Since the beginning of the 21st century, the rise of a new threat began terrorizing the world with numerous security threats. These are the expansion of terrorist organizations responsible for inducing weapons for mass destruction in order to create a massive coercion across the community. Security forces around the world were shocked on the new threats that are hampering peace and prosperity around the world. Western countries were shocked that they are now experiencing new atrocities within their local communities due to the threat of harm and coercion to their domestic safety. Even with the communist countries, they are also feeling a similar pattern of terrorist attacks in their communities.

The threat of terrorist organizations are now consistently expanding to other parts of the world

Drug syndicates and organized criminal groups are now belittled by the existence of terrorist organizations and networks around the world. This is mainly because they are scarier, bolder, and stronger that can easily invade a country in just a matter of days of bombarding terrorism to their targeted area. A single terrorist organization can have the capability of invading a large portion of a community that cannot be penetrated by just s small group of security forces such as one or two battalions of soldiers or police officers. If you are experiencing terrorism in your community, you need to have time and a large base of human resources in order to neutralize an existing threat. As compared with organized criminal organizations or drug cartels, they are only operating for the purpose of gaining monetary means in a localized portion of the community.

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is a practice that is aimed at causing terror to a targetted community. The term terrorism is derived from a political sense that is seeking to destabilize peace and prosperity across the community to all parts of the world. These are mainly established by groups who are only intending to provoke harm against a society. Terrorist organizations always wanted to destroy everything, such as buildings, roads, bridges, homes, and any property that they could find as part of their terror campaign.

Muslim radicalization has been blamed for the rise of terrorism around the world. Most terrorist organizations are Muslims, which are radicalized, aiming to threaten the security of the society. Terrorist organizations implemented their ideologies and principles that are based from a Quranic verse about Jihad, in which the context is abused and used falsely as their main principle for terrorizing communities around the world. Muslims who are not terrorists are now suffering from stereotypes and prejudice from western countries because they were perceived to be connected to terrorist organizations.

There are numerous terrorist organizations that are scattered around the world. Most are operating in the Middle East such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, and isolated jihadist militants. In Africa, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab are two of the most feared terror networks that are responsible for terrorizing the African continent. In Southeast Asia, Abu-Sayaff, Jemaah Islamiyah, and other isolated jihadists are also responsible for causing harm and violence in that particular region. However, the latest threat is the rise of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which is slowly creeping around the world and establishing a pan-continental terrorist threats across the world.

The threat of ISIS is now getting more serious as the group is expanding its network towards Southeast Asia. Indonesia just suffered a major attack when there were at least a dozen known Islamic fighters stormed the capital Jakarta, killing at least 7 civilians including 5 terrorists. ISIS are now declaring a new province in Southeast Asia, affecting Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar. These countries raised its security into red alert status due to imminent threat of ISIS attacks anytime.

10 safety tips to get away from terrorist attacks

1. Never travel to high-risk areas that are experiencing terrorism: To better get away from being involved with terrorism, it is important for you to avoid traveling countries experiencing terrorism. Underdeveloped and developing countries in the Middle East are the obvious territories that are high-risk for tourists and foreign travelers because of the continuous threat of harm. Better travel to countries that have a lesser risk of terrorism.

2. Always update yourself from the news: It is important to scoop on the latest news and current events because you will be informed about any imminent threats that could happen in your community or towards the area where you will be visiting soon. All news updates are considered relevant enough to warn you to prevent yourself from being involved in terrorist attacks or threats. Watching television show updates, news headlines, and listening to radio networks are helpful to improve your knowledge regarding the safety situation in your community.

3. Be sensitive from social media website reports: Although there are satirical posts and articles published online, there are also real articles and videos that are highly reliable. These are amateur footage, photos, and audios that would show any threats that could affect your knowledge regarding the existence of security threats. Social media is helpful to spread the word that enables you to improve your awareness whenever there are impending threats that can impact your safety in the long run.

4. Report individuals showing signs of Jihadist radicalization: Terrorists continuous to recruit new members from around the world. They show sympathizing videos or any graphical presentation in order to start manipulating new recruits. When you see your friend, common friend, relative, family member, or neighbor that exhibits jihadist sympathizing activities, this means that they are starting to show signs of radicalization that needs to be stopped.

5. Never go to public areas: Terrorists love targeting any public gatherings. If they see that the area is frequented by passers-by, they immediately carry-out terrorist campaign such as bombings, mass shooting rampage, and suicide bombings using vests, cars, and motorcycles. Jihadist militants often go inside an ongoing concert, major sports competition, cinema, entertainment shows, schools, and public gatherings in order to establish terrorist plots. If possible, always pass through an area that has a lesser number of crowds.

6. Do not visit the area controlled by terrorists: This is a common sense issue wherein why would you still chose to go to an area that is controlled by terrorist just to fulfill your curiosity or to render your advocacy. Humanitarian advocacies were often victims of executions or being kidnapped by the terrorists. They are stubborn to enter the territory of jihadist militants even if they are aware that these groups are responsible for promoting mass atrocities across the communities.

7. Avoid taking gifts or befriending strangers on social media: Most radicalized individuals were often being manipulated by terrorist forces using online methods to increase number of recruits. If you observe that you are befriending a person who always shows about negative implication of society or any negative thoughts about socio-political issues, you might be a target for a terrorist recruit. Stay away immediately and start to block them by all means to protect your mental health, emotional well-being, and safety.

8. Interview your Muslim friends regarding their perception about terrorism: It is important to know about the foundation of Islam. Even if you are practicing other religion. In this way, you will recognize the difference that a traditional Muslim practices and the ideologies that terrorists portrays to the public. This enlightens you about your perception about the real principles of terrorist organizations that are away from the innocent perceptions of non-terrorist Muslims.

9. Always prepare a secured place to hide at home or at your office: You never know when you will be experiencing another terrorist attack in the future. The best way to counteract this situation is to create a safe place for you to hide. Constructing a small unit for you to hide will enable you to prevent being victimized by terrorists to prevent yourself getting killed or harmed when there will be an unexpected attacks in the future.

10. Be vigilant: If you see any suspicious activities that you see, you should immediately seek a safer place from any imminent threats. When you see someone holding a gun or carrying out weapons, you should immediately seek for cover. Take a picture or record a video of a person than immediately upload it to social media. Then call for any security in order to further take actions against terrorist threats to prevent casualties, injuries, and destruction to properties.

*Always remember, knowledge is the best solution to save yourself from harm

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