Davao City has been experiencing a sudden wrath of unexpected circumstances in this last month of the year. There were numerous issues that are now bombarding the city with numerous controversies and unexpected scenarios surrounding the city since President Duterte took over as the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Since his presidency, there were numerous opposition groups and networks that initiated political issues against his administration. One major tactic is to neutralize his family members who are currently the core of Davao City. This is why there are major political issues that are now confronting the first family.

On December 25, 2017, during the afternoon of Christmas Day, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte stepped down as the Vice Mayor of Davao City. This means that his resignation announcement takes effect immediately. His former position will be held vacant until the next suitable person will be filling it and succeeds him. The resignation has been confirmed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte right after her brother's resignation announcement to the media. Although the mayor was disappointed to her brother's decision, she reiterated that the whole family respects Paolo's official resignation as the former Vice-Mayor of the city of Davao.
Paolo Duterte
Paolo Duterte is the eldest son of President Rodrigo Duterte from his first wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman. He is an active political personality in the City of Davao. He started as an active leader of a civic group before deciding to enter the politics. Paolo started to run for a public office when filed for his candidacy to a barangay-level position. His highest political attainment was when he won as Davao City's Vice Mayor in 2016 Philippine National Elections.

As the member of the first family, Paolo Duterte is no stranger to mass media exposure. This is because he is the member of Philippine's first family. Even if Paolo is already married with children, he is still exposed to several political issues that are connected to his father's administration as the head of state. However, he is not immune to controversies that have been brought out by his family's political opposition group responsible for causing accusations about his professional career. Rodrigo Duterte's opposition groups are now targetting his family members as a tactic to fulfill their dreams on destabilizing the president's political goals.

Since Paolo Duterte is now officially resigned from the office as the former Vice Mayor of Davao City, there will be an immediate appointment and replacement to his position. The person who will occupy the vice-mayoralty position is the winning councilor who garnered the highest votes during the 2016 Philippine National Election. Karlo Alexei Nograles with total votes of 198,304 might replace Paolo Duterte as the new Vice Mayor of Davao City. This is because Karlo Nograles garnered the highest votes during the 2016 National election. Nograles is a re-electionist candidate whom he ran for the third and last term as the councilor of Davao City since 2010.

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5 Reasons why Vice Mayor of Davao City Paolo Duterte Resigned?

(1). One major issue is all about the major politicking against him. Paolo Duterte has been the major target of opposition groups to satisfy their political grunt against President Rodrigo Duterte. Putting more pressure on Paolo Duterte is the best way to destabilize the Duterte administration. Opposition groups believe that they can crack Paolo Duterte by means of making numerous political challenges to crack down Duterte's administration. Through Paolo, the opposition can see the weaker side of him, which is why they made him resign from his post as the former Vice-Mayor of the City of Davao since he won in 2016. Not only for Paolo Duterte but also towards his family. The opposition group, which was the former administration of the Philippine government has been blamed for the series of attacks against Paolo Duterte

(2). Paolo Duterte has been targeted by a prominent Senator of the Philippines. In the latter part of this year, Paolo Duterte's name is often mentioned by the incumbent Senator of the Philippines. This is no other than Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Since Senator Trillanes IV cannot fully engage in a stream of political challenge against  Rodrigo Duterte, why not his son can be the other recipients of his political malice. This senator has made numerous political issues to succeed in his political platforms. Using Paolo as his bait makes him succeed in his political vision against the DUterte administration. One example was that Trillanes mandated Paolo Duterte to attend the Senate hearing to answer his personal speculations. Even when Paolo is living in Davao City, the feisty male senator has already been mocking this presidential son.

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(3). He does not want this problem to affect other members of the family. For Paolo Duterte, it is better to become the only sacrificial lamb of the Duterte family. Resigning is the best way for Paolo to get rid of any plans from the interest third party to win a case against the Duterte administration. This is brought about by the consistent rants against him by the opposition groups. The political pressure that has been pressing against him is now becoming worse and worse each day. His reputation as the vice mayor could be the main reason for the opposition group that will make them win their visionaries.

(4). Opposition groups are blaming Paolo Duterte regarding the incident of NCCC shopping mall inferno. The NCCC (New City Commercial Center) Shopping Mall has been the subject of engineering controversy This is due to the fire that totally incinerated the whole structure in just a few hours. This is clearly all about the faulty installation of electrical wirings that caused a significant concern to the safety of other malls across the country. Oppositions blamed Paolo due to his lack of monitoring personnel as well as the rescue efforts by the local government units. In this case, this is one major issue why Paolo's governance has been the subject of concern.

The NCCC Shopping Mall is responsible for causing at least 37 lives that were lost. There are still more than dozens that are still missing in the area. Emergency response personnel are now searching for the remaining bodies of the missing persons. More than two dozen injuries were reported and are now treated at hospitals.

(5). The former vice mayor has been a rugged relationship with his daughter. Isabelle Duterte made a viral photo shoot inside the Malacanang Palace together with her team of hair and makeup stylists. The viral photo made Paolo Duterte upset because the opposition groups are now using it to provoke hatred against the Duterte's supporters. The former Davao City Vice Mayor made a viral comment on Facebook toward his daughter, stating that the photos are causing trouble to his family. It was a tough moment for the father-daughter relationship to strengthen their bonds due to the pressures and political challenges that the family is currently experiencing. Many are hoping that the two should reconcile as soon as possible in the future.

Who do you believe is responsible for Paolo Duterte's resignation?

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