In a normal household, the father is usually the breadwinner of the family. As the patriarch of the family, it is his responsibility to find a job to sustain his family's socio-economic needs and lifestyle. This means that the patriarch must have to have a stable and a long-term income for his family's welfare and future. The father always finds ways to ensure that the whole family is able to live a normal life because they are there to provide physical and emotional support. If going abroad is the only option to sustain the needs of the whole family, the father has no choice but to file an application abroad and start working when accepted.

If there is one thing that a family should be scared of, is the case of Ruel Galvan Cabatingan. His face looks so shy, kind, and warm. The problem is that Ruel has a very dark personality that can catch every person off-guard. Ruel Cabatingan is responsible for wrecking the whole family of Marlon Gamos, who has been trying his best to provide the needs of his family that is miles away from their home. Mr. Cabatingan was responsible for the merciless double execution case against Marlon's wife and their seven-year-old child Shaniah Nicole Gamos. The good news is that Ruel decided to hand himself to the authorities in his hometown in Eastern Samar. Ruel surrendered on the 28th of December of 2017 after two weeks of hiding.
Ruel Galvan Cabatingan
A family is the basic unit of the society. It does not matter if the members of the household are related by blood. This is for as long as they live in harmony and support each other no matter how the circumstances are. The only problem is when one of the household members starts to involve themselves in immoral practices such as when the wife starts to engage in an intimate relationship with another person aside from her husband.

This is the case of Marlon Gamos, who is a hard-working father to his family. As a father, he makes sure that his family meets their needs by having a stable set of needs. These are a secured home in a subdivision that is well-guarded by security personnel at all times. The finances that he provides to his family will help his wife to balance all expenses for their only child as well as for their home's needs. This is a normal scenario for a member of the family who is currently working abroad as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) to other countries. Marlon Gamos is one of the 12 million OFW's who is currently working as a seaman in a naval company.

After the incident happened, Marlon Gamos began searching for any possible clue on who is responsible for his wife and child's demise. After a thorough investigation, he found a shocking revelation that his wife was cheating on him without his knowledge. Since police authorities considered the crime to be a love-related, Marlon's emotional dilemma became more complicated. He didn't expect that something like this could happen to him that could break his family apart. Marlon is now grieving the burden of being cheated by his former wife as well as the third party responsible for his family's unjustified ending.

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WATCH: Who is Ruel Galvan Cabatingan?

(1) He is the primary suspect in the double slay case of Gamos family. On December 11, 2017, Kensington residents found lifeless bodies of Ruby and Shaniah Nicole inside their home at Barangay Navarro, General Trias, Cavite. Neighbors of the Gamos family are able to report the scene to the guard house that prompted the authorities in the area to secure the crime scene. Authorities were able to inform the immediate family members, which is Marlon Gamos and their close relatives. Both the neighbors and the authorities were still puzzled about the true identity of the suspect after the initial investigation of the scene.

(2). Ruel was having an affair with Ruby Gamos. After a series of investigation, authorities discovered that Ruby Gamos and Ruel Cabatingan is having an affair. The authorities found out that Ruby was cheating on her husband Marlon with Ruel Cabatingan. The social media pictures of the two were often posted in their respective social media profiles that were quickly taken by the authorities for another series of an investigation. It was not clear how long have they've been together until the incident happened. The authorities helped Marlon discover that his wife's infidelity played a huge factor in their demise without the knowledge of the husband abroad.

Marlon Gamos is even more infuriated upon discovering that his wife's matrimonial commitment is no longer there. It is already too late for Marlon to talk about his wife's relationship with the primary suspect of the case.

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(3). The incident is considered a love crime case. The authorities regard the incident as a product of a love crime because the primary suspect was having an affair with the victim. Ruby Gamos broke the sacrament of matrimony when she started having an affair with another man aside from her husband. This is probably due to her husband's OFW status that prompted her to become so lonely that she started venting her emotional well-being to another person. One theory was that Ruby was having an altercation with Ruel when the incident suddenly happened. Ruel might have been forcing or pressuring Ruby to separate from her husband but she refused.

(4). Ruel Galvan Cabatingan surrendered to the authorities on December 28, 2017. After the gruesome incident, Ruel quickly flew back to his hometown in Eastern Samar. He hid for a couple of weeks to clear his head due to his recent criminal offense against the Gamos family. Authorities will transport Cabatingan back to Cavite where he will be facing double murder charges before the law in General Trias, Cavite. Ruel will be meeting face to face with the patriarch of the Gomes family along with their relatives to face justice against his criminal offenses.

Ruel realized that his conscience could no longer bear it due to the offense that he committed. As he just recently surrendered, he admits that he is now going to face the consequence of his actions. Ruel is willing to serve several decades in prison due to his unforgivable acts.

(5). Ruel is an example of how an uncontented person will find danger to their life. The case of Gomes family indicates that there is nothing good when you seek more. This means that contentment is the best solution to every problem that a person will have. They always say that patience is a virtue because this is the best way to solve problems and prevents any temptations. However, the wife, in this case, was tempted by a person whom he thought that she is still single or a single parent because the patriarch is currently working overseas. This is a lesson to everybody that we should be always contented with what we have.

Did you learn a lesson about this case?

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