October 7 marks the first 100 days of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. With just after 100 days, more than dozens of issues has already been accomplished by the president of the Philippines. His accomplishments in just a few months are something that makes the Philippines very proud of because he is a president that has been consistently implementing his ideas that are very genuine and true to his words. With the succeeding days, there will be more provisions and new policies that the president will ratify, making the Philippines great.

The first 100 days of Rodrigo Duterte is suggesting something about our society's future. This is based on the recent attainments that the Duterte administration has been trying to achieve, which is relevant to the Philippine society. Both local and international interest groups are now amazed on how the Philippine president is now keeping its promise to make his country great after previous of generations of neglect. He vows that there will be more reforms that would transform the Philippines into a better nation in the nation.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines
President Rodrigo Duterte is the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. He won with a total of 16 million votes during the latest Philippine National Elections last May 9, 2016. Close to him was Mar Roxas, and then Grace Poe. Jejomar Binay came in 4th place, while the late Senator Miriam Santiago landed on the last spot. Duterte succeeded Ninoy Aquino on July 1, 2016.

Before running for president, Rodrigo Duterte was an outgoing Mayor of Davao City after allowing her daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio as his successor on July 1, 2016. Duterte has been a successful politician since he ran in the late 1980's. Now that he is the president of the Philippines, there are new surprises that have been going on under his administration. As the president of the Philippines, he made several reforms, especially in the law enforcement sector. Duterte was considered as a president who is the only politician who controlled criminalities in Davao City, which he is now applying in the entire country.

Although he is now being criticized by leftist political groups, Rodrigo Duterte is not affected by several backlashes against his administration. His brave principles motivate the Filipinos to embrace their sense of nationalism, which is a character that his countrymen has seldom take pride. Since July 1, 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte made a phenomenal change in the Philippines. The whole nation is cheering to his accomplishments, citing that this is the right president that the country has chosen, which could further transform the country into a better society in the next years to come.

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First 100 days: President Rodrigo Duterte's top 10 accomplishments

1. 5 years contract for Driver's license: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte indicated that driver's license will now have the opportunity to renew their license every five years. This is to lessen the burden for drivers who were paying their annual license fee in addition to the expenses being required by the government for the drivers to pay for it. Philippine drivers will no longer have the agony of renewing their licenses every three years, which is costlier and sometimes stressful.

2. The fight against corruption: President Rodrigo Duterte was successful for apprehending corrupt officials across the country since he was elected as the state leader. His strategy is to publicly announce the name of these officials linked to corruption allegations. These include police officers, retired officials, and members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Named public officials surrendered directly to both Philippine National Police and Philippine President Duterte. Some were also apprehended when they resisted arrest.

3. Established a national calling system: President Duterte wants the entire Philippines to establish a unified calling system that allows emergency calls during his terms. He wants the government to open any emergency calls by dialing 911 such as for those who needs an immediate medical, security, or rescue missions. Anyone will call 8888 for any complaints regarding any government services that are causing a delay or disruption in the processing of documents or services that are causing an uncomfortable attention to the public.

4. Peace talks with leftist groups: As far as other presidents failed to settle with the leftist groups, Duterte smoothly negotiates with the communist leftist group. This is the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines)-NPA (New People's Army)-NDF (National Democratic Front). Aside from groups of three leftists, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Moro National Liberation Front are also continuing their peace deal with Duterte to prevent any future outbreaks of armed conflicts in the near future.

5. More than 600 thousand volunteered to surrender: There are at least 600 hundred thousand individuals who volunteered themselves to surrender to the authorities. This is to decrease the incident rates of individuals who are using illegal narcotics. There is about an estimated average of 3 million individuals who are regarded as users and pushers of illegal substances that the government is trying to apprehend. President Duterte hopes that the numbers could further decrease to end criminality in the Philippines.

6. Stopped bullet planting scheme: Before Duterte administration, bullet planting scheme has bombarded tourist arrivals in the Philippines. But when Duterte won as the president, incidences of bullet planting scheme was totally eradicated. The new management team in Ninoy Aquino International Airport is now changing new rules to prevent future incidents that can happen again in the future that safeguard the safety of the passengers.

7. 7% GDP growth: During the second quarter, the Philippines attained its total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 7%, which is the highest in the Asian continent. President Rodrigo wants to maintain this average GDP and will seek to improve it by means of strengthening provincial agricultural lands. For this reason, the Philippines will regain its strong economic growth, which will ensure that the country's macro and micro economic structure is still performing excellently. The Philippines still becomes a great nation for both local and foreign investments.

8. Lowered criminal activities as compared to last year: The crime rate across the country significantly decreased to at least more than 50% than the same period last year. This is due to the rampant war against illegal narcotics, which is one of the main contributors of criminal activities across the country. The president wants to ensure that all residents across the country can walk in the middle of the night across the streets while not being at risk for being physically assaulted or extorted by the negative elements of the law.

9. Neutralizing terrorist groups: The Abu Sayyaf is the most notorious terrorist organization in the Philippines. President Duterte deployed more than 7,000 military personnel in the western archipelago in Mindanao. Aside from Abu Sayyaf, Maute Group, Jemaah Islamiyah, and other Islamist militants in Mindanao to be contained during Duterte's administration. The Duterte administration would like to ensure that aside from limiting criminal activities, terrorist activities should be also completely eradicated during his term.

10. Inspiration to other countries: Western countries may not understand President Duterte's advocacy with regards to his war on illegal narcotics. However, there are non-western countries that are impressed by Duterte's stance on the war against illegal possession and use of illegal narcotics. They are Indonesia and China. Even if there are detractors, President Duterte is still firm with his advocacy to make the Philippines one of the safest countries for its countrymen to live. This means that both locals and tourists will enjoy the luxury of visiting and living in the Philippines without being at risk of harm in the future.

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