Who are your bets among the lovely candidates vying for the Miss Universe 2015 title? After the candidates who arrived in the host country, there are some ladies who are already making waves so various pageant enthusiasts as well as mass media. So here are some of the contestants who are now making waves in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The pageant will be held on the 21st of December of 2016.

Ladies from around thew world are hopeful to clinch one of the most coveted crown in the universe. All ladies that will compete have already undergone a rigorous training in order to improve their pageantry skills. Ladies who are very prepared will ensure that their vibe will translate their strong stage presence so that they will be easily noticed by pageant analysts, organizers, and the judges. Celebrities are also waiting for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant that will give a boost, which could help to let their country noticed as one of the major producers of the most beautiful and competitive woman in the universe.
Few days are just remaining. Contestants had just finished their glam shots and other photo shoots. Currently, contestants are simultaneously being invited by sponsors to do an extra photo shoot, commercials, and advertisements. Ladies are also assigned with their official hair dressers who will fix their hair throughout the pageant rehearsals. If the ladies will penetrate up to the finalist spot, their hairdressers will be lucky enough to keep their position and job to help the delegates to outshine other delegates in the competition.

The final prediction will be released after the preliminary show, which will detail final observations to reveal underrated girls that actually outshines popular contestants. Meanwhile, these are the ladies that you should watch out for while the preliminary competition is not yet done. Check it out below if your favorite contestant/s are listed below. Enjoy.

Since Donald Trump left the Miss Universe Organization to pave his way on pursuing his political ambition, the new organizers are handled by the owners of television and entertainment industries. These are the individuals who will be creatively organize the pageant into a more unique beauty pageant that is held annually around the world. The new management are known to represent several brand by allowing models and brand ambassadors to further help their country to represent their brands efficiently.

Here are the predicted contestants of Miss Universe 2015 in random order:


As always, Venezuela is one of the most prepared countries to compete with every beauty pageants. This is the country's one of the most precious identities that is why most countries respect Venezuela as a pageant powerhouse. Her body is to die for, with her chiseled abs and powerful pose that can heat up the competition.


Even if they won last year's competition, another stunner is now attracting attention to mass media. Her experience as a fashion model is her biggest advantage. Her catwalk is one of the strongest on this year's competition. She can be the woman to make a history in Colombia by having a back to back win aside from Venezuela. Will her consistency shine? lets find out after the pre-pageant.


What out for this girl. She possesses one of the best faces in this competition. Her queenly look can easily attract numerous followers all over the world. The camera loves her with her effortless pose while she is in front of every camera. It is not a surprising thing if her country will be announced to enter the semi-finalist round of the competition.


This year, a vibrant country finally sent its strongest delegate in the competition so far. She made a big impact upon arriving in Las Vegas. Her strong aura is one of her best assets. As a model, she always knows how to play with the camera. She can definitely bring pride to her country especially when her sash will be announced during the final night.

5. USA

This girl is an experienced contestant. She was Miss USA World 2013 and made it to the quarterfinals when the pageant was held in Indonesia. This blonde beauty can seriously make it to one of the top spots of the competition. With a towering height of 5'11, her beauty can be easily spotted by the judges.


The queen of exotic beauty from an exotic country. Her skin tone is one of the most unique than her predecessors that can make it as her advantage. Past representatives are making it to the semi-final spots for the past two years. This year's contestant from Indonesia will maximize this advantage because she is now carrying a stronger sash. She has a sweet aura with an exotic skin, making it unique from other contestants. She is also showing a nice personality to other candidates.


For the past five consecutive years, the Philippines has been placing in this pageant. This time, a complete package with a highly experienced candidate will now try to challenge the crown to be hers. With the experience from the past contestants provides a greater recipe for this candidate to have the chance further excel in this year's pageant. Her face is undoubtedly stunning with a body to die for as a result of years worth of being involved with physical fitness training.


A delegate from Thailand is considered as the dark horse of this year's pageant. She is one of the most underrated contestants. But she can give a nice pose, photos, and knows how to play her cards well. She is also trained for the past months, making her well-prepared that can make this pageant that can have a more competitive environment with other contestants.


This girl is a complete package. She has the face, the body, and the character that makes her one of the strongest contestant this year. Even when joining the national pageant, she was one of the favorites of local audiences due to her queenly aura. She never fails to amaze photographers by giving a striking pose and an aura that can give a strong vibe.


The sweet Asian beauty from the land of the golden Buddhas. She may not be as popular, but she can make other girls run for their money by making it to the semi-finals. Her beauty is always creating a positive vibe that creates a good impression to the judges and critics. She can make a history by being the first ever candidate to go through the semi-finals.


Finally, India managed to drop a massive atomic bomb in this year's competition. If this bomb will explode, it will make most of the contestants faint with Urvashi's whole package beauty. She has the one of the best faces, a great body, and a strong aura that makes an invisible shock wave to the cameras as well as to other candidates. Even if by just looking at her, your eyes will open wide because there is something positive about her that could make a big impact to this year's competition.


This girl is underrated. The innocent beauty from the Dominican Republic can surprise many because she is experienced, knows how to deal with the competition, and has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition. Her sweet aura will be the greatest advantage that can make her penetrate the semi-finalist positions. Her modelesque aura will help her to reach the strongest spots of her competition. Every angle is best for her with no sign of strong facial feature even in candid shots from every shoot.


The pageant organizers in this country are now developing a new recipe in order to place in Miss Universe pageants. This year's candidate shows an aura that is determined to win its first ever title to make history. She is not new to the fashion industry, making her as a potential stunner with great shots. She knows how to position herself from every picture.


Mexico is eager to make a comeback on this year's competition by sending a candidate with a unique beauty. Her facial features are different from the past candidates with her fierce look and confident vibe. She always makes sure that she can direct her striking pose to each shot from the camera. It will not be surprising if she will make it to the semi-finalists during the final night. Her fierceness will keep her stay in the competition.


Never underestimate this girl from the land of Kremlin beauties. Even finishing second during the national pageant's night as a first runner-up, Russia can surely make it to the top by entering the semi-finalist spot. She is a fashion model, which makes it as her advantage because she can always play with the camera. Any angle of her body including candid shots always appear to be fantastic. She can probably bring home the crown that can revenge Oxana's dethronement.


Bubbling up: France, Japan, Ireland, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Israel, Curacao, Spain, and Italy.


These are the potential candidates so far. These predictions may change after the pre-pageant night.

You can comment your bets below and share it with your friends. No harsh comments please

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