A beautiful baby is now going viral on the internet. The features of the baby are unique enough that is now generating an online attention to the mass media. Bloggers are also taking their chances to ensure that this baby will have enough praises from random individuals who are curious about this little fella. This baby is not an ordinary infant because there is something in those facial features that is screaming for a fame in the future. In the future, it will not be a surprise if this baby will be scouted by talent agencies to endorse several brands in both local and international marketplaces.

This cute baby is now going crazy over the internet. The picture of the baby taken by the doctor-on-duty has been storming social media websites. One of the main reasons is the attractive nature of the baby's facial features that promote a mesmerizing effect to onlookers. The baby is believed to be only just a couple of days old and currently placed in the nursery before it will be discharged and will be taken home by the mother of the baby. As for now, the baby is currently under the jurisdiction of the health care professionals to further prepare the health of this little fella for the outside world and be with the family.
Anton Tanjung Baby
The baby is called as "Anton Tanjung Baby". This is because the baby is uploaded by Anton Tanjung, who is the attending physician that is currently taking care of the infant. Dr. Anton Tanjung is the primary health care provider for this cute infant, making it the reason why social media users tagged it as "Anton Tanjung Baby". This is a privilege for this cute doctor to provide his professional care to his cute baby patient.

On the part of the baby patient, the healthcare professionals named it as "Baby Arsya". The baby's parents are still in the process of finalizing the name of the baby before indicating it in the birth certificate of the newly born infant. This is a normal scenario in the hospital because there are parents who are still in the process of finalizing the name of their baby. Finalizing the name of the baby is essential so that there will be no problems with regard to changing the baby's name when they grow up into either teenagers or adults. Anton Tanjung is reluctant to indicate further details of the baby for privacy and security purposes from the public.

Netizens are hoping that the baby will be discharged soon and will be in the hands of a loving family who is willing to take good care of this little fellow. The cuteness of the baby is not the only reason why social media users are going crazy about this trend. The person who uploaded the photos of the baby is also the center of attraction by hopeless romantic who is searching for right one in their lives. This is because no one could deny the physical appearance of the person who uploaded the photo to his personal social media account. The identity of the doctor who uploaded the photos of the cute baby is also a subject of scrutiny by netizens in order to find out if he is still single and ready to mingle with anyone.

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(1). Baby Arysa has a set of distinct attractive facial features. The parents of this baby regard their offspring as the gift of heavean. This is a very rare case-scenario for a certain infant to possess these kinds of attractive features just a few days after they are delivered by their mothers. The jawline is evident enough for the baby to show his efficient facial feature that consists of perfect mandibular structure to create a million dollar-shaped face. The skin has a stunning pinkish complexion, which makes the baby look more appealing to any person that will see the baby. As compared to other babies in the hospital, the baby exudes different physical attributes that every mother wants to have it for their baby.

(2). The pair of eyes of this cute baby is the apple of attraction. If you are looking at the baby's eyes, there is something that makes you feel more attracted. The eyes have an evident eyelid structure that makes the eyes more attractive. It looks like the baby underwent a double eyelid procedure because it looks very well shaped. When the baby smiles, it highlights positivity as it creates an amusing aura to charm anyone looking at the infant's facial appearance. The glowing skin tone refreshes the baby's pair of eyes, creating a specialized magnifying nature to allure any person looking at the infant.

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(3). Baby Arysa can be a future celebrity and a stunning model. It will not be a surprise to many that there is a bigger future ahead for baby Arysa. He will soon began to appear in several commercials on televisions and in print advertisements. The facial features tell everybody that this baby will soon to become their idol. This is because there are numerous positive compliments that this baby can show. Even just a few years from now, this baby can be featured in a movie, playing a role of a newly born child of a celebrity. This baby is expected to endorse baby milk products and other pediatric-made commodities to market households for their infants.

(4). The cute baby is also helpful to notice the handsome pediatrician. Many are wondering if the baby and the doctor is related. This is because the attractive features of this cute baby are comparable to the facial features of the pediatrician who is taking care of this wonderful infant. The doctor has an undeniably glowing skin tone with an appealing facial charm. As the netizens are busy concentrating on praising they also notice that there is also something good about the appearance of the pediatrician. Hopeless romantic individuals are also hoping that the two are related to each other so they will learn more about baby Arsya and Anton Tanjung.

(5). Meet Doctor Anton Tanjun, the pediatrician responsible for taking care of baby Arysa. Meet Doctor Anton Tanjung. He is the doctor responsible for taking care of baby Arsya. Anton denies that he is the father of baby Arsya. The infant is one of his patients with his professional expertise as a pediatrician. He is currently monitoring and treating the physiologic needs of baby Arsya before discharging the patients. Doctor Anton hopes that netizens will not link him as the father of the baby because there are circulating social media issues that links him with the patient. However, he is thankful that there are many admirers of him even though they only see him in his social media. Anton Tanjung has almost 300K followers on his Instagram account.

Do you love Baby Arysa or popularly known as Anton Tanjung Baby?

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