Remember Ricardo Vizcarra Michaca or famously known as Dick Israel dies at 68. Vivian Velez was then interviewed by the DZMM, saying that she was immediately informed by Dick's son on the evening of October 11, 2016. He was seen vomiting with blood after suffering from pain and discomfort during that night. The incident occurred inside their home in Metro Manila. After vomiting, Dick slowly lost his consciousness until he became responsive. His skin slowly turned pale to violet, indicating that he already passed away.

Dick Israel became trending in mass media when he was seeking for a financial assistance to aid for his medical expenses as he is no longer capable of generating an income for his family. He suffered a cerebrovascular accident or also known as stroke in 2010. After suffering from stroke, Dick Israel suffered from a hemiplegic paralysis, which is a condition wherein the half of the body either the entire left or right is being paralyzed. This is usually caused by the contamination of the brain's psychomotor region by an internal bleeding that disrupted neuron cell communication inside the brain and the nervous system.
Celebrity actor Dick Israel
Ricardo Vizcarra Michaca was a famous celebrity actor known for his portrayal of a father figure in his latest stints in showbusiness. He was also seen playing a villain character as well as sidekick roles in several hit movies in the Philippine television industry. Before his retirement, Dick was often seen in soap operas in several television networks in the Philippines.

Two weeks ago, Dick Israel's wife was brought to the hospital and is now comatose. Dick Israel's children will then have to find a way how to inform their mother regarding their father's passing away on October 11, 2016. The family of Dick Israel is now asking the public for a privacy since they are now living in a private life after their father joined our creator. Prayers and support are also being asked by Dick's family as they are going to prepare for their father's funeral rites.

Dick Israel was born on the 10th of December in 1947. He hails from Porac, Pampanga province that is located just 50 kilometers away north of Metro Manila. He has a mixed blood from his Filipino-Spanish Father as well as a Spanish mestiza Kapampangan mother. During his matinee years, his good-looking attributes from the past centuries generated an attention to several producers and television directors from the past decades that started pursuing a career in acting. He then started doing several acting scenes that started in 1970.

Earlier in June, Dick Israel's home in Caloocan City was pleading for help after his home was totally engulfed in flames during a fire. His wheelchair was totally destroyed by the fire. Dick was seen in despair after all of his investments from his long-term acting career was just pulverized by a fire incident.

Dick Israel was a part of Damay Kamay foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to the members from the entertainment industry who are in need. Dick Israel and his family is a recipient of Damay Karamay foundation. The foundation provided assistance for Dick Israel's medical services. The foundation also provided assistance to allow the family of Dick to rebuild their life by transferring to a new home to help them start a new life.

Dick Israel was a recipient of a Best Supporting Actor role in 1988 for his Patrolman role during the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. The actor also won another Best Supporting Actor award from the same award-giving body in 1994 for his role in Kanto Boy: Anak ni Totoy Gwapo.

The actor started appearing in television shows on several networks. He started appearing both as a character and a guest character in Beh Bote Nga, Bahay Mo Ba To, Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang: Ang Walong Bulag, and Lupin under GMA Network. He was also seen portraying different characters in soap operas such as in Margarita, Maging Sino Ka Man, Only You, Toda Max, and Kung Ako'y Iwan mo under ABS-CBN Network.

As a veteran actor, Dick Israel appeared in numerous films, amounting to at least more than a hundred since starting in 1970's. Some of these are I Love You Honey in 1970's, Palawan and Biktima in 1980's, Asiong Salonga: Hari ng Tondo and Ayaw Matulog Sa Gabi in 1990's, and Fantastic Man in the 2000's. His last movie was in 2013 when he appeared in Boy Golden with KC Conception and George Estregan Jr.

Condolence to the family and relatives of Dick Israel.

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