Many pageant fanatics are all eyes on Venezuela because they always send delegates with a superb package. Pageant aficionados are also focused on the Philippines because these are the two countries that are training their girls comprehensively in order to help their country win major international beauty pageants. These two countries are becoming rivals in the world of beauty pageantry with consistent placements in every pageant that are held around the world. This is especially for the Philippines, which has already mastered its recipe, making it one of the most successful countries to have a consistent 8-year streak.

Pageant fans did not know that there is one country that had already mastered the right elements to win the crown. And this is no other than Colombia. In the world of beauty pageantry, Colombia has been patiently waiting for the right time to master all the procedures and strategies to win Miss Universe. Colombia is not only aiming to win Miss Universe crown, they have been successful in clinching other international crowns that make them more successful in the field of beauty pageants. This country is not always under the radar of pageant fans and analysts because they are busy concentrating on the Philippines, Venezuela, USA, Mexico, and emerging Asian countries.
Miss Universe Colombia
Colombia is a South American country that sits on the west of Venezuela, South of Panama, North of Ecuador, and the northwestern tip of Brazil. Colombia is the nemesis of Venezuela in the world of beauty pageantry. This is the country that sends candidates with power and surprise. The element of mystery in this country is very unique because they keep sending delegates with a suspense nature to suddenly penetrate the semifinals and eventually become the ultimate winner.

Colombia is in an intermittent position in beauty pageantry. However, once that they send a stunner, expect that they always give a good standing. This happened in 2008 when Taliana Vargas became a favorite, generating numerous positive comments by beauty pageant fans. However, Venezuela emerged as the winning candidate after a small decimal point difference with Taliana. The most heartbreaking moment was in 2015 when Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly announced as the winner by Steve Harvey. The real winner during that time was Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines. In 2017, Laura Gonzalez also made it to the first runner-up position during the conclusion of the pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Overall, Colombia is a dark horse in the world of beauty pageantry. This country is silently penetrating the top position to win that happens from time to time. The country manages to place in the top 3 for four consecutive years since Paulina Vega won in 2014. Ariadna made a close finish in 2015 as the 5th Colombian first runner-up. Andrea Tovar placed as the second runner-up when the pageant was held in the Philippines. Laura Gonzalez managed to become the 6th woman during the latest edition of Miss Universe that was held in Las Vegas, USA. The question is, will Colombia win this 2018 after it placed a consistent finished for the last four editions of the pageant.

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(1). Colombia is the country of the year this 2017 beauty pageant season. Colombia made at least three first runner-up finish in major beauty pageants across the world. Juliana Franco emerged as the first runner-up of Miss Earth 2017 beauty pageant in Manila, the Philippines. Martha Martinez ended as the first runner-up during the coronation night of Miss Supranational 2017 in Poland. However, Miss World Colombia 2017 Maria Daza ended only at Top 40 after the pageant was concluded in Sanya, China. Colombia remained unplaced in Miss International 2017 that was held in Tokyo, Japan.

(2). Consistent placements in Miss Universe beauty pageant. Colombia managed to place consistently in Miss Universe beauty pageant. In 2014, Paulina Vega emerged as the winner of Miss Universe beauty pageant in the United States. Andrea Tovar and Laura Gonzalez also followed their predecessor's footsteps and successfully landed as second runner-up and first runner-up respectively. In 2018, the same strategy will be used by the Colombians so that they can win their country's third crown. The only thing that they will ace is their ability to answer the question thoroughly during the preliminary interview as well as during the coronation night.

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(3). Rigorous training regimen for beauty pageant contestants and representatives. Colombia has one of the best training camps in the world aside from Venezuelan and Filipino beauty pageant camps. The trainers seem to develop the best possible strategy that can make their country dominate the pageant. Each training beauty queen is trained to do the best catwalk that will try to test their luck to an international beauty pageant. All ladies will be instructed to do their hair and make-up styling without the need to rely on stylists. In addition, the candidates are trained to perform the best question and answering skills to ace the interview.

(4). Colombia is known as a First runner-up country. In beauty pageants, Colombia is already known as the country that has the most first runners-up finish. This means that a country that has been consistently placing in the first runner-up rank. For countries that fail to place in the major beauty pageant, it is already a huge achievement if their candidate lands on the first runner-up. This means that Colombia has been achieving a dream that will make their candidates reach the top positions in major international pageantry. As a first runner-up nation, Colombia is now placing a strong position to dominate the pageant world.

(5). Experience is the key for Colombians to succeed in international competitions. Successful Colombian candidates can provide a significant contribution to their future queens. This is especially for Paulina Vega, who won the pageant in 2014 that can share her experience and strategies for their future queens. This is a huge achievement, knowing that Colombians plays consistently when they are fielded in beauty pageants. The ladies are further trained by their predecessors to walk the way they know that can make a difference in the world. Future candidates can be trained by previous winners, participants, and beauty pageant experts.

Question: Will Colombia win Miss Universe next year? 

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