The Miss Universe Organization in cooperation with WME-IMG will set to implement a new rule for candidates or franchise for sending their delegates for Miss Universe pageants. The Miss Universe Organization is glad to announce that the rule will integrate with the existing policies that the company has already been implementing to every contestant as well as the franchise around the world. The new rule will be strictly implemented by all participating franchise applicable with their respective candidates to represent their country in the annual beauty pageant.

The rule is about the prohibition of alternative candidates to join Miss Universe, which will change the face of the Miss Universe Organization for the coming years while IMG is concerned. The WME-IMG together with the MUO will start to strictly implement "No Alternative Queens" for the next edition of the pageant. This means that the current national pageant is obliged to participate in Miss Universe beauty pageant and there should be no another national pageant for the current pageant titleholder to pass her crown to the new successor. If this happens, the newly crowned successor will represent their country in Miss Universe.
Venezuela, Serbia, and Myanmar could be affected by the new ruling of WME-IMG and MUO
Since 2015, WME-IMG took over as the new owner of Miss Universe beauty pageant. WME-IMG is owned by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC. It is an American talent agency that represents artists, groups, and organizations to all mass media projects, events, and platforms. These are sports, media, events, cause, theater, television, music, publishing, and digital.

WME-IMG and Miss Universe Organization believes that this law will help candidates from all over the world to compete fairly and squarely. Participating in the Miss Universe annual beauty pageant should come from a decent organization or background in order to prevent ethical or legal constraints in the future. Franchise holders should bear in mind that the one year allowed period from the last coronation to the next coronation of the international pageant should be the duration where the participating countries should crown their representatives.

A participating country should only crown one representative prior to the coronation night of Miss Universe. If a country crowns two delegates, the older crowned delegate will automatically be disqualified while the newly crowned delegate is the only qualified contestant to participate in Miss Universe beauty pageant. If a candidate is already declared disqualified, they will have to wait for the next edition of Miss Universe for them to be eligible to join, provided that the franchise will not crown the next winner of the pageant.

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The countries affected by the new ruling of Miss Universe Organization and WME-IMG are Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Serbia. These are the countries who are either currently or have already crowned their delegates to undergo intensive preparation for the pageant. This means that the current reigning beauty queens in these countries are now at risk for being disqualified in participating in Miss Universe pageant that is set to be held in January of next year.

Countries that are at risk for choosing their newly crowned queens

1. Venezuela: This country crowns their delegates in 1 and a half year earlier before sending them to international pageants. On October 5, 2016, outgoing Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 crowned her successor, Keysi Sayago to compete for Miss Universe 2017, which is about 1 and a half year before the next edition of the international pageant that will be either set later next year or in 2018. If the rule will be implemented immediately, Keysi Sayago will compete and Mariam Habach is automatically disqualified.

Mariam Habach has been training for at least a year, and there is still more months to wait to apply what she have learned during that preparation period. If the new rule is going to be implemented immediately, fans who is anticipating her participation will soon have their hopes away.
Miss Universe Venezuela 2017 Keysi Sayago on the left and Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach on the right

2. Myanmar: A country in Southeast Asia also crowned their winner, which is way ahead of schedule. On October 8, 2016, another Miss Universe Myanmar was crowned, having the outgoing Miss Myanmar Universe Htet Htet Htun to pass her crown to Zun Than Zin, miss Universe Myanmar 2017. Htet Htet Htun is also at risk for being disqualified if the WME-IMG and Miss Universe Organization will implement their rules immediately.

Htet Htet Htun will be surely disappointed with the new ruling. This is because there is a new Miss Universe Myanmar, which is Zun Than Zin who might represent Myanmar in Miss Universe to be held in the Philippines this January of 2017.

Miss Universe Myanmar 2017 Zun Than Zin on the left and Miss Universe Myanmar 2016 htet Htet Htun on the right
3. Serbia: In Europe, Serbia is also at risk for the outgoing Miss Universe Serbia because there is a new Miss Universe Serbia that was crowned this year. The crowning moment was made last October 9, which was the final's night of Miss Serbia. Sarah Mitic was crowned as Miss Universe Serbia who will be competing for Miss Universe 2016.

This means that the outgoing Miss Universe Serbia 2017 Bojana Bojanic will lose her qualification status to represent her country for Miss Universe. The reason is about the crowning of Sarah Mitic, which is now the reigning Miss Universe Serbia.

Miss Universe 2017 Sarah Mitic

Other countries who are planning or having ongoing national pageants

  • Colombia: Senorita Colombia was currently undergoing its national pageant to crown their new successor for the next set of queens competing in international pageants. However, when the pageant organizers were informed about the new ruling of WME-IMG and MUO, they moved the pageant to March next year. 
  • Puerto Rico: This country is also included to have a traditional way of crowning their delegates that are way earlier before the crowning of international pageants. The pageant organizers are also expected to move their national pageant next year. 
  • Malaysia: Miss Malaysia Universe pageant is also ongoing. This is not sure if they are going to move the national pageant and the national director of the pageant is set to decide how will they adjust with the decision made by WME-IMG and MUO. 
So What do you think about the new rules of WME-IMG and MUO for Miss Universe beauty pageant?

  • If the Philippines will crown another successor, Maxine will also lose the right to represent her country

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