Since the Philippine National Police and Duterte's administration is now going to prolong their war against illegal narcotics trade, there were hundreds of thousands of individuals and groups who were already apprehended. This time, The PNP and the Duterte administration are now focusing on searching for dealers and users in the entertainment industry. These include actors, actresses, and other talent managers who were linked with the illegal use and distribution of prohibited narcotics in the country.

This time, Mark Anthony Fernandez is now under the custody of the Philippine National Police after they have found out a suspicious substance in his car. He is detained for possessing an illegal substance, which is punishable under the law. Mark Anthony Fernandez is now facing a new set of lawsuits after the arrest, which made another public attention to the mass media including social media websites.
Mugshot of male celebrity Mark Anthony Fernandez
Mark Anthony Fernandez is a famous male local celebrity in the Philippines. He appeared in several films, televisions, commercial advertisements, and print ad campaigns of several products in the Philippines. He is the son of the late veteran actor Rudy Fernandez who died of cancer. He is the son of Alma Moreno, who is also a local female actress in the Philippines. He is also the brother of another young male actor Vandolph.

The actor made a press conference, admitted that he was using the substance sometime in the past. However, he previously deny the allegations, which were photographed by the members of the PNP during his arrest on Sunday, October 2 of 2016 at 8 in the evening. Mark Anthony eventually indicated that he had been using the prohibited substance to prevent health risks and threats that could spear him from developing cancer. The substance is believed to be worth 15,000 pesos that appears a block of hardened substance packed in a plastic wrapper.

Mark Anthony Fernandez is now detained at the Angeles City Police Station in the province of Pampanga. He is now facing a criminal charge for possessing a prohibited substances such as illegal narcotics found in his car. In this case, he violated the Republic Act 9165 or the Dangerous Narcotics Act, which is a law in the Philippines that prohibits any individual who are carrying dangerous illegal possession of prohibited substances.

But then, Mark Anthony claims that the illegal cannabis caught from his bag is believed to be planted by the authorities against his will. This will be used as his defense during his arraignment for this particular case.

5 facts why Mark Anthony Fernandez is linked to illegal narcotics

1. He was caught carrying 1 kilogram of cannabis: Mark Anthony Fernandez was caught by the police in a checkpoint that he was carrying a block of a prohibited substance. Carrying a large amount of a prohibited substance is a significant offense, which could obviously detain him temporarily until his attorney will arrange a bail to let him out from the jail for some time. He later admitted that using this substance is believed to spare him from health risks and threats that could help his health to recover from certain illness.

2. Previous history of illegal narcotics use: Mark Anthony has been already documented to have used illegal substances. This is a significant information that could potentially link him as one of the main persons of interests for the members of the Philippine National Police. Previous history is a significant issue for individuals who were previously linked to illegal narcotics because in the future, they will be again considered as persons of interest by the members of the Philippine National Police.

3. He was rehabilitated in 2004: Fernandez turned himself voluntarily in Bicutan rehabilitation facility for a substance abuse disensitization program. He previously admitted himself being involved in substance abuse to various illegal narcotics, which is punishable by law. This is another historical fact because previous records of drug rehabilitation indicates that Mark Anthony could be still under drug watchlist in both the present and in the future.

4. Mark Anthony is under the watchlist: Basing from the historical evidences that were mentioned above, this actor is in fact, under the police watchlist. A person that are under the watchlist for using and distributing illegal narcotics are always being watched by the members of the police force assigned for managing and containing individuals or groups who are violating RA 9165. This is an unfortunate scenario for Mark Anthony Fernandez for being previously linked to illegal substance from the past.

5. Caught dealers might have already linked his name: There were already previous personalities who were already caught by the authorities who were found to be using, distributing, and allegedly selling prohibited narcotics. Dealers were asked to cooperate by the police authorities to detail other names of alleged local celebrities who were caught possessing, using, and distributing illegal substances. This will not be a surprise if there are several dealers have already surfaced the name of Mark Anthony Fernandez from their affidavit.

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