Celebrity actors and actresses are usually making headlines due to their involvement in several criminal anomalies. This is due to their involvement with illegal activities that are causing a significant concern with the safety and prosperity of the society. Apprehended celebrities and other personalities are often being presented to the media, storming the attention of the public. And as expected, the results are regarded as disappointing as the public starts to insinuate topics related to that particular celebrity.

However, this is not the case of a certain celebrity who gained public attention due to her statement towards the most powerful leader in the Philippines. Agot Isidro is now on the hot seat after commenting against the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. She gained an instant attention after she expressed her undesirable comment against the Philippine president. Mass media are now focusing the attention on her due to her recent comment, making her popularity soar in mass media. Several public are surprised about her comment, which is a rare sight for a certain celebrity to express her behavior towards the public regarding the president.
Celebrity actress Agot Isidro on the left and President Rodrigo Duterte to the right
Agot Isidro made herself in hot water when she commented something about the Philippine Rodrigo Duterte. She indicated that Rody should seek a professional help. She recommended that Digong should seek for a psychiatrist because according to her belief, Rodrigo Duterte's latest speech reflects his rude behavior. This is the best solution so that Rody Duterte will realize that there are negative consequences every time he uttered foul language that drives foreign investors and guests away from the country.

Even in social media, Agot Isidro is the most talked celebrity in various websites. Newsfeeds from several social media websites are all about her. Her name Agot Isidro is also trending in Twitter with tens of thousands of Tweets. This is similar to Facebook where most netizens spend their time surfing the internet. Several articles and news media are posting an article about Agot Isidro's comments, further escalating an emotional attention towards her. Each hour, there are new photos of her with caption from several individuals who are affected by her comments online.

The most concerning part is that Agot is receiving more negative feedbacks than positive remarks from her latest comment. Netizens regarded her as a celebrity with no credibility to lament against the Philippine President. Others commented that Agot was not in her right mind that is why she is gaining attention from the public by lashing out the Philippine President. It clearly indicates that Agot is now receiving undesirable reactions from the netizens than appreciation. Like other, Agot expects that ranting social media users will be sending harsh messages towards her social media account and perhaps her other contact details as a result of her comment against the president.

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On the other hand, Agot Isidro also gained a number of supporters because there are some individiual and groups who pledged their contrasting ideas against the Philippine President. These supporters were not in favor against several platforms of the Philippine president because they believe that it is harsh enough to violate anyone's rights. They defend Agot Isidro's comment because it is just a way to exercise her freedom of expression. Even if Agot's ideas are contrary to President Duterte's practice, supporters believe that Agot just made the right choice to verbalize her expression in public.

This means that the president has millions of sympathizers who are brave enough to defend the most powerful leader in the Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterte's actions and character is unique that gained a powerful charisma to the public to transform it into a support system towards his leadership. No wonder that there are millions of supporters who are fearless to go against individuals or groups who are not in favor of his platforms and ideas.

Agot Isidro is aware that there will be a heavy backlash that will be reacting on her comments. She expects that there are several affected individuals who are obviously Duterte's loyalists will try to invade her privacy over a period of time. Agot believes that harsh comments and other uncomfortable rants against her are just a result of an emotional breakdown for claiming a negative credit towards a person who they offered their loyalty and support.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been always in hot water because of his comments to several high profile leaders and groups from all over the world. One notable issue is about his backlash against US President Barack Obama, stating that the Philippines are eager to cut ties with the United States in order to stop the country's dependency.

However, President Duterte is also gaining positive media attention to some countries around the world. These include countries in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and in Germany wherein they finally hear a president from the Philippines who is brave enough to transform the Philippines into a better country.

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