Another celebrity is now being nabbed by the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP). This time, a local model and actress from the Philippines has been arrested and apprehended by the authorities due to her involvement with illegal narcotics possession. As the campaign against the possession of illegal narcotics campaign, the authorities were able to gradually stop celebrities who were involved with the narcotics trafficking, which is a serious offense in the country. The PNP will continue with this campaign to other celebrities who were tagged by other dealers and celebrities to stop the spread of illegal narcotics trafficking in the entertainment industry.

Celebrity actress Krista Miller or Krista Engle was arrested in by the policemen during an undercover operation in Valenzuela City. Miller was a known notorious dealer of various prohibited substances such as methamphetamine varieties and cannabis that are sold to various patrons who wants to seek an alternative way of disconnecting themselves from the reality. She is one of the latest celebrities in the entertainment industry that made the public in shock after being arrested and then brought to jail during the buy-bust operations by the philippine police personnel.
Krista Miller or Kristalyn Engle
Krista Engle is famously known as Krista Miller, which is her screen name in the entertainment industry. Miller did not make any public statement, citing that she will only comment during a formal arraignment of her case. During the arrest, police authorities released her official mugshot and then posted it on social media, which is now circulating online.

Krista Miller has been already under illegal narcotics watchlist by the authorities for several years. She was seen from a closed-circuit television camera visiting a convicted narcotics lord Ricardo Camata or also known as "ChaCha" when she visited him in a hospital in 2014. Krista was accompanied by two television dancer who was also involved with a suspicious transaction during the time they were caught by the surveillance camera during their visit in a hospital.

Along with Krista Miller's arrest were two female models of a local male magazine. They are Liaa 24-year-old Alelin Bolla and 30-year-old Jeramie Padolina. They were arrested in a separate operation in 21 A. Luna Street, Bagumbahay, Project IV, Quezon City. The home where the two females were arrested was a haven for both dealers and customers who are involved with the selling and using prohibited narcotics. The two female models link Krista Miller who is one of their main source of the prohibited narcotics because she is famously known for being one of the dealers.

The Philippine National Police are now investigating Krista Miller's illegal narcotics network. She was tricked by the police assets who posed as customers who were ordered to purchase several prohibited substances in a gasoline station. As soon as the transaction took place, the authorities were quick to arrest Krista.

5 facts about actress Krista Miller?

1. She is a local female celebrity: Krista Miller is a local actress and a female celebrity in the Philippines. Due to her charming appearance with a towering height, she is often invited as guests to several television events and variety shows. Krista is also featured in several local films in the Philippine entertainment industry, featuring her as one of the casts. She is also known as a celebrity starlet, which is referred to as one of the hottest female celebrities in the Philippines.

2. Tagged as a dealer of illegal narcotics: Due to her linking of illegal narcotics campaign by the Philippine National Police, she is considered as a dealer due to her involvement with other convicted dealers. Krista's participation with the illegal dealings of narcotics attracted police authorities because her participation is considered a crime and it is punishable by the Philippine law. Krista was under the watchlist for several years, allowing the authorities to wait for the right time for her to finally get caught for trafficking illegal narcotics.

3. Seen from a primetime television show: Kristalyn Engle was one of the casts of "Boracay bodies", which is was a primetime reality show. She is one of the casts who confidently show her sculpted sexy body in front of the camera. This is to show her discipline with regards to diet management as well as maintaining a good exercise. She previously advocated herself as an inspiration to the public who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a sexy body.

4. Krista has been featured in a male magazine: Krista Miller was the main cover of Red Magazine, which is a local magazine in the Philippines. Her cover issue was published on June 2012. She was labelled by the male magazine as a certified red hot cover model, enticing patrons to sell the magazine brand to the public. As one of the main cover for the magazine brand, it became as a stepping stone for more opportunities in the entertainment industry.

5. Romantically linked with Cesar Montano: After Kristalyn was apprehended by the authorities, a rumour has been resurfaced, linking her with a romantic relationship with Cesar Montano. Entertainment paparazzi later indicated that she might be the person responsible for causing marital termination between Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz. However, Krista previously denied the allegations, stating that the issue was just a fake rumour.

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