Paolo Ballesteros was featured by international fashion bloggers and beauty enthusiasts because of his exceptional transformation. He is known to impersonate numerous local and international actresses using the power of make-up. This is an unusual skill for a male talent who has been successful for transforming himself into a famous international celebrity. Even local celebrities from his country waere amazed how he was able to use his style and skill to become unnoticeable from his previous successful make-up skills that transitioned himself as skillful make-up artists that made him well-known online.

Miss Universe fever fanatics cannot really move on. Each day, there are new trending topics that are popping out from various mass media. Just in, a celebrity from the Philippines is again making waves to social media websites as he transforms himself as Ariadna Guchenez. He transformed himself using his make-up skills to look like Miss Universe Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez. However, he chose to name himself as Ariadna Guchenez to give further spice to his transformation through various social media websites.
Paolo Ballesteros transforms herself as "Ariadna Guchenez, 22, Colombia"
Paolo Ballesteros just released the photo from his accounts in his Facebook profile as well as in his Instagram social media account. Channeling to Ariadna Gutierrez is Paolo's latest transformation to become Ariadna Gutchenez. He generated at least 50,000 likes and reached at least, hundreds of shares just hours after he published a new photo of himself that resembles the beauty queen from Colombia. You can see the resemblance between him and Ariadna Gutierrez, especially when basing their facial features, the hair, and the shape of the eyes that can really look like as if they are sisters. The numbers likes, shares, and more comments will be likely to increase as it can further make its full-scale popularity to other social media websites.

Netizens are amazed by his transformation that they continuously increase likes, shares, and comments to his transformation that can be observed through his social media account. Various social media websites are also publishing articles about Paolo's transformation, revealing his version of being a Latin American woman that is currently one of the most anticipated celebrities around the world due to the recent controversies that happened from the last edition of Miss Universe that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada States, USA.

Paolo Ballesteros is a famous male celebrity in the Philippines. He is currently under the contract of GMA network, which is one of the largest entertainment networks in the Philippines. Paolo appears regularly on "Eat Bulaga", which is a noontime variety show of GMA network as one of the hosts as well as a cast in "kalye serye" or a street series program as one of the grandmothers of ALDUB power couple.

Aside from being known as a celebrity, Paolo is already well-known celebrity due to his skills in transforming himself to various female personalities around the world. He successfully channeled himself to Britney Spears, Maleficent, Tyra Banks, Nicole Scherzinger, and Megan Young. After Ariadna, he is also expected to channel to Pia Wurtzbach sometime in the future.

Ariadna Gutierrez is a beauty queen in Colombia for winning the license to represent Miss Universe 2015 after being crowned by Paulina Vega. She is also gaining more and more popularity as she is being offered with extravagant offers from various entertainment networks to become as their talents, models, and hosts.

What do you think about Paolo Ballesteros make-up skill that transform himself as a famous international celebrity?

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