The Philippines has one of the slowest internet speeds in the entire Asian region. This makes the country as one of the few in the world with the most disturbing internet access than any other parts of the world. Its neighbors are now finding a better way to improve its connectivity through wireless networks as well as on its cable network system. However, the Philippines is still left behind with more technological improvements to consider. This is why both residents and visitors of the country are having a hard time connecting with other individuals to other parts of the world due to a slow internet speed.

This is why the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is now tapping China's one of the largest telecommunications company to tap the Philippine market. This is because it wants to end the long-term monopoly and bureaucracy of businesses in the country. Introduction of new business players provides a vital way to lower the prices of goods and services in the country such as internet access. When China Telecom will enter the Philippine marketplace, it will start to dissolve the monopoly because it can offer a better internet access to consumers. This is because there are only two telecoms across the archipelago who are the only companies providing internet connectivity to both residents and tourists.
China Telecom
China Telecom is a state-run telecommunications company operating mainly in the Chinese mainland. The company is one of the largest state-owned Chinese telecommunications that will soon penetrate the Philippine market. It offers fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, digital television, and most importantly, the internet access. The introduction of China Telecom in the Philippine market will soon help the accessibility of Filipinos to internet access.

Even before Rodrigo Duterte was still a candidate for the Philippine presidency, he indicated that he wants to change the monopolizing culture of telecommunications. This is because he is ashamed that the Philippines has one of the slowest internet speed rates in the world. He initially wants to introduce Telstra to the Philippine market. However, Telstra is still conducting a feasibility study to the entire Philippine archipelago before starting a new business venture. This will be similar to China Telecom who is now conducting a feasibility study in order to change the technological culture of the Philippines with regard to internet access.

Internet access in the Philippines is a very crucial issue. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses across the archipelago that are transitioning into data accessibility. Internet access plays a crucial conduit for businesses to thrive because it is one of the most efficient ways to connect with the consumers. For this reason, many consumers are having a hard time to connect with the businesses due to the failure of internet connection. Internet access is mostly available in metropolitan areas that have a high population density. Areas that have a lesser population density have lower internet access, making it difficult for the provincial residents to connect to the internet.

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(1). The Philippines has one of the slowest internet speeds in Asia. If not the slowest, the Philippines even has the slowest internet speeds in the entire Asian continent. This is despite that the Philippines has been industrializing most of its metropolitan areas. Internet providers limit internet access, dismantling businesses to continue their services and production. The entry of China Telecom will start the competition and will begin commercializing internet access to faster speeds in the future. China Telecom can easily install itself because it is easily accessible when the manufacturers start to ship raw materials via the South China Sea.

(2). Rodrigo wants to stop the business monopoly of internet access in the Philippines. The problem with the internet access in the Philippines is the monopolization of businesses, affecting data processing issues. In this case, internet access in the Philippines is so restricted because businesses handling internet services only provides little privileges to consumers. If Rodrigo successfully eliminates the monopoly of telecom businesses in the Philippines, this will be one of his major accomplishments during his term. The entry of new telecom companies enables internet speed to become faster and more efficient in data transfer systems.

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(3). China Telecom offers a faster internet speed. Since it is one of the largest telecom companies in China as well as in Asia, it provides a more efficient internet access in the Philippines. The fastest is 200 megabits per second for a price of Php 5,000 per month. The cheapest is Php 999 or $20 USD for 20 megabits per second. This is quite faster and cheaper than the local service providers that only offer between 2 to 4 megabits per second for Php 2,000. There will be a big difference with regard to the speed as well as the price in terms of data access to the internet. Once China offers more affordable internet connectivity, it will trigger a more efficient data transfer access without pressuring the pockets of the consumers.

(4). China is the richest country in the world by 2018. Why is this issue connected to the main topic? This is because China Telecom is a state-owned company operated by the technological authorities of the People's Republic of China. This country has more than enough wealth to finance all types of equipment to build numerous facilities all over the Philippines. The financial equity of China has a continuous allocation by the central government, which makes it eligible to operate in the Philippines. The risk of fraud is not a problem because this telecom company represents the communications department of China to the Philippine market.

(5). The geographical position between China and the Philippines is just a few miles away. China is one of the maritime neighbors of the Philippines. China Telecom will not have any problems with shipping raw materials to the Philippines due to its close proximity. The company can easily install numerous cellular sites and transmission towers all over the archipelago in order to provide a stable and a faster internet access. Since funding system is not a problem for the company, China Telecom can overshadow local telecom companies by installing more than 20,000 transmission towers across the archipelago in just a matter of months. This is only if the company will officially announce its operations in the Philippines.

The question is, do you want China Telecom to start its business to the Philippines immediately?

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