In the world of fashion industry, one of the most prominent areas that always penetrate the runway is ladies from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Sudan. These are the ladies that possesses authentic Native African individuals with a unique set of physical features that make themselves very attractive. However, South Sudan always shines the most because this is a country that has untapped markets for models in the fashion industry. There are numerous beautiful girls in this country who can at par with the fully trained fashion models in Latin Americas and Asian countries. At the same time, South Sudan can send girls that are fit for winning an international in international beauty pageants.

Nyadak Thot or also known as Duckie Thot has been circulating over the internet for the past several years. The reason behind is her extraordinary features that makes herself as a stunning woman to storm the fashion industry. She has been under the eye of beauty pageant camps for a possibility that she can represent her country in a major international pageant. This is because she has the potential to become a successful beauty queen that can change her life forever. When she will win a major title in an international beauty pageant, her fame can quickly skyrocket, making her as one of the inspiring black beauty queens with a substance and an advocacy.
Nyadak Thot
Duckie Thot is a professional fashion model in international brands and spreads. She is usually seen walking through the runways of big fashion brands in the industry. Some of these brands are Vogue, Elle, and Versace, which are very respected names in the fashion world. Duckie is slowly gaining momentum as one of the most sought fashion models around the world. Many as wondering if she could also join beauty pageants to add her list of portfolios.

Since celebrities and fashion models are now trying their luck to the beauty pageant industry, there are some who are lucky enough to become an inspiration to the world as a beauty queen. Models who have a strong potential to become a beauty queen are usually invited by beauty pageant camps to train. If these models agree, they will start enrolling themselves in a beauty pageant camp of their choice and start their training. Models who usually join are those whose modeling contracts have just ended and looking for new avenues as a continuum with their socio-economic lifestyle. This is because there is a bigger side of the picture for models who wins in international beauty pageants.

White supremacists do not find her attractive due to their racial preference for Caucasians. But in terms of growing trends in diversity, she is slowly becoming one of the most respected models at a young age of 21. Duckie has the perfect body shape and aura to walk through the runways while promoting several fashion brands in the industry. Her shiny brown skin makes her a standout whenever she graces the runway. Many find her charm ethereal because it is rare for black beauties to look like a barbie in a perfect way. Her facial feature is perfect to become a fashion model that is comparable to a lifesize Barbie.

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(1). Her both nickname and real name are Nyadak "Duckie Thot". She has been regarded as the ugly duckling that rose into a beautiful black swan upon reaching her legal age status. When she was a child, Nyadak was an outcast due to the color of her skin, ethnicity, religion, and other demographical issues that are associated with her. It was a rough time for her during her childhood that suppressed her self-confidence until she moved to Australia and gained numerous praises. Her nickname Duckie has derived from her growing up experience wherein many people became infatuated with her modelesque aura when she reached into her late teen period.

(2). Nyadak is a professional fashion model. Due to her unique and interesting facial and physical features, Nyadak was invited to join several magazine spreads and fashion brands. After making several appearances in some spreads and fashion events, she decided to join Australia's Next Top Model. She ended up as a finalist in the competition. Nyadak made a positive impression on several fashion brands, making her as the rare gem in the fashion world with such perfect features. After her popularity in the Australian version of the Top Model reality competition, she is now pursuing and living her dream as a fashion model and an inspiration to black beauties.

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(3). She is an authentic Black Barbie in the fashion industry. Nyadak is commonly tagged as the black version of Barbie. Her facial features are perfectly symmetrical to that of Barbie's facial features. One more thing about her is that she did not undergo surgical enhancements to change her appearance. Whenever she is standing in the middle of a corner while wearing a dress, she can be easily mistakenly identified as a mannequin or a life-size Barbie. Her pictures were thought to be a barbie because of her facial features. For those who know how to distinguish real and fake pictures, they can easily tell that Nyadak or Duckie's photos are real and not photoshopped like other models in the industry.

(4). Duckie Thot experiences extreme bullying. If you are black or you have a darker skin tone, you are always subjected to bullying. This is especially if you are in a western country wherein the dominating population is Caucasian. During Duckie's stint in Australia's next top model, she was criticized online due to her dark skin tone. Her forehead is also scrutinized and criticized. This is due to the receding hairline that is sometimes attributed to her genes. She experienced one of the worst bullying experiences just because of one simple reason, which is for being black. Duckie received multiple discrimination attacks online by anonymous users for the purpose of degrading her dignity.

(5). Nyadak Thot is one of the highest paid models in the fashion industry. Even if she is yet to gain her supermodel status, Nyadak is now enjoying her hefty salary as a fashion model. Big brands are bolstering their investments to her because they know that she can bring more interested consumers to try their brand. At a young age of 21, Nyadak is considered a fashion gem because she is already a perfect young woman who can make a difference to several fashion designers and artists to represent their brand to the fashion world. At the present, bullies will regret what they have done to her when she was starting her career, proving that she can still make a difference in the world of glitz and glamour.

The question is, will she join a national beauty pageant even if she is already earning a decent amount of salary?

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