When a celebrity is featured in an extravagant photo shoot, many of their followers become amazed after looking at each frame in their photo studios. Fans usually show compassion as well as positive reactions whenever they see their favorite celebrity poses for a certain brand. This is because they understand that every celebrity is promoting a certain brand where they are tapped as a representative. This means that celebrities are brand ambassadors of a certain logo or a brand in order to boost the marketing value of the product or service. This is the reason why there are many celebrities who are endorsing products to generate a profitable market.

For the case of Isabelle Duterte, her latest photo shoot is the apple of the social media's eye. There are latest photos and videos of her photo shoots that generated viral issues over the social media. Isabella may have already expected mixed reactions because she belongs to the most prominent political families in the Philippines. She is legitimately carrying her surname, which belongs to the official first family of the Philippines. As a celebrity, she is also briefed by both her manager and family to receive numerous kinds of reactions after publishing her photo shoots online. Isabelle has been advised about what she will be responding whenever there are strong personal reactions from random individuals or groups.
Isabelle Duterte
Isabelle Duterte is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She is currently undergoing numerous entertainment castings to television shows, movies, and variety shows in the entertainment industry of the Philippines. She is also a commercial model, endorsing some known brands in the Philippine market. Literally, Isabelle is making a name for herself and not just by being known as the presidential granddaughter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The red gown used by Isabelle Duterte is a clover-shaped ball gown by Garimon Roferos. This ball gown is closely similar to the ball gown wore by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach when she wore the Mikimoto crown during a certain photo shoot. aside from the extravagant red gown, Isabelle Duterte wore other dresses during her pre-debut photo shoot that is believed to be from other designers. There was a team of photographers who were granted an access inside the Malacanang Palace in order to shoot the main subject of their art masterpiece, which is the celebrant  Isabelle Duterte. Make-up artists were also allowed to access the place to officially render their magical touches to Isabelle Duterte.

There were mixed reactions to the photos and videos of Isabelle Duterte's pre-debut photo went online. On the positive note, supporters were happy that one of President Duterte's granddaughter is now officially an adult after her grand debut celebration. They are the members of the Die-hard Duterte Supporters and Bong Bong Marcus followers. On the opposite side, the opposition groups were protesting about Isabelle Duterte's recent photo shoot that was held at the Malacanang Palace. This is simply because they hate everything about the current Duterte's administration simply because they are the opposition.

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WATCH: 7 Facts why Celebrity Presidential Granddaughter Isabelle Duterte is Trending

(1). She is the granddaughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Isabelle Duterte is one of the most famous granddaughters of Rodrigo Duterte, the incumbent president of the Republic of the Philippines. Basing from her surname, she is definitely one of the favorite granddaughters because she is making a name without the efforts of the first family. She is aware that as a presidential daughter, there is an instant fame that she can gather with the other due to the active attention of mass media reporters who are always hungry for news scoops.

(2). Her father is the most powerful man in Davao City. Isabelle Duterte's father is Paolo Duterte, which is the son of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Why is Isabelle's father the most powerful in Davao City? This is because he is the incumbent Vice Mayor of the City of Davao. Even before being elected as the city's Vice Mayor, Paolo has been actively participating in various social affairs in Davao and other parts of Mindanao. DDS (Die-hard Duterte Supporters) are not surprised if Paolo Duterte will run for a higher position after his term as a Vice Mayor in 2019 elections.

(3). Isabella Duterte is technically an untouchable woman until 2022. As the name itself, the Duterte clan is the most powerful clan in the Philippines and one of the most prominent families in Southeast Asia. This means that Isabelle Duterte is seriously not an ordinary woman because she is the president's granddaughter. Her name is well-known not only in the entire Philippines but also to other parts of the world. The President including the first family is covered by the rules of immunity. This means that all members are spared from any legal charges filed by any plaintiff.

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(4). Isabella's red clover-shaped ball gown is an eye-catching object of attention. Isabella's red gown made waves through social media websites. This extravagant garment is designed by Garimon Roferos. Obviously, the gown doesn't have an ordinary tag price over the market. As a These are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and in popular blogger platforms that published some of her photos and even videos of her. Her gown's extravagant features are appalling enough that bloggers are able to create pages specifically for Isabella.

(5). The photos feature the classical nature of the Malacanang Palace. In the Philippines, the Malacanang Palace is one of the most important places in the country. It serves as the official residence of the Philippine head of states that are elected by claiming the majority of votes during the presidential election. The theme of the photo shows the regal side of the Malacanang Palace. It shows the classical nature of the Palace's interior part, representing classical nature of the country. The chandelier, the walls, and the intricate designs of the palace interior shows how the place represents the aristocracy of the Philippine politics.

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(6). Isabella is turning 18. The trending set of photos are Isabelle's pre-debut party, which is in preparation to create a video that will be played during the actual event. This is a typical service for photo studios covering certain events such as debuts, weddings, birthdays, or memorials. Isabella's event is considered as the most important debut of the year 2018. Her debut generated praised from her followers as well as her fans because the event is blessed by her grandfather, president Rodrigo Duterte.

(7). Opposition groups make the photos a big deal and use it as a reason for their political campaign. The main opposition group against the Duterte administration are using the photo shoot as a reason to protest. Some are already planning to file a lawsuit against Isabelle and will find several reasons to jeopardize her debut. This is an expected scenario since Isabelle is the granddaughter of President Rodrigo Duterte. Supporters of the opposition groups are now creating numerous kinds of memes for the purpose of humiliating Isabelle and increasing the wave of negativity to the public.

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