2015 edition of Miss World is now gaining another attention to worldwide audiences around the world. The pageant is now heating up as several challenges are now announcing some of its competitive candidates. Each day, there are numerous challenges that are a part from the criteria for every girl to give their best shot to get through the semi-final round. The scores will be based from the results that were taken from the performances of these ladies from the challenges. So who do you think will penetrate the top spots?

Miss World is one of the most anticipated beauty pageants together with Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, and Miss International. The pageant is by far, the largest beauty pageant than any other international beauty pageants in history. This is due to the high volume of participants who wants to represent their community and vying for the most beautiful woman in the world. Each year, there are at least more than 100 delegates who competes for Miss World annually. The participants are inspired and full of hope to seek for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Miss World 2015 coronation night will be airing live on December 19, 2015, in Sanya, China, which is a tropical island in the southernmost portion of the country. So pick your bets and cheer for them during the coronation night at the event or at your home. Final updates will be published in this post after all the announcements of the fast tracks. You will be surely informed few days before the coronation night.

There are delegates who are already noticed by the judges for hoping to become the most beautiful woman in the world. The winner is expected to become the new brand ambassadress of Miss World Organization. She will be given the chance to travel the world, which could help the younger generation to be inspired in her achievement and hopes that these younger generations will follow her dreams and aspirations to become Miss World. For this reason, the winning candidate will hope to continue her inspirational achievement even if she will be crowning her successor.

There are 15 delegates who are already recognized under the radar of beauty analysts and pageant experts. These are promising ladies who might have higher chances of being crowned as Miss World. The participants who have the best chances by means of allowing their strong sense of personality, pageantry skills, and charm. These are prominent qualities of a woman to ensure that they will be given the highest placements to compete for the Miss World crown. Are you ready to know these ladies?

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Predicted ladies in random order


This girl is really proving that she deserves to be called one of the semi-finalists in this year's edition. She shows an aura that is exquisite by using her poise and personality in each event. While the coronation night in a few days, she is transforming her posture to be more elegant, making her to look reserved and calmer in the upcoming big night. 


High hopes are expected to this woman. She exudes a charming beauty that always captivates all angles of the camera. Her face possesses a sweet aura that can captivate any audience that can see her real beauty. Her facial feature is mesmerizing, showing a promising beauty that could clinch the crown on the big night.


Another stunning girl from the oriental region has been sent to revenge last year's disspointing placement. She has the regal and queenly qualities that can make her penetrate both semi-finalist and finalist rounds during the coronation event. Her face is one of the most captivating in this year's competition with a classy and sweet aura. 


Another stunning lady from Southeast Asia. Her strong fashion sense is her greatest weapon to finally made the cut for this edition of the pageant. She is well-prepared and can manage to go on her way up to the top of the competition. 


A pageant veteran and known for her as the former Miss Earth Fire 2013 while representing South Korea. And now that she successfully won the license to represent Brazil for the Miss World contest, her past experience will definitely make her to the finals. Watch out for this lady.


Her sweet aura projects her presence in the competition. With lovely deep set eyes and brunette hair, the charming face can drive her up through the semi-finalist and probably reaching the finalist cut. She is one of the European candidates to watch out for. 


From the well-known powerhouse country in the world, Miss Venezuela is another well-prepared candidate that is now threatening other girls. She has been successful for penetrating several challenges that can prove that she is not just an ordinary Venezuelan to potentially clinch another crown for her country.


From a powerhouse country, this girl is now making waves by being noticed in the competition. She knows how to angle her well-toned body to every camera. By being trained to play with the camera, every shot from her always captivates her mentors as well as the cameras. This is one of the Asian candidates that should be watched out for.

South Sudan

Over the years, girls from this country are now slowly earning a strong sash year by year. This girl will definitely use it as for her advantage as she is already being referred by pageant critics to smoothly enter the quarter, semi, or even in the finalist round. Never underestimate this towering girl in this competition because she has a beautifully toned body that can be used as her best assets in this competition.


Angelic face!!! she can use her captivating facial aura to make her presence felt and penetrate the top 15 announcements. This girl with a fresh face can easily mark her way to attract more fans that can make her visibly spotted and become a favorite than any other girls in the competition. Integrated with a great body, she can definitely promote herself to be on the top of the competition.


Lately, delegates from this country are now creating another sash comeback. They way she projects herself in front of the camera is her perfect recipe to earn her a top spot in this competition. Never underestimate the power of the latinas because she might surprise all the spectators if she will be clinching the crown for this year's competition.


A stunner from the land of ice with an icy blonde hair and sweet aura, she can easily attract the attention of pageant fanatics with her positive vibe and unique beauty. This girl always show a bubbly personality by either playing with the camera or when mingling with other girls. However, she should put more effort with her projections so that she can further penetrate into the finalist round.


A fierce lady from the Caucasus is also making waves in this year's competition with her striking glam shots from every angle. She can use her every angle in order to make her visibly noticed in this year's competition. Her personality should be maximized further so that she can easily make it to the top of the competition.


The red-headed hottie from the land of down under is gaining a unique presence in this year's competition. She can be easily noticed by her sweet aura and stunning features that can penetrate the semi-final round. Her modelesque body further enhances her beauty to stand out from the other girls in this competition. Watch out for this sweet and charming contestant.

Northern Ireland

One of the strongest candidates from Europe. She exudes the sweet girl prototype by displaying her sweet aura with a pair of blue eyes and icy blond hair. Her facial feature is attractive enough to be used as her best asset that can manage to be on the top. Projections and styling should be more highlighted so that she can raise her shining glory. 

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