed the throne and was proclaimed as the winner of Miss Grand International 2015. For the 4th edition of Miss Grand International beauty pageant, who will reign supreme?

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Top 20 predicted ladies of Miss Grand International 2016


Miss Grand International Australia 2016 Dani Fitch
Dani Fitch is hoping for a back-to-back win for her country since Claire Elizabeth Pearl was awarded as the rightful winner of the pageant. Since her win, Australia is considered as a country with a heavyweight sash factor. Dani Fitch carries a big chance to easily follow her predecessor's path in order to repeat her winning success. With her confidence and aura, she could gain a high probability to maintain her country's heavyweight position for as long as she could maintain her competitive status like what her predecessor made last year.

Miss Grand International 2016 Renata Sena

Renata Sena is a girl that carries a strong pageantry skill that everyone should watch out for. She is ready to conquer the pageant by using her strong physical aura that could energize her presence to electrify Miss Grant International 2016. With her regal features and high confidence level, her cards could play well during the duration of the competition. Her regal is powerful enough to make a statement in Miss Grand International. Her wide fan base in the United States can easily help her ascend to make a statement in the competition.


Miss Grand International 2016 Juliana Florez Herrera
Juliana Florez Herrera represents a lady that encompasses beauty with a personality. She can use this asset to help her get noticed during the pageant competition. As the pageant is getting ready to accommodate contestants from around the world, Juliana could use her personality to prove herself that she is one of the ladies that every judge should consider. Her personality and character are her greatest strengths, which will help her charm to get noticed by other candidates as well as other pageant fanatics during the pageant competition.

4. CUBA:

Miss Grand International Meryz Navarro
This girl is so underrated by various pageant fanatics. Most pageant critics are just concentrating on candidates wearing their strong sashes. Although Cuba won during the second edition of the pageant, Meryz is set to gain back the glory days of her sash, making her a potential candidate to enter the semifinalist round. Her facial features are unique, representing her modelesque aura that can captivate each angle of the camera. The only thing about her is about the consistency so that she could maintain the strong worth of her sash.


Miss Grand International France 2016 Oceane Pernodet
Oceane Pernodet is a girl that is seeking a sweet presence during the course of the competition. She embodies a candidate whose weapon is her kind charm, which creates a positive environment that can generate interpersonal connections with other candidates. By using her charm, she can captivate the hearts of the judges, spectators, and pageant critics, which can be her secret weapon to join the magic 20 ladies who will be continuing to fight for the crown on the final's night of the pageant.

6. INDIA: 

Miss Grand International India 2016 Pankuri Gidiwani
The lady with a strong aura and stage presence. Pankuri Gidiwani gained the license to represent her country to vie for Miss Grand International title this 2016. The only thing that she could do is to elevate her confidence, which is the most important aspect to maintains her composure all throughout the pageant. Pankuri already has the lucky cards to play it right and she should use it wisely and confidently for her not to disappoint her country. India has yet to win a crown for Miss Grand International and Pankuri hopes that she could be the first woman to do so.


Miss Grand International Indonetia 2016 Ariska Putri Pertiwi
Indonesia is sending a strong candidate this year for Miss Grand International 2016 in the United States. This is under the name of Ariska Putri Pertwi, which has been trained by the beauty camps based in Indonesia and probably from foreign trainers from their neighboring country. Ariska is considered a full package, which could seek a breakthrough in the world of beauty pageantry. Who knows, she could be the lucky woman to bring home the crown for her country that will make her country proud.


Miss Grand International Japan 2016 Ayaka Sato
Japanese girls are recreating their formula to re-enter their golden days of beauty pageantry. This time, they are slowly discovering the right combination to let their girls reach the finals round of each international beauty pageants. For the case of Ayaka Sato, there are two things about her. She knows how to play with the camera because she could angle herself very well whenever the camera faces her. Ayaka's personality is another thing that makes her shine throughout the pageant by using her sassy personality. With these together, she could easily get through the top 5 spot.


Miss Grand International Malaysia 2016 Ranmeet Jassal
Ranmeet Jassal is a girl that can make a big surprise in this year's competition. Doctor Ranmeet could gain the highest possible chance to win the pageant if she will reach the top 5 spot. She is very intelligent and can use her wit to destroy all contestants during the question and answer round in the top 5. The only thing that she will do is about maintaining her classy poise, competitive pageant skills, and exuding her confidence to reach the top 5 that could let other girls tremble on their knees when she reaches there.

10. MEXICO: 

Miss Grand International Mexico 2016 Paulina Flores
Paulina Flores is the girl that everyone should not underestimate. With the power of her confidence, beauty, and elegant aura, she can contribute a good fight during the competition. Paulina is a strong candidate with a complete package. She can easily brush her way through the semifinalist without any effort. As a complete package, her personality is also her secret weapon because she can take the advantage of utilizing her positive character to resonate her competitiveness to become noticed from the rest of the delegates.


Miss Grand International Myanmar 2016 Nandar Lwin
The most interesting part of this lady is about her fierceness. She can make a good fight in this competition by just maximizing her fierce stint. Nandar Lwin can make her country proud even just penetrating the semifinalist spot during the coronation night of Miss Grand International 2016. Her confidence is her core strength, leveling her strong sense of self-esteem to go along with other ladies who are carrying strong sashes. Myanmar hopes to gain a historical placement this year's edition of Miss Grand International.


Miss Grand International Nigeria 2016 Rachel Onuwa Ikekhuame
The lady from Africa is another silent competitor that can bring a silent surprise in this edition of Miss Grand International. Rachel Onuwa can deliver a good performance by using her unique physical feature combined with a strong stage presence, which is her main asset in order to maintain her competitive composure. This girl from Africa also has a significant number of a fan base, which will help her further surface during the pageant competition.

13. PERU: 

Miss Grand International Peru 2016 Priscila Howard
This country sent a very strong delegate, she is considered as the girl to beat in this edition of Miss Grand International. Priscila Howard is a complete package, which is a threat to other ladies in the competition. These are a regal factor, elegance, bubbly personality, positive vibe, and consistently maintains her composure throughout the pageant. But one thing is notable for her presence, which is her aura of a Miss Universe prototype, which she can resemble a little bit of Alicia Machado. However, if she fails to maintain her competitiveness, she will just place as one of the semifinalists.


Miss Grand International Philippines 2016 Nicole Cordoves
Talking about seriousness, the Philippines seriously trains their delegates before sending them to international competition. Nicole Cordoves is no exception because she has been prepared well by a team of beauty pageant experts in her country. This candidate is ready to give her best shot to hopefully return her home country while wearing the golden crown provided by the Miss Grand International. So never set aside this woman because she can completely make you run out of money.


Miss Grand International Puerto Rico 2016 Madison Anderson
Madison Anderson is an experienced candidate sent by her country to hopefully demolish existing strong sashes competing for the crown. Madison is an experienced candidate, which makes it a force for her to review her past performances that can be used as a tool for her to improve her strength during the course of the pageant. She possesses a strong confidence while using her exhilarating angelic face will help her clinch the crown. Madison is ready to challenge the candidates to determine who will race to the top of the competition.


Miss Grand International Thailand 2016 Supaporn Malisorn
Supaporn Malisorn is one of the girls that you should watch out in this edition of Miss Grand International. She has been trained by several local beauty camps in her country. Supaporn knows how to play the game in this beauty pageant. She is photogenic, fierce, and ready to make history as the first Thai woman to hopefully win the crown. Supaporn is the strongest Thai delegate to compete for Miss Grand International. It will not be a surprise if she makes it to the top 5 finalist spot during the coronation night.


Miss Grand International United States 2016 Michelle Leon
At the plight of numerous international pageants, United States scrambled to deploy their delegates to represent their country. But now, they have successfully analyzed how each international pageant works and sent a delegate in this competition that is built for the win. Michelle is very lucky that this pageant will be her home court advantage. She can easily move to the next level through her effortless beauty, confidence, and a very strong fan base, which are mostly composed of American spectators in Las Vegas, USA.


Miss Grand International Venezuela 2016 Debora Paola Medina
The lady from a country where beauty pageantry is their specialty and with a "now or never" attitude. Debora Paola Medin is the girl that can challenge other strong contestants in this edition of Miss Grand International. She is more than ready to compete with other ladies to bring home the crown. She is well-prepared, trained comprehensively, and knows how to play the game right. Debora is probably one of the remaining girls at the top 5 of Miss Grand International in the United States.


Miss Grand International Vietnam 2016 Nguyen Thi Loan
Nguyen Thi Loan has a chameleonic style that could transform into a desirable output that could blend with any environment. Nguyen is a very classy candidate, which represents the woman from the early 19th-century circa. Her mysterious aura can surprise pageant critics and observers because she can provide a nice fight during the competition. Her confidence will weigh in with her consistency on her skill, aura, and performance in the pageant, which will be her main controlling point to take an edge in this competition.

20. WALES: 

Miss Grand International Wales 2016 Rachael Tate
The woman with a powerful face. With just a light touch, she can easily transform into a super beauty. This is what a beauty pageant is looking for. A woman with a near perfect facial feature that could deliver a strong performance during the pageant. Her photogenic face could easily draw attention to both local and international spectators and observers during the pageant. Rachel is also an experienced candidate, which is hoping that this is the right charm for her to clinch the title as the successor of Clair Elizabeth Pearl.

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