After the Arab Spring in the Middle East, Syria is considered the most critical country to be experiencing sectarian violence. A circulating video shows that there are numerous civilians who had been already suffering from starvation that has been initiated by the Assad regime. The picture may look to be ordinary but when you look closer, the children seem to look different from other children that you can see in your own community.

Syria has been bombarded by atrocities that have been brought about by the menace of civil war. As a result, there is a total destruction all over the place. Syrians started to migrate to other parts of the world in order to escape the horrific experience that were caused by the intense war. Today, Syrians who are still in the country continues to suffer from the atrocities of the war. As the current head of state is not cooperating with international coalition, Syria is slowly being obliterated until such time that the country will be doomed due to the continuous fighting between rebel forces, terrorists, and the pro-government forces.
They look like ordinary children but try to look again closer
Disturbing images reveal that children are also feeling the impacts of a failed state, which is struggling to maintain its political Syria is always making a shocking truth about their failure of addressing humanitarian security to its constituents. Children from the photos reveal that the effects of widespread violence are now causing its younger generation to feel the onslaught of harm, lack of basic needs, and proper security.

Starvation in Syria is concentrated in Madaya, which is just a few miles to the borders of Lebanon. The situation of residents in the region shows that aid supplies were blocked by the Assad regime in order to punish those who are supporters of the rebel groups who are now fighting the Assad group. Roads were blocked so that aid supplies will not proceed to Madaya so that the relief supply will be confiscated and used to supply basic needs for the supporters of Assad regime. Residents are crying for help because the Syrian government is preventing food aid reaching their communities, causing another sociological dilemma to all households.

Children are the worst affected because most children were brought to shelters. However, these children were often kidnapped by terrorist group to transform them as their members. Every children in Syria are traumatized because there were being trapped in the center of a conflict zone that has been affected by infighting by the government troops and coalition force.

(Warning: graphic) Starving boy interviewed by medical missionaries

As you can see from the video, the child appears to be disturbingly skinny. His body appears to be having a below levels of body metabolic intake. As based from the interview, the young boy said that he did not eat for at least seven days, along with his family because there was no food that were left at their home. His parents are struggling because there is no available food that can be purchased anywhere across the city.

Starvation is the process when a person, household, or community did not eat for several days. This occurs both intentionally or unintentionally depending from the situation of the person. On the unintended cause can be attributed to natural disasters when the victim is trapped in a pile of debris for several days. Intentional starvation occurs when a person, a group, or organization decides to cut basic needs such as food for the victim that will leave them to die due to starvation.

Signs and symptoms of starvation as based from the photo include sunken eyeballs as well as developing deep ridges on the face. Intercostal ridges along the ribcage of the victim is visible, including when they exhibit expiration. Most people start to appear unusually thin, with their muscles that appear to have been already lost due to the continuous breakdown that is converted into energy.

Assad regime will face another legal sanctions due to their intentional use of starvation to punish their citizens due to their support with the rebel group. The Assad government still has the power to control some of its territories because there are places that was not yet invaded by ISIS forces responsible for causing another coercive movement to other parts of the country.

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