In major beauty pageants, there is one interesting issue that makes a candidate place and can make their countries proud. This is the issue regarding luck that can make a candidate reach the closest possible win in major beauty pageants. As a candidate, luck has been playing an important role to ensure that the candidate's chances increase while they are bannering the flag of their country. This is especially for candidates who are struggling to keep their pace as one of the most dominant candidates in the pageant world. This issue is important for any candidate because it seeks to improve their standing, especially during the coronation night.

One of the most interesting issues is the color yellow for beauty pageants. Yellow color has been considered as the lucky shade for candidates joining in major pageants in several international stages. There were several candidates who joined major beauty pageants who were lucky enough to be included in the semifinalists. As a candidate, they used this particular luck for them to clinch the highest possible rankings during the coronation night of the event. There were candidates who became lucky enough to be included in the final five or even three spots. However, there are ladies who failed to use their luck as they landed only in top 15 during the finals night.
Yellow Gown
The yellow color has been thought to bring luck to some ladies who naturally chose the color to wear it during the preliminaries. If these ladies were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the top 15 finalists, they can have the chance to wear the gown once more. There are countries who already wore the gown wherein their designers or the candidates themselves naturally chose it before wearing it in front of the stage. For the lucky ladies, they made a significant difference when they were called as one of the top 15 semifinalists.

Why the Yellow gown is chosen as a lucky color for the candidates when joining an international beauty pageant? This is because the color has a striking appeal to the audience, especially to the judges. The striking yellow makes a shocking appeal to the observers who are able to recognize the real beauty of the gown. When the judge and the audience see the yellow gown, they feel that there is something striking their attention to becoming more drawn to the candidate. The color can easily stimulate the minds and the eyes of the audiences, which has been responsible for ensuring everybody's entertainment on the stage.

Unlike the white color that represents purity, yellow directly strikes the attention of anyone who is just looking at it. The candidate who has been wearing the yellow gown was usually not part of the list for pageant fanatics and analysts. The yellow-colored gown may not have been always used by the candidates in major beauty pageants. Once they wear it, they will make sure they will reach the top during the coronation night. However, not all predictions are always right because there are still candidates who make surprises during the final show. These are candidates who showed a relentless performance out of luck. Each trim, they are always included that makes pageant fanatic shocked.

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In 2011, Priscilla Machado came strong to place as the second runner-up during the conclusion of Miss Universe. The winner during that time was Leila Lopes from Angola, which is the third African woman to win the crown. One distinctive issue about Priscilla is her yellow dress during the coronation night. Her yellow dress was flowy as it glides through the stage while walking in front of the audiences. Priscilla makes sure that her flowy dress could generate more attention to the judges that made her through the top 5. Even if she is the pageant's host candidate, she makes sure that she can place and make her country proud.

In 2013, Ariella Arida from the Philippines became victorious even if she placed as Third runner-up during the final's night. She was never a favorite of numerous pageant experts from around the world. However, her dress made her lucky to be included in the top 16 in Miss Universe 2013. Gabriella Isler of Venezuela claimed their 7th title during the coronation night. Ariella made a very low score in the evening gown portion due to the pose that was being taught to her. However, she was lucky enough to garner the highest score during the swimsuit round that made her way through the final 5 of the pageant in Russia.

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In 2014, Yasmin Verheijen was also victorious during the conclusion of the pageant. Yasmin placed as the third runner-up during the conclusion of Miss Universe 2014 that was won by Paulina Vega as the second Colombian to win the title. Yasmin was the ultimate dark horse during the final's night. Little they did know that this girl garnered some of the highest scores during the preliminary, final's gown, and swimsuit competition. Her enigmatic yellow dress proved that she had the luck to win the pageant in a major way. The Netherlands is truly proud of her achievement because it is a rare case-scenario for a candidate to reach the top 5 from this nation.

In 2016, Yaritza Reyes is very triumphant enough to claim the second best position in Miss World 2016. Her colleague, Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico won as Miss World 2013. Yartiza was also not that heavy favorite before the coronation night because there was one girl that everybody was rooting for. And that is no other than Catriona Gray from the Philippines who just reached the third princess position. Many say that Yaritza's yellow color was her best charm because it made her land on the first runner-up position during the conclusion of the pageant. When her name was called, her country, the Dominican Republic was very happy. However, they did not expect that Miss World will single out Catriona Gray.

In 2017, there is one lucky lady that managed to reach the top 3 spot. This is no other than Davina Bennett from Jamaica. She was lucky enough to be called as one of the top 16 semifinalists during the coronation night of Miss Universe. During the swimsuit, her body is believed to be classified in the plus size category. Since Miss Universe Organization is looking for a brand ambassadress, Davina managed to reach the top 10. Her yellow gown with a flowy shoulder veil makes her a standout during the pageant. The gown may look ordinary to some, but it brought a lucky charm for her to become the pageant's second runner-up.

The question is, do you think yellow is really the lucky color for major pageants?

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