Winning a lottery means a lot to us, especially when we are lucky enough to be the chosen one as the winner on one of the highest lottery draws in history. When we win a lottery, out lives can significantly change because we ought to transform our lives to become extravagant. People who are materialistic are often infatuated with lottery luck because they can buy whatever they want if they happen to be the winner. However, there are things that most people do not consider when winning a lottery because they can face numerous challenges that might also create a never-ending problems in their lives.

At the age of 18, the temptation is strong enough that entices everyone to try new things. This is when you realize that you will be using your luck in order to something to happen. Every person wants to succeed in life. They always pursuit for something that could eventually create a snap and then hopes to transform their lives in the future or in an instant. However, many does not succeed because they do not put an effort on it. This is especially when patience is not that strong enough to become persistent with your dreams and aspirations in life.
Chances of winning a Lottery is very slim, celebrate if you were the lucky winner
People might not know about the real issue on winning a lottery because they are always obsessed on how to spend the money that they've won. The invasion of happiness to one's mind literally blocks the ability to think wisely that has been impacted by winning a certain lottery draw. This is because winners of a lottery were overwhelmed by the unexpected scenario that has been causing their life to transform. The winning prize from a lottery draw has always been known to change the personality of the winner due to their notion that they can step into a higher level of the society by considering themselves to be on the upper class. Winners are able to buy the things that they want to further fulfill their basic needs as well as to start experiencing a luxurious lifestyle that they have not tried from the past.

What is a lottery? This is a form of a betting activity wherein it involves drawing a prize in exchange of a ticket. This is a regulated social activity by the government so that it provides legal compliance for any games or draws to protect the interest of the public. Ultra-conservative groups such as the Roman Catholic Church, Muslim brotherhood, and protestants protest this form of amusement because it plays a major role for worsening the lifestyle of any participants who are enticed to buy a ticket and hope to win a lottery.

A lottery is considered as a form of amusement when the organization will be drawing a ticket or set of balls that will reveal a combination of numbers that will determine the winner who chose the same combination. However, winners do not usually end up in a fairytale story because there are envious individuals who will take advantage against the winners by creating a black propaganda against them. Examples are con-artists, scammers, and online criminals who are always making an attempt to establish a criminal act against the winner.

10 horrible things to happen when you win a lottery

1. You receive numerous extortion attempts: The public will already know that you are now the lucky winner of the recent lottery draw that amounted to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars or your local currency. Expect that you will immediately receive numerous letters, calls, texts, emails, or any contact attachment that can expose you to numerous extortion attempts. This is the sad truth but you should always face it, filter, ignore, block, or get away from these threats.

2. Online scammers: Online marketing professionals are now going to attempt to offer you with numerous products that are available on the internet. These products are indeed legit, but they will be charging you with bulk orders in order for them to make a profit from you. Fake retailers are also going to make a transaction with you because they are aware that they can extract some amounts from you to benefit their personal greed. They offer fake products just to take hefty sum from your winnings inside their pockets.

3. Stalkers: Con-artists can be your new stalkers. This is a horrific truth because they start to become obsessed on how to extract money from your winnings. For as long as your location is similar with their place, they never stop bothering you. They can call you, text you, and email you. Stalkers start to pretend that they are your new friends. In fact, once that they collect vital information about you, you will fall into being scammed or extorted.

4. Murder or homicide: This is the most horrific fate that a lottery winner experiences. If your family member seems to be very interested or even compulsive about the details of your winnings, start to suspect their interest. Around the world, murder victims who were lottery winners fell victims from their family members who wants to take a higher stake from their earnings. They are spouses, offsprings, siblings, or relatives.

5. Experience tons of solicitation: This is a kinder term derived from extortion. You will experience numerous companies and groups who are asking you for donations every time because they are aware that you are currently holding tons of bucks from your account. Individuals start to knock on your doors and present a letter that asks you to donate funds to an unverified charity institutions, cause, or events. Your friends and relatives that are members of several institutions will be also asking some donations as part of their solicitation efforts to bring cause, which is a normal routine in your life.

6. You will meet numerous users: A friend is always there to guide you and protect you from any threats that they observe. However, a friend can be also your worst partner because they might only be engaging a connection with you in order to satisfy their greed. They tend to stick with you in order to fulfill their freeloader attitude that is quite common for individuals who are always depending on their rich friends.

7. You will start recognizing real friends: It is said that the longer friends that you encounter, the better that they are with you due to the experience and the time that you spent with each other. Real friends are the ones who still does not want to ask anything from you even if your life have already changed. However, they might not expect much for you since they know that you are now busy concentrating on how will you spend your money.

8. Family feud sparks: All families are the basic unit of the society. It is where the foundation of community resides, which ensures that there is a thriving community. Each family member possesses individual personalities. Some are meant to become a partner, but some members of the family are your worst antagonist. Winning a lottery could be the main reason for you to start moving to other place, rather than continue to exchange war of words or emotions with other family members.

9. Fired from your work: Employers could be envious when you win a lottery, risking your position at work to vanish any time soon. When you receive your prize money and start to transform your life, prepare for the worst-case scenario that can happen at work. Employees will be happy for your new life; however, your employee might think that you no longer need to work for their company and it is their time to give you a break from work.

10. Expect that all things you buy suddenly increase: If you notice yourself to by buying some items that you need at home and retailers recognizes you as the recent winner, they start to change the price tag. Even your friends will increase the price of their products being sold to you for like twice or thrice than the original price. This is one of the most horrible scenario because people will see you as their cash machine, providing an opportunity to extract money from you.

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