The Philippine National Police is now intensifying their investigation and their campaign for anti-narcotics war. In the second phase of their clean-up drive to neutralize users and pushers for illegal drug campaign, the police are now focusing on thwarting the offenders from the entertainment industry. This means that there will be more personalities who will be surfaced by the authorities because they have been linked to illegal narcotics, which is the main goal of Duterte's administration to improve peace and prosperity across the country.

Rosanna Roces is the latest celebrity who is currently linked by some witnesses during the latest hearing for the National Bilibid controversies. The former sexy star allegedly met with some of the high-profile inmates at the National Bilibid Prison, which stirs another controversy regarding the issues confronting the institution's ethical image. The actress is the latest entertainment personality that was dragged by some witnesses, who claims that they have personally seen her when she visited the incarceration facility in Muntinlupa City. Some say that this was not the first time that they have seen the former sexy actress when she arranged a visit in one of the inmates.
Actress Rosanna Roces 
Rosanna Roces rose to fame in 1990's after being featured as one of the main characters to several sexy movies during that time. One of the famous movies during that time is "Patikim ng Pinya" or translated to English as Can I Taste that Pineapple. She was also as cast in several local television shows and soap operas from different television networks in the Philippines.

As she is getting older, her showbiz career starts to fade. This is mainly because those were the days when producers and film companies started deteriorating and then filed for bankruptcy. Rosanna Roces then searched for several alternative options to sustain her socio-economic lifestyle as she starts to struggle from the successive loss of opportunities in the entertainment industry. Although she is now having lesser and lesser projects in both films and television shows, she still successfully made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as the sexiest star during the 1990's decade.

Jennifer or Rosanna was born on May 25, 1972, in Manila, Philippines. She was last seen on television as a host in GMA Network's Startalk. However, she made a serious misunderstanding with her manager, which is Lolit Solis. She appeared in some soap opera in ABS-CBN station such as Ysabella. She made a controversial comment when she was a guest judge in Showtime, which is a noontime variety show of ABS-CBN. Since then, she took a break from the entertainment industry for several years.

5 Facts why Rosanna Roces was now linked to National Bilibid Prison Scandal 

1. Rosanna is the Mistress of Vincent Sy: Former Policemen Nonile Arile tagged Rosanna Roces as one of the mistresses of kingpin Vincent Sy who is currently detained in the National Bilibid Prison. Vincent Sy was injured during an attempt to murder several mistresses who will be revealing other vital information to both Senate and House of Representatives inquiry. However, Rosanna denies all allegations of Arile's comments about her as she is happily living with her lesbian love interest.

2. Pimping young ladies for kingpins: Rosanna Roces was also tagged by some witnesses as one of the pimps for offering young girls for the top fraternity groups inside the prison facility. Although she denies that she is a mistress of Vincent Sy, Rosanna admitted that she is pimp inside the Bilibid prison. The actress said that she receives at least 25,000 Php or more or less 600 USD per young lady, even if she is rejected by the customers. As a former sexy star, she knows how to present an in-demand recruit who will serve a patron coming from the New Bilibid Prison.

3. She was invited to perform in the National Bilibid Prison: Rosanna Roces also admits that she was able to participate in some programs organized inside the incarceration facility. This is in exchange for a certain amount of wage in exchange for participating in the event. Rosanna is blessed to have that kind of event because it brings a significant help to sustain her socio-economic status as she is now starting to struggle to balance her financial situation since she was not able to make a comeback in the entertainment industry.

4. Rosanna sells meat in the incarceration facility: As a former sexy actress, Rosanna needs to make an immediate alternative resource to maintain a reasonable income for her lifestyle as well as sustaining the needs of her family. Selling meat products such as frozen goods are just some of the products that she sells. This means that she must have to go elsewhere in order to sell her products. She gained several big time consumers, especially from the National Bilibid prison where some of her clients buy her products in bulk.

5. She was listed as one of the watchlists by the authorities: Due to her name being mentioned by one of the witnesses during the hearing in the House of Representatives, Rosanna Roces is automatically under the anti-illegal watchlist. This means that her activities will be monitored by the authorities because she is now linked with the scandals in the National Bilibid Prison. It will not be a surprise if there will be a new publicity wherein there will be a mugshot picture of her as part of the protocol of the authorities for every arrested individual.

What can you say about Rosanna Roces' involvement?

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